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  1. Ditto. Remove me from playing. Had a great time the past couple of years. Good luck to the returning players and new ones.
  2. Great looking coin. Remember "stressed" spelled backwards "desserts" Just saying.
  3. Unfortunatly, I am going to be unable to devote time this season. Have fun everyone.
  4. Did you send out emails to last years participants? If you did I did not get one, if not, I would like to get one.
  5. Well, I made a comeback in the playoffs, but is was not enough to overcome the brain farts in the beginning of the season Congrats kensay.
  6. I am done with ESPN FFB. It will not let me log in, I can not change players. It says I have to enable cookies on my computer, which I did, but it still will not let me log in. This week I could not change a player out because of a bye week. Blahhhhhhhhhhh
  7. Coins sent out on Monday. Please let me know when you get them.
  8. That's me. I need your address, your email was deleteed. Thanks, I will send out some really special coins for the pool, I promise.
  9. I have been kinda busy so I did not get the coins out yet. They will get in the mail before the season starts, I hope.
  10. Things are not looking good for me to do the live draft tonight. I will have to kick everyones butt with an auto draft team.
  11. I just noticed that when I signed up that it put us on an uneven number of teams. If need be, since I was the last to sign in, delete my team so the draft can happen tomorrow.
  12. That's good, I mailed it at the biginning of the season. Ok, Maybe Sunday.
  13. Looks good, only 1349.7 miles to the northwest from us. Hmmmmmmmm
  14. Email sent, with the added promise to get a coin out to Mauison.
  15. Race two is starting and my coin is still in the tupperware to be picked and mailed. I swear I will get it out before the rubber hits the pavement in Vegas.
  16. Gahhhhhhhh, I have to get the coin out to you. Do I get black flagged for mailing the coin late.
  17. If the season goes as the shootout tonight, it is going to be one heck of a year.
  18. I agree that we need more players. I also agree with changing the tie breaker. Mauison should have won the tie breaker last year instead of me. But I will be in again this year.
  19. I knew my season was over at week one. Congrats to the winners and thanks Dave for your efforts and time. Next year I may just be able to figure out how to log in for the draft. On to 2012, Happy New Year everyone.
  20. #3 is on the way! Any updates, wondering if mine got there... Ok, got yours yesterday. A U.S. Coast Guard Geocaching coin Thanks
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