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What Was In Your Mailbox Today!


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YAAAAAAAHOOOOOO!!! This is one VERY SPECIAL Day for us!!! We have some very special people to thank.


Glenn 721 for his wonderful generosity (The very first person to make our geocoin dreams come true) . He sent me a gorgeous compass rose that was on our wish list.


3doxies for a great trade of the beautiful Virginia coin that we have been wanting (our very first trade).


And, to Podcacher.com/Sonny and Sandy for the very special Lackey coin we won off of their show (the first thing we have won off their show).


This has been one amazing day!!! We're so happy!!! Thank you all so very much!

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This week lots of goodies:


MWGB Ducks & Frogs

Brewpub - thanx EM

FSM Marinara & Blue - great packing job!

Florida Shipwreck Decoders - Nice! Big!


Pizza Unevent

PIF 2007 Gold & Silver - long story - worth the wait! Thank you!

Walpurgis 2006 & 2007

Hawai'i Pins for the kids

Dookie Personal - nice!


Probably more I am forgetting but can't forget the awesome donations to our GeocoinFest event from Dorkfish Coins, The Caching Place and Groundspeak!!! :blink:

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Just got home to find a package from tsun. A pretty lilypad, a couple of tatanka pejulas and an earth turtle pin!!! The coins are cool, but i just can't stop looking at the earth turtle pin. PolskiKrol (the boyfriend) saw it and said "if you put that in a cache i'll kill you" :blink: no worries this ones a keeper :huh: i love it!!! Thanks tsun!!!

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Today in the mailbox was:


Geoswag C&PC's September coins




a package from the esteemed Mrs Cheesy Pigs containing my Geocoins 6th Ann. Mission with a compass/whistle, a loggerhead micro, dorkfish blue fishie, and unnumbered Australia 2006 Gold :o ~and~ some coins I relieved Liz of - TnT Ice Dragon, and 3 of the 4 Caching Skills coins.


A good day indeed for a Saturday!



In celebration of Ask a Stupid Question Day, I ask Why do they call it 'chili' if it's hot?



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GBA Coin Club 2005 - Microchip (Gotta love the embedded microchip!!!)





Cool coin - what is the GBA coin club?



In celebration of Ask a Stupid Question Day, I ask If a word in the dictionary were misspelled, how would we know?

Geocachers of the Bay Area!!!!! Thats us here on the West coast...The Bay area consists of SanFransico and its surroundings.


That Micro chip was hand picked out of thousands of "Blem" chips and from what I have heard 1000 of the best blems were chosen for these coins... maybe less, cant remember the numbers produced, just the story of how they were obtained...and yep- its a real micro chip! :o


As for whats been in my mailbox?????


No coins for over 3 weeks...But my last package was from Scaw and consisted of an


Original Loggerhead to complete my set

LE Isle of Man-Silver

Scaws Geotag

Scaws Geojellie


Great day at the mailbox...unfortunatley none since :o ...Oh well Ill be back in the game before too long!

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Cool coin - what is the GBA coin club?


Geocachers of the Bay Area in California, They produced many early coins from 05- early 06 (think I am close with these dates) :o most non-trackabe but brillient coins, I own this Micro Chip Coin attained from a trade, and it is very cool, and some others from this coin group / era / area :o



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Well the mail sure didn't deliver these.


I got a Purple Dorkfish Seahorse


And since the Fed Ex guy was nice enough to deliver our event coins to Karma's house today. I got a couple of those with matching pins. They turned out nice!


Also got something that hasn't been made available to the public yet.. Very pretty!!! - Thanks Karma!!!

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In my mail tray yesterday:


- full WI_Robin Personal Coin set (in AC, AS and AG)

- 2 sets Sylvan Seekers v2 - Miisha

- Worldcaching 2007 - Ocean (in AB)

- Worldcaching 2007 - Volcano (in AB and AS)

- 2007 Canada Geocoin

- firetacks

- Ellandel's Singapore 2007 (in Gun, Gold and Nickel)

- Ellandel's Australia 2007 (in Gun and Nickel)

- Ellandel's Ireland 2007 (in Nickel)

- Ellandel's Spain 2006 (in Gold)

- Ellandel's China 2006 (in Gun and Nickel)


In my mail tray today were some goodies for Aotearoa Geocoinfest event prizes from Dorkfish Coins/Karma and The Caching Place. A big thanks to you guys for your generosity. We can't thank you enough.

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Today mail & fed ex:

WI_Robin set - pretty

Geocoinfest goodies for giveaways & mosaic t-shirts - nice!

Geocoinfest BN - sweet

Avroair Musketeer - love the minis

500 Caches - coin & pin


And from over the weekend - an mailbox full of coin envelopes & nothing else. How often does that happen?

MWGB Ducks & frogs

TnT GCF donations - Thank YOU!

Lanyards & pins

Seahorses - colorful - wow!

Caching the Equator

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