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  1. I will rush out in the middle of the night (to a point) when a new cache gets published. The only thing I hate about being 2nd to find is when the FTFer doesn't log the find in a reasonable time (3 hours?? c'mon!) and gets me thinking that there is still no finder. That irritates the crap out of me....happens quite a bit too. I enjoyed FTFing in Hawaii, because the hiders usually put cool stuff in the caches for FTF (coins, pins, sig items - TIKIs!!!). Here, in KY, all I see is micros with logs....not much fun or exciting to me. This is why I don't chase FTFs as much as I used to. Sometimes I'll go after work or get up early on my way to work to try and get the FTF is it's still available, but I'll still go after it nonetheless (FTF is just a bonus stat then). No matter where you go, there will always be the FTF hounds and hogs....it's just a part of the game.
  2. I know what you mean.....being in the Army LPC stands for "Leather Personnel Carriers" (AKA boots) LOL!!
  3. I was a scout from Nov 1990 to Dec 1994....I got smart and changed my MOS to 25B though... LOL! I was in Iraq from Jan to Jul 2008 and I found 66 caches while I was there. I didn't find them all either....my finds were limited to Victory Base Complex. The Military Association of Geocachers (MAGC - www.militarycache.org) has a lot of 'forward members' and they get together and cache. They are holding an event on VBC in February....donations to the events are OUTSTANDING! I was there last year and assisted in putting one together.
  4. Sent my box off a few days ago....ATC, you should be getting it any day now. This year, I'm on the giving end of this event instead of the receiving end....nonetheless, I want to thank everyone who donated/is donating. You just don't know how much it is VERY appreciated to the guys and gals downrange who are the recipients of your gifts. Have fun over there and keep your heads down!!! V/R, Dan Team_DDNight
  5. I got my White EarthCache Pin here: http://www.geocaching.com/seek/cache_detai...=y&decrypt= The event was held in Washingtong, D.C. in October of 2006. It was great and I picked up 3 pins that day. I traded two and kept one for myself....I didn't know they were rare items. V/R, Dan Team_DDNight
  6. Thank you all for your awesome support. The event was successful and was ran superbly.....ATC06, H2Nut, abnduo&spawn, and I worked hard to make this a great event and I think everyone appreciated it after talking to them upon event closing. ATC06 ran the majority of the show and he is an oustanding person and a great friend. Same with H2Nut and abnduo&spawn....these two provided some great support for the event and most of the logistical work behind the scenes. Me? Well, I did what I could....I hope I did enough! Side note.... A week ago, we put all the donations in envelopes and had them individually 'wrapped'. We (the coordinators) put numbers on the envelopes (1 - 246) and had them ready. When some more coins came in at the last minute, ATC06 put those new additions in envelopes and numbered them starting from 250. With the whole lot, we kept track of the numbers and the donators, but we had two lists on the 19th. We told everyone to hold on to the numbers they received during the raffle so I could put out a list of who donated (with the corresponding numbers). In a few days, I will be sending the new list to the attendees via email. During the event and prior to the raffle, we highly encouraged the attendees to send a thank you note to the donors of the coins they received, but I personally will be sending out thank yous to EACH AND EVERY donator over the course of the next week or two. We had a lot of donators so it might take me that long! LOL! Again, thank you to all who donated!! Thank you to ATC06, H2Nut, abnduo&spawn....you guys put on a great event! Thank you, Steph for going extremely above and beyond!!! James talks about how much you have done and I want to personally thank you for all you do and continue to do for geocachers and the military!!! I hope we took enough pics, but we are still waiting on a few more to post to the event page...... V/R, Dan Team_DDNight Camp Cropper, Iraq
  7. it's 2:47pm here in Iraq..... My number is 247!!! Thanks, Dan
  8. Why the heck would you put it up for sale here for a price and then list it on ebay? Especially after an interested buyer contacted you with a PM?? This doesn't make sense.
  9. Wow....what a mess. It has taken me a few hours to read through all of these posts and I cannot add anything that hasn't already been said. The only thing I can add is my opinion (not a personal agenda). For one, I have been in the Army for 17 and a half years and I love what I do. I do not ask others to enlist in the Army and to take up arms beside me to defend this great country of ours. I simply tell everyone my story and let it be. One thing I absolutely despise is seeing military members get spit on and cussed out for what we do for this country every day of our lives. The only thing I can say about this is to SUPPORT THE TROOPS....you don't have to support the war and the decisions of the politicians and generals who make the decisions we have to carry out! We do what we are told and although we may have our own opinions about what we do, we do what needs to be done to get the mission done. PERIOD. I belong to a military group of geocachers who are my family and have grown closer to every single one of them through geocaching. I met the founder of the Military Association of Geocachers online and we never met until I made a trip to his area. After a few hours of geocaching, I ate dinner with his family and then we swapped stories about the military and our caching adventures. Our bond was instant due to the comraderie of our jobs and the hobby we love. It has nothing to do with agenda, but sharing common experiences and learning about each other and other hobbies we may express to one another. I tend to enjoy reading cache pages that teach me about something I would not have known otherwise. Whether they be for Fireman, Police, churches, War Veterans, mothers against drunk driving, or any other so called agenda they purportedly pursue. The discussions on this thread are hogwash and meaningless. Get out of the house and enjoy some caches! Quit worrying about the small stuff and have some fun. I for one am going to be heading over to Camp Victory, Iraq tomorrow to attend an event for a Soldier leaving the theater. I will enjoy my day off after working 6-14 hour days for the last 2 months and will continue to do so for the next 4 months. Geocaching in Iraq is a nice way to get out and enjoy a slice of home and thanks to roughly 85 cachers who donated to an event I am co-hosting in a few weeks, will spend an afternoon raffling off nearly 200 coins to Combat Cachers!!! I say get this over with and quit being so darn thin-skinned....at least you aren't dodging bullets, ducking into bunkers, and avoiding road-side bombs while you are out caching. Quit taking political correctness to the extreme and learn from the cache pages of others instead of crying about an agenda that is not there. God bless every single one of you who support the troops who give you all the right to argue about meanial things and the right to have a choice in what you believe in. Combat Cachin' with awesome MAGC members in Baghdad, Iraq......I wouldn't think of anything else I would rather do on my day off. 2 months down, 4 to go! V/R, Dan Team_DDNight Camp Cropper, Iraq
  10. And the support keeps pouring in..... WOW....I am really grateful to have found out about geocaching 2 years ago and I am continually amazed at the support all of you have shown these past two years. I have not been very active in the threads (obviously by the number of posts I have 'under my belt', but I cannot express the feelings I have towards this great sport of ours and the individuals who participate in it. Geocaching is a world-wide society of people who belong to a sub-culture all its own and if you do not know about geocaching, you will never know how friendly and generous geocachers are. I have made friends from all over the world because of geocaching and all it takes is an email to a geocacher to 'link up' while on vacation, around town, or deployed to Iraq. It doesn't matter if I've known the people for years or if I have just met them, geocachers are the greatest group of people I have ever met. Hopefully I can meet each and every one of you in the future in person and thank you personally. I am sure our event will be the best one in Iraq to date, because of all of you. Thank you again and we will make sure we take plenty of pictures for you all to see. Talk to you all soon and very happy caching to you all!!! V/R, Dan Team_DDNight Camp Cropper, Iraq
  11. HOLY COW!! It took me all morning to update the event page.....again, I cannot thank you all enough for this outpouring of gifts for us over here in Iraq. LINK TO EVENT: Forward Member Meet & Greet Thank you all!! V/R, Dan Team_DDNight ** Editted to add link for all to see!
  12. Hey everyone.....just wanted to let you all know that I submitted the event last night (Iraq time) to the reviewer for publishing. It should be online sometime today or tomorrow at the latest (hopefully!). Thank you all again for your generosity and we are sure that this will be the best event EVER in Iraq. Talk to you all later, Dan Team_DDNight Camp Cropper, Iraq
  13. Yes, your coin will be in attendance! I have posted pics of a few adventures, but they are on the cache page. I will post them to your coin as well so they will be listed there when someone views your coin's page. I will get to that in a few days.....(Fridays are my days off!). Thank you for your continued support and there will be a lot of discoveries on your coin and I hope to be not too busy during the event so I can take a lot of pictures for y'all. Missin' the Geohana.... Dan Team_DDNight Camp Cropper, Iraq
  14. Cache Maine, ATC06 and I will be meeting this Friday to put together the event page. This came up all of a sudden and we wanted to get things rolling so potential attendees would have time to put it on their schedules in order to get the time off. I started the event page, but have not submitted it yet. After ATC06 and I meet on Friday, it will be submitted to the reviewers for approval. I will then post the link here for you all to view. V/R, Dan Team_DDNight Camp Cropper, Iraq
  15. Wow....your generosity never ceases to amaze me!! Truly amazing. I am in Iraq with ATC06 and others getting this event set up for next month. He told me to check out the forums because he was soliticing donations for this upcoming 'outing' and I wasn't expecting the outpouring to be happening so fast! I have solicited donations before for a CITO event in Hawaii and we had over 150 people in attendance.....with all of the donations we received from you all and the coin companies, we were able to give nearly every single person a coin.....not every family, but every single person who showed up! My faith has been restored in the generosity of others and I will support each and every event I can with a coin, because what goes around, comes around and I will make sure I hold up my end of the deal. Thank you all and we will keep in contact! V/R, Dan Team_DDNight Camp Cropper, Iraq
  16. Hmmm....all others have been taken. I will go with 28!
  17. HAPPY NEW YEAR (EST)!!!! Resolutions: 1. Lose weight, of course 2. Hit cache #1,000 3. Spend more time with family 4. Come back from Iraq safely Thanks for the cointest and hope all your resolutions are achieved.
  18. I'm not that creative...... Then again, I'm not that handy with power tools either!! Thanks for the quick response, BRoKeN W.
  19. Would it be possible to drill a small hole in the top to hang this on the tree?? I'm afraid to ruin this gift, but would very much love to keep this for years to come as a permanent feature on our Christmas tree.... Any information from anyone would be great. Thanks in advance.
  20. We got a Teddy Bear ornament for participating in the SSII mission. I was wondering....if we are careful, can we drill a small hole in the top to hang this great gift on our tree? Will the material shatter or is it sturdy enough to drill a tiny hole? Thanks for the extra gift this year and the SSII mission was awesome!!! Other than than, nothing but bills.....we have to pay the rent sometime, I guess.
  21. Harass me for not providing an address?? LOL! I would hate for that to happen.... Thanks again!
  22. I will give this a shot..... Thanks for the cointest!
  23. WOW....I was just wasting time at work today and checking in on the winners of cointests and I saw that I WON! I can't believe it....and in such an appropriate cointest. THANK YOU intolerable for holding this cointest......these are inspiring me to hold a few of my own. Email has been sent.... Again, a BIG "THANK YOU"!!!
  24. Thank you Secret Santa for bringing a smile to my face this year..... Thank you Team_GeoBlast for inspiring me to hide above-average caches...... Thank you Jumpin' Jack Cache for putting up with me in preparing for the KY DeLorme Challenge launch...... AND thank you to all the generous cachers out there who hold cointests and for the generosity you all spread year round.....you truly are a great bunch of people!
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