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  1. I still have a 2005 Groundspeak Lackey to trade with anyone that has a 2008 Groundspeak Volunteer.
  2. What is this "snow" you speak of, I'm not familiar with it??? Maybe I'll see some of it on the way back to Phoenix. Team Evil Fish and I are leaving for PHX, by way of Las Vegas in the morning... since we're heading south, I'm not too worried about it though.
  3. We'll also be in our 10th year of geocaching.
  4. Did anyone buy more than one who might be willing to trade? Lookin' for leads here... CF30 Anyone that bought 2 or more, already have recipients lined. I tried to ask anyone that bought more than one. I walked away with just the one coin for myself.
  5. For those of you that emailed me... I'm sorry to report that all of the Arizona edition sold out.
  6. I'm in for hosting another Multi-Geocoin event. Maybe we could have them every two years in February so they wouldn't conflict with the mega event geocoinfests that happen in October?
  7. Arizona's arrived yesterday too. I found the coin I'm keeping for myself. The tracking number ends with "9D9".
  8. Although it hasn't been posted yet, it looks like September's M.E.G.A. event will fall on Monday, September the 21st. These are usually held in the east valley... (Mesa/Chandler/Gilbert area) M.E.G.A. stands for "Monthly-Eat-Greet-Acknowledge"
  9. It hasn't been approved yet, but Arizona's event has been submitted. 09/09/09 - The 9th Arizona Geocaching Anniversary
  10. The coin in the Groundspeak online shop is not the "Garmin Colorado" Wherigo coin. The Garmin coin is given out by garmin reps at events. The coin in the Groundspeak shop is vendor neutral...
  11. Of all the personal sites I've seen for peoples coin collections, I think that Danoshimano's is the best. Dano's collection page
  12. So, we can have a "geo"coin that celebrates and raises funds for a group of ecoterrorists... but not one that brings recognition to the environmental destruction caused by illegal immigration along the southern border with Mexico?
  13. Here's Arizona's version in copper, with translucent paint.
  14. I'm using at Palm Centro with the Garmin Mobile XT and Bluetooth GPS. The only thing you may want to consider is getting a phone with the Windows OS, it will also run the XT software and that way you can load the Wherigo app too.
  15. I didn't find the NCIS video... but I found something a bit more interesting. I didn't put the red circle there, but it does help show how Bill Clinton used to display his collection of challenge coins.
  16. I had a Garmin Forerunner 205. I would equate it to a Garmin Geko 205 without the wriststrap. With all the customization you could do with the screens, you couldn't include a screen that displayed the longitude and latitude... you had to mark the location to see that information.
  17. I used to work at a movie theater years ago... one day I passed one of the projectors and on the side of it they kept a log of issues in a plastic sleeve. The projectionist and written in that there was a "flickering" problem, but that's not the way I read the word when I first saw it.
  18. I for one wouldn't want to end up with the cache that has GC"LOUSI" as it's waypoint name. Unless I planned on making it something pitiful...
  19. Arizona's first cache was placed on 09/09/2000. That makes this coming September 9th, it's 9th birthday. I'm working towards making that my 999th cache find. I'm looking at finding it at 9:09AM. Then that evening there is a local park I found that has the last 4 digits in the longitude and latitude... so have the event there. I was also considering a coin with either a bow tie (for "dressed to the nine's for caching") or a 9-ball.
  20. If someone happens to drop a signature item into my cache and neglect to sign the log, I'm not going to delete their log. Of course that's my choice on any cache that I own. The fact that I placed a cache that one, was big enough for then to even consider leaving a signature item. And two, they felt my cache was worthy of them leaving their signature item. I would be disappointed if their sig item was a simple business card, but then again, it does prove they were there, since it's less likely that someone else as taken that from one cache and dropped it in another coupled with the original sig item owner claiming a find on the cache.
  21. You didn't think they originally planned to let just anyone play with a multi-billion dollar satellite system? When Korean Air flight 007 was shot down over Russia back in 1983, Reagan ordered that civilians be allowed access to the GPS system. So, if it weren't for him, no one (civilians) would've had GPSr's when the big switch was flipped by Clinton. Of course, there really wouldn't have been a reason to flip the switch if Reagan hadn't have placed the "civilian use order" in the first place. Wikipedia: GPS (Look under the timeline.)
  22. I think President Reagan would be a good candidate to be inducted, considering none of us civilians would have GPS units... if it wasn't for him.
  23. I've got a bluetooth GPS and the Garmin XT software loaded onto my Centro. It's pretty much like having a Nuvi built into my phone. The POI loader works just fine... you just have to put the file manually onto the memory stick in the POI folder.
  24. I have a Groundspeak Lackey 2005 (Version 1) and I'm looking to trade it for either a Groundspeak Volunteer 2005 or a Groundspeak Volunteer 2008.
  25. I don't see why that would be much of a problem, since it's just more money in Groundspeak's pocket for simply jostling around a few electrons. The tracking numbers are obviously already categorized by the coin name associated with the tracking number.
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