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  1. I noticed recently that these two trackables have unique vanity codes: https://coord.info/TB59T40 https://coord.info/TB59T41 Idk if I can post the trackable codes, but check the photos. They basically spell out "Moose Mob" and "Road Runner". Maybe it was allowed because he's a reviewer/moderator, or maybe beause these are the special "tattoo" travel bugs (temporary tattoos in this case). Can anyone request a specific trackable code?
  2. Slightly off-topic but does anyone know of the website (non-geocaching) that had a challenge where if you took your picture standing in front of a "welcome to" sign for every county in North Carolina they would send you a plaque/medal or something and put your name on their list? I saw this several years ago and a few people had already completed it. I'd really like to try it but google isn't helping and I can't find the link in my bookmarks.
  3. After being on vacation in Iowa for a week, my mailbox was just stuffed with mail. While sorting out the spam from the "real" mail, I came across one that didn't have a return address on it. Not knowing which pile it should go in, I opened it up to take a look at the contents. I wasn't at all prepared for what I found inside! MICKEY DIVER! MICKEY DIVER!! MICKEY DIVER!!! Thank you SO much, I just love this coin!
  4. Here are the Excel and Word documents for the 10th and final week!
  5. Funny this topic was chosen, since I almost had a muggle encounter yesterday while I was out placing some new caches along a greenway. I came across a small bridge that was perfect for a cache, so I put down by backpack (with two ammocans inside) and crawled under the bridge. As I was trying to find a good spot to stick one of my caches I heard faint footsteps getting closer above me. Now I considered just being quiet and staying under the bridge, but then I realized that my backpack was still sitting in the open at the foot of the bridge! I could only imagine the looks on their faces if they opened it up to find it stuffed with ammocans! Just then, out of the corner of my eye, I saw an small old electrical box laying in the dry creekbed. Perfect, there's my excuse! I darted out from under the bridge, grabbed the electrical box, started brushing off the dirt, and walked towards my backpack. As it turns out, the footsteps I heard were from two homeless people on their way to the shelter - so they didn't think anything about someone scrounging for stuff in the woods. As soon as they were out of sight I went back to placing the cache, and found a spot quickly for it. Ok so the hard part was done, or so I thought. I still needed to get coords for the cache, but that can't be too difficult, right? Well as I was standing at the end of the bridge trying to average out my coords, a policeman on a bicycle came speeding over the brigde and gave me quite a startle. He must have thought I was crazy, just haning around there walking in circles staring at something in my hand. Luckily he didn't seem to think that was too unusual either, and just went about his business. Further down the greenway I'd have another close call with him though. Well, that's my story. Thanks so much Geocoin Secret Agent for making these new versions, you're very generous! Agent #063 is still here and always ready for new missions!
  6. Here are the Excel and Word documents for week 9.
  7. Here are the Excel and Word documents for week 8.
  8. This post is now in the other thread, sorry!
  9. See my log here. Today I was sitting at home all sweaty from just mowing our lawn, and decided to relax for awhile and use google earth to map out my unfound caches and benchmarks for downtown Raleigh so I could plan out possible routes to take on foot. One cache located right at a big intersection caught my eye, so I opened up the cache page to have check it out. Looking it over I noticed that the Geo_Leprechaun was the last finder on it! What a great surprise! Then I scroll back up on the cache page and "uh-oh.." it's a puzzle cache. Fortunately I was able to solve it and get the real coords without much trouble. Now I must admit I was a bit sceptical about whether or not the coin would still be there, since the Geo_Leprechaun had found it way back on May 19. There are a few die-hard coiners around this part of North Carolina too, and I just couldn't imagine that none of them had noticed this coin drop. I arrived in the parking area and headed off to the cache, all the while thinking to myself "I better go faster or someone else may find it before me!" Although the chances of that actually happening would be pretty slim, I still sped up my pace. After a bit of a hike and bushwhack I spotted the cache quickly and retrieved it carefully. Opened the cache, but saw no coin in it. Could someone have already gotten it? When I started to open the logbook to check, a big pot of gold #356 fell out! Yippee!!! Since the insert card says to trade fairly for it, I left an unactivated Backwoods Bear Trap geocoin in it's place for the next finder. Thank you so much Geo_Leprechaun for choosing to drop one of your coins in my area, I absolutely love it! (click for bigger pic)
  10. I missed the sale and wish I hadn't, but even more than that, I hope they make a copper version of this awesome coin. Thanks for the cointest!
  11. WOW! Thanks so much Mauison for letting me trade for the Fish Hook and V2 Personal! VERY happy
  12. Stumbled across this North Carolina State University mark a couple days ago:
  13. I just found this really nice photo by NorthWes for L 513 (TP0878)
  14. On my way back from my caching adventures today, I again stopped at a red light behind a car with a sticker reminding me of a geocoin! I knew immediately which coin it was - the (very cool) Labyrinth coin: BTW it was the bottom sticker that reminded me of the coin
  15. That's a pretty tough ALR! I wouldn't expect to see very many finds on that cache. My opinion is that benchmark logs should be required to have pictures. One of the reasons in this case would be to prevent people from logging random finds on marks just to meet you cache's quota. If the cache has been published, could you post a link or GC number for it please?
  16. I've always really admired the Mauison Fish Hook and Mauison Glow coins, but I think they are both pretty rare too so the chances of me actually getting either one is slim. My other top desires are NOMEX, Teepee, 1. Vienna, and Swiss Non-Smoker coins.
  17. WooHoo! Looks like the GSA has chosen to proceed with the V2:
  18. Yesterday while on the way to go caching, we stopped at a red light behind a car that had some stickers on it. I immediately thought to myself "where have I seen that design before..? Is it the new earth turtles..no.... OH YEAH, it's the Mauison coins!" Now that I'm home and can compare, they don't look exactly alike, but there is still a strange resemblance:
  19. Congrats on figuring out the stamping issue! Luckily you don't live too far away from that mark, it would probably be frustrating for you if you had found it on vacation and couldn't visit again! I must second the baby powder suggestion. It can really help to make the lettering stand out, especially when they are worn or aren't stamped well. Unless you can easily find a manufacturers bottle of practical size to carry around with you, I don't think getting a labeled container should be a top priority. This is the bottle of baby powder I carry. Since baby powder has such a stong smell to it, the contents of the bottle should be easily recognizable if anyone comes up to me while I'm using it.
  20. I have found that baby powder is more effective than cornstarch since it is a finer grain powder. It also has a unique smell that probably isn't similar to any type of drug. I carry it in a small plastic container which was originally used to hold lab chemicals. The small hole at the tip makes applying the powder to disks very simple: just point and squeeze, and the powder is released. (click for bigger photos)
  21. Here are the Excel and Word documents for week 7.
  22. Awesome coin, congrats! Email sent
  23. Saw this cow, along with a bunch of other ones, near stage 1 of this multicache:
  24. Congrats to Castle Man and all other new recipients! It really is a lovely coin. I remember there used to be a house in my area that was for sale, and when we wnt to check it out there was a huge fish pond with tons of koi in it!
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