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  1. Hi, I'm offering an Tsunrisebey's Raiders Of The Lost Cache (with Amber Gems) Trade-Only Geocoin (not trackable) for any Tranquility Edition (unactivated). I'm also adding a Pay It Forward Silver Mystery Geocoin (trackable) as a bonus. Thanks
  2. How about a small box with alien designs !
  3. Hi, That's a great news. Can't wait to see the design !
  4. Hi, Could it be an Alien necklace ?
  5. Hi, I think it's a UFO-shaped micro cache container!
  6. Hi, Mr Gray will add a small UFO. The coin could possibly fit inside that UFO.
  7. Hi, I'm guessing the coin will comes with an official "I Believe in Mr Gray" membership card. Have a good terrestrial day.
  8. Hi, I think the bonus item will be a nice pouch to place your coin in. Probably made of an extra-terrestrial material.
  9. Vendor : The Cache Shack. Coin : Geo Trek Coin 2 orders : 08/30/2010 (Can't open a dispute since it's been more than 45 days) 09/21/2010 (Will probably open a dispute soon) Shipment due : A long time ago. First order was never sent out until I contacted them a month later. They replied after 3 e-mails. They decided to ship both orders together since I contacted them a few days after I made the second order. I was refunded the shipping fees on my first order. The thing is I haven't received the combined shipment yet. I've sent another 3 e-mails within the last 2 weeks and I've never had any answer from them. Anyone had any problems with The Cache Shack before ?
  10. What is the name of this cool snake? Hi, This is the Geo-Rattler Gold from CacheZone.de
  11. Hi, Go to : http://www.sumopaint.com/home/ That's a free online paint program. Hope that helps !
  12. Hi, Nah... I don't think so. It says in his profile that he's on Earth. And since he replied : It made me think he might live close to this Area...
  13. This is cool ! This is like a Mystery "Mystery Coin".
  14. You're right ! Didn't know it wasn't trackable though. Your turn now.
  15. Here's a coin I always wanted to have in my collection but never got the chance to own one.
  16. Hi, I'm pretty sure it's this one.
  17. Here's my not so good but easy to guess drawing :
  18. Hi, Is it this one ? Harmony - Optimism Geocoin
  19. Plain Geocoin, by Ernie: You're obviously right !
  20. Yo, we might need a hint. It's pretty basic Pretty basic because the coin itself is basic...< I thought it would be an easy one ! I'm sorry but I didn't know what else I could draw...
  21. Hi, I'm quite sure I guessed right so I'll keep going. Here's a simple one :
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