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  1. Hello to all of our geofriends, As many of you have noticed I have not been on this forum in a while. The reason is because I have been sick with a very bad chest cold that won't seem to go away and a UTI. Over the last month or so I have been trying different antibiotics to get rid of them and I finally think I am on the right kind now and am starting to feel much better. Chip has also been having some problems with his blood pressure and we have had to get him straightened out as well. It seems that every time the weather changes from hot to cold and vise versa that I end up catching something but it always went away just as quickly as it came before, only this time it didn't. It's seems that everthing that can go wrong has gone wrong in that last month or so? I want to thank everyone who has sent emails in the past few weeks wondering what has happened to us. It does our hearts good to know that so many people are that concerned about us and that we have so many great geofriends in this community. Instead of emailing each of you I thought I'd just let you know what was going on here. I realize that I need to get out some prize coins for the contests and and a mission as well and am working on getting those out asap. For the Amtrekker contest, since their were only 4 people who entered that one before the deadline date I will send a coin to those that participated and leave it at that since I was unable to keep track of it regularly. For the 4 that participated, please send me your address through our profile and please let me know whether you would like a coin randomly from our spares or if you would like to receive one of our new coins that we should be getting in a week or two which is The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly coin. It is being minted now and should be out very soon. Thank you all again so much for your patience and concern and I will do my best to keep you updated when things go out. Nora and Chip
  2. Hi all, I just got a new Nikon Coolpix L18 camera and I love it! To practice with it I took a few shots of the sample coins I got in. I think they look much better in person:)
  3. I think we all would love to see do a holiday coin. Your designs are always awesome! I wouldn't mind seeing a Christmas version of your turtles, that way you wouldn't have too much design work to do on it, just do Christmas colors and also maybe make it an ornament to hang on the tree? That would be a real treasure
  4. I think he's cute too, he just likes to call that ugly cache home. Now whenever I look at them though I won't be able to get that movie song outta my head though
  5. 1. sit, come, heal 2. lay down 3. Down, stay 4. sit, hold it 5. pole weaving thanks for contest
  6. I believe I will be getting some copper coins as my AE edition and I may purchase some of the gold and silver at the discounted price and use them as traders? Not sure what I will do with the AE editions yet, I was thinking of saving them in case we go to Geowoodstock in TN?
  7. Hi all I just wanted to give you all a sneak peak at our new coin that will soon be available through Oakcoins. I got an email from Emma at Oakcoins saying that they sent us the gold and silver sample coins. I just want to thank everyone at Oakcoins for helping us get this made. I am very happy with the way it came out:) I'm not sure how long it will take to produce for sale but it shouldn't be much longer. We hop you like it:)
  8. 1. Participating: YES 2. Received Name: YES 3. Mission Complete: Researching 4. Package Received:
  9. Just a quick note about the sisters: They seem to be lost? PLEASE if you were the last one to receive one of the sisters and you know you sent it to someone who has not claimed to receive it yet, I encourage you to send a brief (POLITE) email to that person to encourage them to let us know they have it and when they can send it out to the next person. ALSO PLEASE try to make sure you send it to someone who has expressed interest in THIS THREAD that they want to receive it since they have read this thread and know the rules about them. I would very much like to see these witch sisters do a lot a traveling soon since it is close to Halloween and a perfect time for them to fly from house to house:) Thank you.
  10. Well all, it looks like the end of Amtrekker's adventures will soon be over as he has projected a date it will end? Look here for the info. http://www.amtrekker.com/ I only see 4 official entries for this contest. In 1st place so far is http://www.geocaching.com/track/details.as...9e-853f98c49d0b by Hodag Andrew w/171.6 miles so far In 2nd place so far is http://www.geocaching.com/track/details.as...3b-ab0026e09616 by Burgessfour w/8.5 miles miles so far. And http://www.geocaching.com/track/details.as...d0-ab9618b2b136 by Maine Family and http://www.geocaching.com/track/details.as...1b-e2089cda8322 by Solan109 are neck and neck w/0 miles. I just want to thank all 4 of you for participating in this contest and since there are only a few of you I will see that each of you get a little something out of the contest with the winner receiving something a little more. There is still a little more than a month left before he believes his adventures will be over so this is still anyone's contest? (Make sure you follow the offical rules at the beginning of this thread, CHEATERS will be disqualified!!!) I've really enjoyed watching Amtrekkers adventures and I hope you have too as well as the tb's and coins you have submitted in his honor. I am not going to accept any more entries for the contest (if you have not sumitted the link to your tb or coin before the deadline date you cannot join); but if you would like to add your Amtrekker tb or coin on this thread for others to watch feel free to do so. Once he makes the offical announcement of the date and time he arrives home I will announce a winner once I look all the entries over which are on my watchlist. Good Luck Contestants! EARTHA: I apologize for not getting back with you earlier. I have not been in the forum too much in the last couple of months due to unforeseen circumstances. Since this contest will soon be over please just let this thread be the official one for it. I believe the previous requests I had received from the moderators about this contest but had not gotten a response from once I contacted them were from other moderators other than you any way. Thank you.
  11. Hi all, I totally apologize for the delay in putting up the names for these 2 witch sisters. I have been distracted by a lot of things happening this last month or so. As far as I can tell by the votes the most popular names for the two sisters are Sabrina and Helga. So, those will be the names I will give them on their pages. Sabrina is #1 Helga is #2 Hopefully this will help with any confusion and we can tell which witch is which P.S. Please keep this thread informed of when you receive and send out these coins as there are a lot of other people who would love to receive these missions. I totally understand if there is a delay due to illness or an unforseen circumstance but please try to post a quick note and let us know that it will be delayed when possible. Thank you.
  12. Where did you go? Manitou Beach How many miles did you walk? While there 30 miles How many caches? 5 caches
  14. Only 5 more days to sign up? I see 4 entries so far? I did one myself but it is not included in the race.
  15. Hi all, I was wondering about a cache I was thinking of submitting? In the last month or so I have been playing around a lot in the virtual online world of Second Life. It's a lot of fun. They also have virtual geocaching there which is really awesome! But, with the caches you find there you have to log them on slgeocaching.com instead of here which I can understand because they are not "real" caches. The idea I had for a cache that could possibly be logged here would be to find a location on Second Life (like the main office for geocaching in SL) and the requirement to log the cache would be to take a picture of your personal SL avatar in front of the SL geocaching office, and make sure the name of your avatar is put into the log since it would be different than your geo name. What gave me this idea was this cache in Germany http://www.geocaching.com/seek/cache_detai...2c-64c1a6e534cc where all u have to do is get a pic of an alien off the internet and post it to the web cam pic of the building that you can find online? Would this Second Life type of cache be allowed since it is real people in the virtual world and would it be considered a virtual cache? I thought I would ask before I would try to submit it?
  16. As long as the coins have no activity on them at all that is fine. It just need to be dropped in a cache by Sept. 10, 2008 (yes I did correct the date)
  17. Ok contestants your race coins are off and running! I turned them into the tb and coin station at the picnic and the lady took them and distributed to the cachers that were interested in helping your missions. Chip and I went off geocaching for an hour and a half just after I dropped them off and when we came back to the shelter she said they had gone like hot cakes to people who wanted to help in their missions so you should start seeing them move very soon. If you don't see your coin moving in a couple of weeks send me an email through our profile and I will check with the picnic staff to see if I can find out who it went to but please give it plenty of time before you contact me about it. We had a lot of people at the picnic from different states and a lot of newbies there so it may take some time for them to figure out what to do with them. Once you see your assigned coin moving it is then your responsibility to try and keep it moving towards your assigned cache. I will not intervene once they are moving. Good Luck to all!
  18. Ok, contestants in a few hrs the coins will be off and running. Be sure to put yours and the others on your watch list to keep track of them:) Good Luck!
  19. First entry from Hodag Andrew: I think I'm up for the challenge. TB1REM0 - Amtrekker Travels the U.S.A. http://www.geocaching.com/track/details.aspx?id=1241459
  20. This info is from a previous thread but the title and subtitle was never changed as requested. Hi all, I thought I would go ahead and do a travel bug race in Amtrekker's honor. WINNER will win a coin of my choosing. Check out his web site at amtrekker.com to see more about him. How it will work: 1. You create a new travel bug to send out or you can just send out a coin. It must be a new TB or Coin that you are sending out and not one that is already in circulation! 2. The Travel Bug page or Coin Page MUST have AMTREKKER in the title to participate. 3. Give your Travel bug a mission. Anything. 4. Post a link to your Tavel Bug page or Coin page in this thread. It must be posted here to be able to win. 5. You drop your TB or coin in a cache of your choosing after Friday Aug. 8 , 2008 but no later than Sept. 10, 2008. Any tb's or coins submitted after Sept 10 will not be participating in the contest. If Amtrekker completes his goals before Sept 10 and is back home then no more entries will be allowed after he arrives home. So the sooner you send it out the better. YOU CANNOT SEND THE TB OR COIN OUT BEFORE AUG. 8, IF YOU DO, THEN YOU ARE NOT ENTERED IN THE CONTEST! 6. No TB owner or Coin owner can dip a coin in one cache and then dip it into another for travel miles. YOU MUST ONLY DROP THE COIN INTO A CACHE AND LEAVE IT FOR ANOTHER CACHER TO PICK UP. Others may dip the TB or coin but they CANNOT be from the same caching team or family. Anyone suspected of cheating will automatically be disqualified from the race. 7. You are the only one responsible for your own TB or coin. If it gets lost or stolen before the contest ends then your out of luck. 8. When Amtrekker is finished with the 50 goals on his list and arrives back home then the contest will be over and the TB or Coin with the most miles on it will be the winner. The day and time he arrives home will be the official end of the contest. I will contact him to ask exactly when that date and time was. Winner will receive a coin of MY choosing. 9. I reserve the right to add or change rules as necessary during the contest. 10. Lets show Amtrekker our support and how much we love watching his adventures. You can check out his adventures at http://www.amtrekker.com/ Good Luck!
  21. Wow, very nice! Chip collects dolphin things so we would definitely be interested in getting some.
  22. Wow! Chip just went out and got the mail and brought me this envelope and said I think it's a coin? I said "I'm not expecting anything?" I opened it to find that I had won this contest. I have been so busy this month and have not been in the forums much this month that I had forgotten all about it. I received a red parrot coin with the words "cointest winner" on the back and the magnets that comprised my quote. Thank you so much for the opportunity to win and for picking my entry. It was truly a great surpise:)
  23. 1. Participating - Email sent, 8/27/08 2. Received Name 3. Mission Complete 4. Package Received!
  24. Yeah, it was a 2 parter with the first part of the interview a couple of weeks ago. He's a very cool guy:)
  25. Hi all, I am still doing this contest if anyone is still interested in participating? Please check out post #10 for the rules. Since I have not been in the forums much this month I will extend the date to send out a coin or tb another week so the deadline date to send it out and post the link here is Sept. 6, 2008. Thanks. Nochipra
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