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  1. hahahah i love this thread!!!! on the other hand, i say its not a thread. there's no fibers in it, so its definitely NOT a thread. nope. no way. and anyone that disagrees with me is just wrong. cuz i say so. yup.
  2. ok, so i went ahead and changed it to a 3-star difficulty. thanks for the help! jeff
  3. i'm just concerned that i rated it too low due to the amount of DNF's people are posting. of course i spot it immediately so its hard for me to judge the stars. its got 56 finds and 20 dnf's, with a difficulty rating of 2 stars. i was thinking of upping it at least to 3 stars.
  4. Hi all, If I were to change the difficulty rating of a cache I own, what would happen to all the peoples' accounts who previously logged finds? I was originally thinking it would mess with people who use itsnotaboutthenumbers, but then I remembered it re-compiles from scratch when you update your stats, so shouldn't affect that. I can't think of anything else, but thought I'd ask. thanks!! jeff
  5. oops, i took too long to ramble through my reply and you went and pretty much agreed with me before i even gave my two cents.
  6. kealia i think you might be missing the point others are trying to make. alcohol should not be labled as being not family-friendly, just because its not legal for kids to drink in the US. growing up, my dad and his friends drank beer in front of us kids, but i don't think i'm morally corrupt because of it. an adult beverage is an adult beverage, not for kids, not for families, yet i wouldn't call it 'not family-friendly' because of that. we put diecast cars in caches, yet cars are dangerous and kids aren't allowed to drive them, but that doesn't make cars 'not family-friendly'. so i guess i am saying that i don't agree that a bottle of alcohol should be deemed not family-friendly. i think bottles of any kind are not the greatest things to go in a cache due to breakability, and i think alcohol in a cache is not a good idea for those cachers with 5-year-olds that open the caches before they do. i think that putting in a cache a representation of something more adult than family oriented should not be a problem unless it is also 'not kid friendly'. am i babbling yet? anyway, a depiction of a booze bottle is just a depiction of something, not a harmful object. a swastica is a depiction of a non-family-friendly idea, not good for people at any age. a depiction of a gun is just a depiction, and depending on how it is depicted may or may not be family friendly, but i know plenty of families who own and use guns as tools of sport or survival (i'm not touching on relevance to geocaching, that's for another thread i think). so as i ramble on here late at night.... i think the bottle coin is allowed because it doesn't pose any of the physical dangers a bottle of alcohol does. things like swasticas don't have any physical danger associated with it as it is a shape, not an object, but i dont think swasticas are 'friendly' to any age group or culture and therefore should not be allowed at all. as for guns and other weaponry, it is the same as the bottles in my mind. weaponry, like so many other objects, has its own cultural and regional differences of opinion i'm sure. i see nothing wrong with a coin depicting a swiss army knife or a knight in armour with a sword, whereas those items would not be appropriate for placement in a cache due to the danger they would pose to other cachers (and i don't know of too many caches that could hold a real knight in armour, ). so in summary, i think the issue should be of public safety, not censorship of ideas due to a highly subjective idea of family-friendliness. but again, i'm not speaking of what makes a geocoin a geocoin and not just a coin, thats a whole other monkey jumping around these forums.
  7. email sent! coin looks awesome!!
  8. i think that's probably it. and my other 2 cents is that i think this coin is far enough away from "the real thing" (whatever you see that as), to be acceptable. i tend to agree that it could now be called the rorshack test coin, due to all the speculation about its original intent.
  9. cuz coins don't cut people. and not everyone knows how to handle a knife. duh.
  10. i got mine. thanks. without speaking too much of my mind, i'd like to say i hope you have learned a lesson about selling a product. as you saw, illness can severely impact a business transaction, and i am glad to see you are better and sincerely hope you continue to get and stay healthy, but purely from a consumer standpoint, it was very very very discouraging to not get any sort of response to my numerous emails regarding the coins. others have said that they tried over and over to contact you with no luck either. i understand completely if you can't check email in the hospital, and that coins were the farthest thing from your mind when you were ill, but again i hope you understand how all of us felt not knowing what was going on and not being able to talk to you for soooooo long. we even saw that there was activity on your geocaching account, but still no email responses or replies. i hope you can see how so many of us were able to think scary things had happened to our money that we sent you. i'm not expecting a response to this, i just feel that since you asked, i needed to explain some of the feelings experienced by at least myself and i'm sure others. again, i am sincerely glad to hear that you are doing better, and i thank you for sending the coins, even if it did take a year its better than never! - Jeff
  11. i got my Hand of Fatima coins, finally! woo! i'll post my GW6 haul later....
  12. Hi all, is it possible to use html in my logs?. i'd like to make my text colorful with html, but its not letting me and i'm not sure if its a prob with my code or if it just wont let me use html. thanks!
  13. i logged the 3rd oldest cache in CA, the first one placed in Nor Cal - GC5F - near Yuba City, then went off around there until i couldn't stand the mosquitos anymore.
  14. I guess I am once again patiently awaiting the arrival of 5 little hands.
  15. past few days my box accumulated... german bier coin 2golfers 2006 prague gba coin club rcgds silver 2005 team leggoes 3costcoguys
  16. wow, what i day i had today! back in town, had my mail held for a week and a half, and what a pile they delivered today! jAY miLLS 2007 - antique silver Castleman Sings The Blues OverTheEdge - hard gold Eagles61 2006 #104 2005 Georgia Peach #224 Dry Creek Geocachers Parents Of SAM 2006 Jason Kc8hnz - copper with a ton of epoxy Mackey Made It - green Viking Runestones - gold and copper End Of The Day beer coin SLO Trekker boots - three versions I Love Geocoins - gold and bn Independance Day 2007 - non trackable gold and silver Castleman 2008 - RE gold and silver CM/CW Caching 2 Countries - RE all metals Original Stash - AE uncolored BRoKeN W Geocoin Nerd
  17. got mine, woo! they look great! i got a couple extra in case anyone is looking for trades...
  18. email sent! get well soon, the caches are waiting!
  19. email sent! wow they all look awesome!
  20. in the past week.... a most amazing Rainbow Bridge coin with assorted goodies - thanks Karma! a Team DonutDog personal - glad to help, love the packing! a couple "Walddusche in Gleisweiler" cache geocoins - thanks for the trade, minz! a very purple geocoin Nerd - thanks for the trade, Smort78! a very green geocoin Nerd, and a goodie - thanks for the trade Tadpole379! a cool California Highway Patrol geocoin - thanks CLAMM! a pretty Pennypacker Roadtrip a pair of yellow/blue Deaf Awareness coins woohoo! another paycheck gone! :)
  21. coins ordered - great work tadpole379!
  22. wow thanks for all the input! so I'm gathering that those of you that think it should be higher would go with 2.5 generally. i'm leaning toward just leaving the rating as is at this point, or possibly altering the fake rock itself like putting a scratch or a little dab of paint or something identifying like that but still hard to find. but what are the ramifications of changing the rating "midstream", other than affecting people doing a multi cache challenge of some sort as the hermit crabs said?
  23. Hi all, I only have one hide, and after 8 months I am still second guessing the difficulty rating I gave it. The cache has 36 finds and 10 dnf's. I gave it 2 stars for difficulty after using the "geocache rating system" on the cache listing form. but since then i really wonder if it should be more (and then i start second guessing my terrain rating too). i'd like some input as to whether or not I should change it, or just leave it be. i'm hesitant to place more caches until i get your opinions. the cache itself is a fake rock, in what is essentially a creek bed made of river rocks in an area landscaped for a low water use desert style popular in the desert here. you can park either west or south of it, and it is then only about 30-75 feet away. you do have to stand in/on the river rocks that average tennis ball size or larger, otherwise the ground has just dry dirt/clay and a couple bushes and skinny little desert trees. here's a pic i took of a dnf in progress, , from my apartment across the street (they left before i could get dressed and go help)... what say you, oh geocaching masses - give it more stars or leave it at 2? Thanks!!!
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