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Virginia Geocoins


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I'm posting this tread to test the level of grassroot interest in proceeding with designing and minting an Virginia geocoin.


Costs per coin are variable depending on the design complexity, number of colors, and number of coins minted. The range I've seen quoted in the various threads about geocoins is $3-$6/coin.


For those unfamiliar with state geocoins, click on the Search icon at the top of the forum page, enter "geocoins" in the Seach By Keyword Field, and choose "Geocaching Groups by Region/State" in the Search Where field.


Please express your interest in having an Virginia geocoin minted by posting to this thread. If you live in Virginia, please state whether you want to help with design and/or distribution of the coin. Cachers in- and outside of Virginia should indicate how many coins they would purchase so we get a sense of how many coins would be minted in order to establish the cost per coin.


If the decision is made to move forward with this project, a new thread will be opened with instructions on how to order your coin(s). I realize there is a lot involved in getting through the design phase, ordering the coins, deciding whether to make the coins trackable (and if so, how to track them?), filling cachers' orders (use PayPal or not?), etc., so please be patient as I move forward on this.


I welcome feedback from anyone who has been involved in coordinating creation of a state geocoin regarding what worked well, what didn't work, how you are tracking the coins, is it worth tracking the coins, how did you handle orders and distribution, etc.



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I'll go in for 3, there's plenty of folks out there that will buy any coin minted! I'm not from there and have no specific ideas, but Virginia is loaded with interesting history to choose from . My only suggestion is to have them numbered, but don't worry too much about tracking. Most are collected and of the ones that are released into the "wild", a very high percentage quickly disappear anyway.

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Although I live in Indiana, I'm originally from Virginia, still have family there, and have gone geocaching there. Therefore, I would have some interest in VA geocoins, perhaps four, give or take a coin or two.


I think the Jamestown sesquicentennial would be good, but I'd wait a couple of years for that. Given that Monticello is inconveniently removed from the five-cent piece for this year, that would be my recommendation.

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The Marauders would be interested in input on design, distribution help in the Winchester/No. VA area and we'd probably order at least 4-8!


Thanks for bringing this up. I've only seen one geocoin in person, but I'd really like to get my hands on one!


(There I go again - saying "I" instead of "we" - the other Marauders like this geocaching stuff too. Mom just hogs the computer!)

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Here's some thoughts:


--Unless you're going to make a cheaper coins (around $3), they aren't really going to travel much and people aren't going to but a lot of them to put in caches. So, paying for tracking is paying to see who's collection it's in. But people seem to like tracking anyway.


--I think it's important to include at least locals in design suggestions and voting on the final design since it's not a personal coin.


--For the Oregon coin I placed a cache where I had a table set-up near by for the first 3 hours it was active. People found the cache with a little commerative card they brought back to the table to get their coins. People that couldn't make the cache paid for shipping or had them delivered if they were local.


--Take a look at pages that have a lot of pictures of geocoin designs. Some work better than others. If you're going with a simple pressed coin the design carries everything and needs to be very well done to look good. If you're adding colour, I think a little is a good accent, a lot can get too cartoony.

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Oooooh! Use your history for some of it! Try to incorporate all the historical cities you have there.

Like Jamestown & Alexandria....

Virginia is a very beuatiful state in my opinon.

I might get one if the price/ design is right.

Good luck,



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Always in for a couple state coins. I'll be in VA in a few weeks and plan to do some caching of course.


You might want to post a pointer to this thread on the TB Forum so folks can find it. With the coin groups out there, you're almost guaranteed to come up with a couple hundred quantity pretty much immediately.

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Our NEW geocoin buying group, COin Order Liaison (or COOL), will be planning on buying around 35 (for now). This includes nearly a dozen already mentioned by members of our group who have already posted above. Did I say we're a NEW group?



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