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What Was In Your Mailbox Today!


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Oct 3


We got the


8 Muddy Feet 20 Muddy toes (silver) - Love it been wanting that for a while

Geowoodstock 07 - Great coin

Purple Silly Boys - Very cute and very nice

Seigo -South East Idaho Geocachers Operative -Very Nice Coin as bonus - was not expecting


All from Mr.Explorer3 in a trade for some hockey items. Thank you soooooo much, especially for the beautiful Seigo bonus coin. It was totally unexpected.



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Whooho, great day today :laughing:


- Lilypad coins (gold, and a silver one, thank you, tsun!)

- Tatanka coins (gold and copper)

- World Caching Ocean (bronze)

- World Caching Volcano (bronze)

- Christmas Ornament (gold/red)

- The Bug Crew

- Mini Sea Shell (thank you, Windrose!)


I have spread them all out at my desk, and can't decide which I like more. So many beautiful coins on a single day :yikes:

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Today I got a pink scout knife--thanks for the cointest Liz!! I had forgotten about it, so it was a nice surprise :sad:

Wow, that got there fast! ;) Hopefully Theotokos has his as well.....


No, I haven't got the coin yet but I don't typically expect quick deliveries into Canada - at least it hasn't been my experience. I'm used to waiting...

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Hadent recieved any coins for quite some time...The mailbox visits were becoming a time of sadness filled with bills and such as usual...BUT the other day my bud brought to me a mailer...Hmmm I havent ordered anything or expecting any trades!


It was from Dorkfish! and guess what was inside!!!!!!


A Red Seahorse and....

A Magenta Seahorse!!!!!


Absolutley made my day! If I could make people as happy as I was to recieve those coins...Id gift my whole collection! ;) ...OK maybe not! :sad:

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I havent posted here in quite some time and although there has been some REALLY good stuff in the mail,

I had to brag about what I acquired at yesterday's GeocoinFest event...


Alabama Open Invitational (AB)

Pirates of the Chesapeake (AS)

Compass Rose 2006 (G)

Chattahoochee Valley Cachers LE (AC)

GeocoinFest Multi Event - NC (attendee) :D

GeocoinFest Multi Event - NC (host) :D

Anthus Blue Laptop LE :)

Team Bamboozle (G) :P




Yemon Yime (AB) :):P:D

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I got these coins in person at the GeocoinFest Multi in Southern California, which was hosted by Cornerstone4. Thanks Cornerstone, for all your time and effort spent preparing for SoCal's successful event! :P


2 x Geocoinfest Multi Event Geocoin (SoCal)

1 x Autism Awareness Ribbon Geocoin (Gold LE)

2 x Autism Awareness Ribbon Geocoin (Nickel)

1 x Don't Tread On Me Geocoin (Gold) *

1 x The Sun Geopin (Nickel) *


* Thanks Brewer Chef for sweetening the deal with the extra Don't Tread On Me Geocoin and Sun Geopin!!! :) How cool is that. :P:)

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From the PA Geocoinfest event


Geocoinfest Mosiac Sun (RE)

Geocoinfest Mosiac Sun (Thank you LE)

Geocoinfest PA Keystone Mini (Pink)

Geocoinfest PA Keystone Mini (Blue)

Geocoinfest PA Keystone Mini (Yellow)




Crystal Fairy

Appalachian Trail NJ

MWGB GeoGuys - DD Brian

...and some others that I cannot remember right now and I already mix them in with my other coins that I need to put in the binders.



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I didn't get anything in my mailbox, but I picked up a pile of coins from trades, purchases, and door prizes at the Geocoin Multi Event (New Jersey).


In no particular order:

KayackerinME Antique gold 5 coin set

Dhenninger pathtag

Burning Micro III event coin

Team Rampant Lion personal coin

bandits 2007

geocaching 7th year anniversary (error coin)

I bashed at Midwest

Arctic Nomad 2007

Appalachian Trail NY

Euro Cache

Police Squad Garmin Armed x2

Nick Liming MWGB Frog Prince

Geocoinfest Multi-event NJ coin x2

Crake Tiger Swallowtail Butterfly

Evil Chicken

Legend of Bigfoot

Parrothead - Avroair

Cherry of a Cache

Geocoin Club June 2006 Oyster

Scully & Mulder et al.



It was an awesome event, so thank you Mark and Dave, and all the organizers who made the events possible.

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Our 6th Anniversary Mission came today and exceeded expectations.

1 x Eternity (Australian)

1 x Australia 2007

1 x Isle of Man 2007

1 x geocoinclub december 2006


Thank you ever so much :)


In our INBOX

We had a note that the second minting the coins we are working on have been dispatched. :P

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In my mail tray today, from an anonymous source, a Crake Monarch - very nice, Thank you so much whoever you are;


Also there was a package of Lilypad Cache coins from tsun - these are very beautiful, the pictures did not do them justice!!! Thanks for these Steph.


Finally, in my mailbvox, was a Rusty Knight, Tranquility, and some cacher tags from CastleCoins&Pins.

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A magnetic Travel Bug sticker for the back of my truck which lets people "discover" my 4 Runner


Cool. Got a picture of it? :wacko: The sticker that is.


Kids were disappointed it is a holiday but that just means a fatter mailbox tomorrow. We hope. :laughing:


Saturday brought some Moose Mob coins. Ooooooo - glittery.

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Today I received 2 very special packages, one from LoriDarlin' and the other from Tsunrisebey.


I got a bunch of coins from Lori... and amongst them.... a FSM RED COIN!!! YES! We received some other great ones, too, but those googly eyes... they are just hypnotizing, lol!


I received an earth turtle pin from Steph and the most gorgeous little white buffalo, I love the buffalo!


I have NOT shared the little turtle coin with my 7 year old... I don't wanna share!!


Thank you, ladies!

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