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  1. I'm trying to complete a local challenge by identifying a found cache in every zipcode in my county. I know I've found some in a couple of those zipcodes but apparently they've since been archived (this would have been 7-8 years ago). How can I get a list of all my finds (or even DNFs) that have been archived?
  2. Please double check that you haven't received my nickels. I mailed them on Feb 24th. If you confirm that you haven't got them yet, I'll be glad to send a couple more. --SirGerald
  3. I just took a peek at your Event page thought, "Something about this event seems awfully familiar." Great idea. Let us know how it goes. Since no real money is involved, I'd like to bid my fake $1000 on a nice sig item from a local cacher there -- one I'm not likely to already have in my collection. Would that be alright?
  4. That list you have is cool. Is there a way to get a list like that for myself???? Sure! Anyone can use that site for their collection/trading lists. The description at the top of This Page will tell you how. --SirGerald
  5. Hi all you Wooden Nickel traders! I've got TWO NEW designs for my wooden nickels if anyone would like to trade for them. I'm making them myself with blank nickels and custom rubber stamps. Here are pics of them: I'm mostly interested in trading for any extra wooden nickels or poker chips you might have of other cachers in your area. You know, any wooden nickels I don't already have. My signature includes a link to my wooden nickel collection and trading list. Send me an email (preferred over PMs) via my profile if you have something I might be interested in. Even if you don't have something new to me, I still might trade just for an extra one of yours.
  6. Sorry it took so long!!! It went on the back burner when I was planning for the wedding in November, but I looked up all the requests I had, and got them in the mail on Monday and Tuesday. Now to start making the batch for GW5! I hope one of those you sent was mine. I've been waiting since September and had given up hope of ever seeing it. EDIT: When I got home from work, I found it in the mail. THANKS.
  7. First of all, WELCOME to the world of geocaching. I'll send you an email with a request for a trade for one of your nickels and my address. As for your question about tracking wooden nickels: I would have to warn you that you may not get the results you expect. Even if some of your nickels DO move from cache to cache, I doubt that you'll get many emails letting you know that. I would suggest that you just start keeping a spreadsheet with the information you DO receive from those folks kind enough and organized enough to send you the email you're requesting. If the information you get warrants it, then by all means look for a way to track them.
  8. I have a couple of questions... 1) Would anyone be willing to share their source for blank wooden nickels? I've just had a couple of nice rubber stamps made so I can make some new wooden nickels, and I'd like to know where others get their blanks from. As a starter, I got 22 nickels for $3.00 at the local craft store. I know I can do better than that. 2) I'd also like the info on where to have poker chips made. (Special Ed made some for me awhile ago but I haven't seen him post here for awhile.) Could someone forward that info to me? 3) On a more sensitive note, has anyone else had any trouble with deadbeat traders? I have had about three trades arranged in the last few months where I've sent mine out but never received the nickel from them. I've sent a couple of reminder emails, but I've not had any response. I don't want to name names and I REALLY don't want to think badly of others because I know there could be any number of reasons. I was just wondering whether this is a real problem or if it's an isolated incident. 4) Anyone have any tips on how to get good close up photos of wooden nickels? My standard digital camera doesn't want to focus that close. How do others do it? OK, answers to those questions ought to keep the thread alive for awhile... Thanks, in advance, for your help. --SirGerald
  9. I'll have to check this thread more often. I'm afraid I'm going to miss out on something special, if I haven't already. I've just sent emails to about a dozen cachers about trades. I saw some discussion about a Wooden Nickel Trading cache. You might also consider just holding a Signature Item Swap event. I just had one a local buffet-type restaurant. We reserved a room and had a great time. Some of us displayed our personal sig item collections. A lot of new cachers came to get ideas on what to do for their own sig items. Plus I was able to get a few new sig items for my collection. Please be advised that I hereby claim royalty rights for this idea. If you hold a similar event, you must send me a signature item of your choice as a royalty payment. Just email me for the mailing address... --SirGerald
  10. I don't know what ELSE the Geocoin Fairy was doing for the holiday weekend, but he/she decided to pay a little visit to one of my caches here in Utah. I had no idea TGF even knew where any of my caches were. But this evening as I was catching up on my emails after a long day filled with church and family responsibilities, I saw this little cache log notification that this afternoon The Geocoin Fairy had visited one of my caches that is only about a mile from my home. My heart skipped a beat and I had to re-read the log to make sure I wasn't hallucinating, or something. But no, it was real, and there were no other log messages for that cache. So I told my wife, LadyLeAnn, that I had to run down to check on my cache. She was already in bed for the night but when I quickly explained what I was doing, she rolled her eyes and said, "You'd better hurry then." The Geocoin Fairy's log mentioned being a little frustrated with too many DNFs today, so he/she was glad to finally find a good cache. My cache IS a good cache. It's a Travel Bug Hotel in a vacant lot next to a real hotel here in little old American Fork, Utah. It is hanging in a Russian Olive tree and tends to attract a family of wasps, who, by the way don't seem to mind having geocachers come to visit as long as they behave themselves. In my hurry to arrive before any other cachers happened to show up, and in my angst to find the little gift the Geocoin Fairy leaves, I almost succumbed to dispair when I didn't see it sitting on top of the other contents of the cache. I had to tell myself to settle down and look again. So I carefully removed and re-examined each travel bug in the cache and all of the other little things that have collected there over the years (it's been there a long time, now.) But persistence and patience DOES pay off. Down in the very bottom of the cache, underneath the business cards and refrigerator magnets, THERE WAS MY PRIZE. I thought, "WHOA, REALLY? Could it possibly be true?" After hearing that Damenace had been lucky enough to get one of these coins not too long ago, I had no idea that the Geocoin Fairy would come back here and so soon. And I had NO idea that one of my humble little caches would ever be graced by a visit from The Good Fairy. So, boys and girls, don't give up hope. I can't say whether or not begging and displays of cute little children with longing expressions on their faces will help persuade the Geocoin Fairy to visit your area, but it seems that there must be SOMETHING good that drew The Geocoin Fairy here. And to The Geocoin Fairy, THANK YOU for your visit and for the beautiful little gift you left for me. I really appreciate it. That coin will hold a special place in my collection. --SirGerald
  11. Please reserve 1 for SirGerald, too. Thanks.
  12. I'm assuming the following: 1) The Geocoin Store lists all times in Eastern Daylight Time. 2) The Sale Time for the regular Silver coins is: 12:00 PM EDT (Noon) 3) The Sale Time for the limited edition Gold coins is: 11:30 AM EDT (1/2 hour before Noon) 4) That puts the sale times in Utah at 10:00 AM MDT and 9:30 AM MDT, respectively. Please correct me if I'm wrong.
  13. Announcing the 2006 Utah Geocoin The time has come to unveil the results of months of planning and design work by the 2006 Utah Geocoin committee. Coin Details --> 1000 Antique Silver --> 100 LE Antique Gold --> 1.75" in diameter,3.5 mm thick --> 3-D on both sides of the coin --> 16 Cutouts around the inner circle of the coin --> Cost: $7.00, plus applicable shipping/handling charges. --> Fully Trackable on Geocaching.Com with it's own icon. --> 150 silver coins will be on hand for sale at the UTAG Spring Meeting, May 20, 2006 in Farmington, Utah. --> 850 silver coins will be sold through the Geocoin Store. Sale date is still to be determined. --> The 100 LE gold coins will be sold initially to Utah Residents via a password-protected sale at the Geocoin Store. Sale date is still to be determined. The password will be made available to Utah Residents via the 2006 GeoCoin Page on the UTAG website. Coin Features The obverse (front) features the Utah State Seal which includes an eagle, two American Flag banners, and a Beehive. The little guy in the upper right corner is a worker bee. (The Utah State Motto is Industry.) The reverse (back) features three of our state emblems: the California Seagull is the state bird, the Rocky Mountain Elk is the state animal, and the Blue Spruce is the state tree. The little white flowers used to separate elements around the edge of the front and back of the coin are Sego Lilies, our state flower.
  14. FYI: I've now got a new batch of wooden nickels. These have the same front design as my first ones but the back is slightly different. It's dated 2006 and I've added "TerraCaching" to the top text ring. Oh, and they are sequentially numbered. If anyone would like to trade, just send me an email.
  15. I finally got a response to my email and a trade is in the works. I mailed my poker chips and wooden nickels this morning.
  16. I've sent an email about a trade TWICE now with no response. I would like to trade 2 SirGerald poker chips and 2 SirGerald wooden nickels for 2 Ponik wooden nickels and 2 JPAgeo wooden nickels. Please reply to my email with your address or let me know you don't want to trade.
  17. Another free option that's extremely flexible and easy to use is the one I use. Check my list at: http://www.utahgeocachers.com/GeoCoin/GeoC...splay&OwnerID=2 It doesn't have all the nice pictures but it's free and easy to use. I also have another one for my wooden nickels and poker chips. Check it out.
  18. This thread needed another bump to the top... While I'm at it, I'm planning on getting some more wooden nickels made for caches and trading. It might be a week or two before I receive them, though. And I still have some of my poker chips available for trading. If you already have mine, perhaps we could trade for some of the other extras I have available. My trading list can be seen at: http://www.utahgeocachers.com/GeoCoin/GeoC...play&OwnerID=85 Anyone interested?
  19. Hi, I love the coin and the "Triple Wisdom". I, too, like Icon #2 best. I also would drop the word "Moment". Then how about using a little cloud as a separator between the 3 wisdoms around the edge instead of the boring old hyphen. Would you be willing to trade me one for one of my own personal gold LE coins? I only have a few left. --SirGerald
  20. I really like seeing new names show up on this forum. It usually means more new wooden nickels and other items in my collection. I've sent emails to AtlantaGal, Blue iis, ZackJones, and Sliver & Lucy requesting a trade. If anyone has extras of other wooden nickels or poker chips, not already in my collection, I'd like to hear about them. My signature includes a link to my trading list. Check it out. --SirGerald
  21. I don't want to get left out. I'd love to trade one of my gold LE coins for one of these. --SirGerald
  22. Cool looking coin. I've sent an email, too.
  23. Arrow One said to email if interested...so I did. (This should bump the topic back to the first page, too.)
  24. I've seen several categories for historical markers that are specific to a single state. I'd like to have a category for all American Pioneer related markers, from whatever state they may be found in. I was thinking that they ought to be limited to those that commemorate people/places/things with a date prior to 1900 and be related to those brave pioneers who explored and colonized the American West.
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