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  1. For the record, on one of the threads re: the original design, the quote was credited. The source was never a secret, and was discussed several times throughout the coins releases. Its a lovely quote indeed, and reflects why many enjoy caching and nature itself. In fact, its SUCH a well known quote, I pretty much assume anyone would know its source. I think when anyone does a coin where a quote is used, its meant with respect, as this was indeed. But, the source was disclosed long ago, and even used as a question for a giveaway or two that I know of.
  2. Hi paula---- i was wondering if we are allowed to buy the Jeremy coin from you since I thought only he was allowed to sell it? I would really love one, but only with his permission of course.. did you get that before you listed this one or may that come back to get us both I designed the Good Jeremy/Bad Jeremy .. and have sold a rare few of them. =) When I did them, he knew I was getting some extras, and I had discussed selling a few at that time. Also selling the LAST one of my two-sided ones. The sale is a necessity - or I'd probably hang onto em!
  3. Thank you for the notes so far! Email if you are seeking anything I don't have listed from my designs! =) I might have one I can spare! =D
  4. Hello Everyone! My laptop died in its sleep mode a night ago. R.I.P. to my old faithful Acer Aspire!!! It was my DESIGN computer - needless to say, I was in panic mode. (EVERYTHING is on it!) I BELIEVE my hard drive is intact, but I need another machine with enough RAM to handle what I need to do. Soooo.... normally, I wouldn't be selling MANY of these coins, but I'm needing a new puter ASAP. EMAIL ME AT CinemaPaula@gmail.com I'm selling some coins, some VERY RARE! Taking offers - I will accept reasonable offers - and note prices on the rarer coins for a day or so before accepting any 'bids'. I might add some more, but for now - these are the ones I have gone through! I will keep all bids private, of course. I will update the thread as needed!!! If you are seeking another coin I designed - drop me an email, I MAY have it! All coins listed here are trackable and are unactivated. Would like to sell these quickly! Shipping will be added, but will be reasonable! Great Outdoors Antique Gold - LAST ONE Great Outdoors Antique Silver - LAST ONE DNF Troll Antique Gold - Last One I Love Geocoins AE Copper (Last one available!) Carousel Lion Polished Gold LE Carousel Lion Satin Gold Carousel Lion Black Nickel CinemaBoxers 10th Stained Glass Antique Gold Satin Silver Carousel Horse - LAST ONE Crystal Ball AE - LAST ONE Titanic Geocoin Daytime Antique Gold - SOLD Good Jeremy Geocoin - LAST ONE Bad Jeremy Geocoin - LAST ONE Forest Preserves polished Gold - LAST ONE LE Ammo Can Peanut Butter - Black Nickel Glitter - LAST ONE Cosmo Memorial Geocoin LE LE RARE Tranquility Finale Edition - LAST ONE AE Cache or Charge HANDCUFFS - RARE!! - LAST ONE GW5 Sunburst RHODIUM Geocoin - LAST ONE Others available - email if you are seeking something in particular - and please, SPREAD THE WORD! Thanks for your consideration! ~Paula
  5. Not to debate, which I won't, but please tell this to the countless designs with Winnie the Pooh, Mickey Mouse, Smurfs, other licensed characters, etc. And, tell it to Groundspeak who approves the designs. If Im asked to do a personal coin, or a design, I'll take the work. I, like everyone else, need work to get paid, and will absolutely do what Im asked. There are so many coins out there 'inspired by' or likewise, that if I was to list them all, and the designers who did them - this post would be endlessly scrolling. I just refuse to let this debate get personal. I don't like ugliness, and will refrain from getting involved. The coin that brought it up - the Tranq - does not apply - it was literally built from thin air. Not inspired by, not anything. =)
  6. May I just add that I only want my dies to sit on my shelf at home next to my CinemaBoxers ones? No money to be made there... and as Jim has pointed out so many times in the recent past - I no longer have anything to do with GeocoinDesign, other than art I had been hired to do - as a now independent artist. I might make a few wax casts, perhaps a sculpey Tranq traveler or token, who knows... but I dont see anything else happening with those Tranquility dies. =) I just want them because they were promised to me a long long time ago, and I enjoy having my dies here at home.
  7. Ill just say that I'd like to stay out of this discussion. I have my own opinions and thoughts, but frankly, I HATE conflict and wouldn't touch this discussion with a ten foot pole other than to say... Remember that when Im asked to do designs by customers, Im often SPECIFICALLY told what to do, or what references to use. (Which, was the case in one or two coins I've seen 'referred' to. Often a person will say, I want THIS on the coin, and I want it to look like 'this'. I change it, but as a hired artist have to make the person paying me happy, or I don't GET paid. =) Sometimes Im asked to use characters as they are, which, is out of my hands. Obviously, these aren't coins Im as excited about as ones I entirely draw from my own concepts and ideas. But - I enjoy working on coins, so I'll indeed do what Im asked to do. For the Tranq, the coin was ENTIRELY my own idea and design. As Ive said MANY times, it started out as a basic 1.5 inch coin I was playing with, and evolved into the coin it is now. Its original photoshop art illustrates the evolution, in the sense that layer after layer was added to make the coin larger, and more detailed. It was not a 'hired' design, it was one I came up with, and from start to finish was my own concept and idea. I hate seeing the conflict surrounding it, whether its the insane number of versions, or the current debate. I love the coin, but sure can't stand the drama. Thats all I have to say about that...
  8. I designed the art for the coin, and the icon. I do all my icons, along with the art - usually icons are inspired by the original art unless it wouldn't work in that small a size. The Tranq needed something with the same theme, but the coin reduced just wouldnt work out. =)
  9. As a note from the artist.... After the design of the original coin art, I only personally designed a handful of color versions - The original 4 included, AE, the Luxury, and the Finale (The last Tranq) and, I don't own but a few of the versions myself. I never had all of them, nor was I offered all of them. When I first designed this coin, I requested the dies for the coin when the minting was complete, and was told at that time it was no problem. When minting was done, the dies were mine. Upon the final versions - Trickster and Finale (The finale which was my final color version) this is what occurred. I asked for a few additional coins to be reminted at my own cost and for my own use/sale - one last edition of my own to 100% handle sales etc on - one version that was completely mine. I also made it VERY clear that if that was not ok, I was fine with it, and still wanted the die for the coin for my own personal collection and for sentimental reasons, as silly as that sounds. When the final coins were done, and shipped and it was time to retire the Tranq for good, I was then told by Castle Man that he was concerned I would remint the coin if I was given the dies, which NEVER would have happened. The mint, for one, would not allow it without a release from CastleMan, and secondly, having the dies was more important to me. I wrote him and told him I would agree to never remint - and would have signed something in agreement as well. No response. I wanted the dies - and still do. It was agreed I would get them, and I have not. I have been VERY upset about this since it was discussed last in March 2008. I see no reason why these were not sent to me when I was told many times they would be mine, which was also agreed upon. When I last asked for the dies I was told by CastleMan in 2008 there was only a handful of Tranqs left, and that when those were gone they were gone, and his concern was that I would remint - so NOW I would not be getting the dies. I have VERY few Tranqs comparatively, and wasn't even aware of some of the versions that exist. I have a hard time telling which is which, and when often asked to identify a version, I cannot. I'd really like the dies. Thats what Im worried about - and am stating publicly that if/when this ever happens, the coin WILL NOT BE REMINTED! This is just my information on the coin - I have no idea how many versions there are, I have no idea how many were minted, and I have no idea about the state of the dies. This is one of my favorite coins I've done, and I dislike seeing any ugliness or suspicion over it - I wish I knew more answers to the questions people are asking, but the minting was out of my hands. After the original art, I had very little to do with the minting, or versions - and per my last communications with CastleMan, the Tranquility was officially retired, with no more coins AT ALL to be reminted. ~P
  10. Just a quick thanks to everyone who voted for the Tranq... I don't visit the forums much at all nowadays, but I was told it was voted #1, and wanted to thank everyone who voted for my Tranq design! It was a coin that started out as a very simple design, believe it or not, and kept evolving, and evolving into what is now the Tranquility coin as you know it. It started out as a SIMPLE 1.5 inch coin, and I kept thinking, just one more element, just one more element - everything tied together, and worked so well together I couldn't bear to put it away. If anyone is ever interested in seeing the original art progression, Ill dig it up and would be happy to share. =) It was a fun coin that just kind of pulled itself together, and was a blast to design. Im so flattered that everyone likes it as much as they do, and that its become a favorite for many collectors. Thank you all SO much for voting, and Im glad I could be a part in something that so many of you enjoy. =) MUCH APPRECIATED!
  11. I'll play! I'll post my costume pic now, since I'm wearing the same one I wore last year! ARRRR!!!! Everyone who knows me knows I love my Pirate garb! This was at last years Halloween Party!
  12. Thanks again everyone!! Im wrapping up the final blueprinting this weekend! Shouldn't be long!!!
  13. Oh no - there will be a few versions, but I'll be restricting this to limited numbers. Keeping it limited - won't be huge amounts made. Even the upcoming new Tranquility won't have as many versions as the first. As a side note - its coming along wonderfully, and Im VERY excited. I will be posting with new information fairly soon on the V2 Tranquility. As far as proceeds - I had planned on running an auction for a special edition, but before I go promising any proceeds from the general run - I need to make sure they pay for themselves. It would have been more reasonable to do this smaller, but I chose to go the pricier minting route and do the two inch/thicker version. =) 1.75 just wouldn't have been as detailed!!! Again, thank you all SO much for the compliments!
  14. Thanks again everyone! Only a few minor things to wrap up before this coin heads into production!! Im also considering metal choices, etc. =) Will keep you all posted on its progress, and sale information when the time comes.
  15. Yeah, I try to stay away from looking at whats been used, and try and pick the one that fits the style best... This one was just suited for something understated - it fit the bill! Thank you for the compliments!! It should be lovely as a finished coin. I remember when I was working on the Tranquility, I got more and more excited as I got nearer to finishing it - which was the same with this one. Im VERY excited about all the details!!
  16. LOL I'll likely do it the old fashioned way, or will have my own sale page set up by then! No worries - Ill make sure everyone gets all the info needed. And, thank you for the compliment - means alot to me that you all like it.
  17. No Presales on this one - Ill be posting with plenty of sale info here and on my FB page!! And, sorry I'll agree to disagree on this one - Love Papyrus in this use - the font needed to be a secondary feature. I've used it before sparingly- the font should never overpower the design. I like subtle, and understated. (And I HATE blocky fonts!)
  18. Thanks for all the kind replies!! I'm so glad you all like it! Its going to be even better in person - I have a two toned version planned. This coin has been in the works for some time - I've really just taken my time to make sure it was 'ready'! And, that Tranquility is coming - I'm still working on the details. Im taking my time so that the people who loved the original Tranq will like the new version as much - hopefully more!!! Again, thanks everyone - I really appreciate all of your replies!
  19. ENDANGERED EARTH GEOCOIN Hello everyone! Im posting to let everyone know about a new coin I've designed, and am preparing to put into production! I call it the 'ENDANGERED EARTH GEOCOIN'. I've been working for a while to do something on a larger scale - this is a 2 inch coin, with translucent enamels. It features Endangered Species on one side, and Extinct Species on the other. Of course, trackable, with its own icons. Front: Polar Bear, Elephant, Tiger, Gorilla Back: Sabretooth, Mammoth, T-Rex, Thylacine All animals feature fur/skin textures under enamel - and the background of the coin will be in various layers/textures. =) I had alot of fun working on this one, and wanted to share it as I was preparing it for production. I am in the process of wrapping up the blueprint - and am pleased to say the mint has captured ALL of the details as shown, with nothing being simplified. Im working on a few minor color changes, but will post the blueprint when I have the final version. I have several ideas for metal/color variations, and am also working on those. I wanted to post and get an idea of interest - and because I wanted to share!! I love nature themes, and am very proud of this design, mainly because the details in the coin will not be lost - and I was able to fit so many in! No pre-sales - I will be posting about its production/arrival as it progresses, and will notify everyone about the sale as the coin is nearing finish. I hope you all love it!
  20. Love these - its hard to see the details in the newer photos, but I'm loving them. Can't wait to display them with the horses! (Which sit right by my puter!) If these do well, I have a VERY neat surprise planned for the Carousel Series! We will see!!!
  21. And.... it can be attached to things! Even better! Travel bug Geocoin anyone? Gotta love it! =) Nice to see this one again - I kind of forgot about it!
  22. I might have one of the - shown above - Halloween Vampire ones I designed available. PM me.
  23. Any art still needed? I have all the original Tranquility Geocoin art, and more from coins I have designed. (Claddagh, Great Outdoors, Carousel Coins, etc.) =) I keep a list of the coins I've designed if you are interested in any art from them, let me know!! If you have any of my coins, Id be happy to provide the original art for them. I just saw this, or Id have emailed before!
  24. These samples look great - and with the planned color changes, the coins will look incredible! I'm pretty excited about these! =)
  25. Thank you for the compliment - I appreciate it. My dog coins are some of my favorite designs! And, for the record - LOL Anyone can sell or trade em anytime!
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