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  1. Welcome to the sport! There's a very nice fella in your area named PCSenn who'd be glad to help you out: You can also find regional forums at Geocachers of West Tennessee and River Valley Geocachers.
  2. Welcome to the addiction! Try Dixie Cachers. Try eBay for the cable, I have an eTrex Legend CX, and I'd be shocked if you can't find it for under $20.
  3. Wish I could make this hike, but although I'll be in town, I can't make it the 28th. However, a group of us from Salem, OR plan to bike the tunnel and do the Ape Cache on the 29th. Anyone is welcome to join us (okay, almost anyone).
  4. I'll help ya out. The least I can do since I barely got to Salem before you had to split! Have you talked to Ornith or Bostonmangum? They've both set up coin challenges before.
  5. Sorry to hear about all the weather cancellations, but OregonSAGA has a wonderfully successful event in Salem! Despite some light snow (that didn't stick), small hail, and generally cold and wet conditions, our twenty or so cachers and non-cachers bagged and piled enough trash to fill a 28' construction dumpster! We're working closely with the City of Salem and local businesses, building a partnership I'm really excited about, to address some longstanding transient issues, reclaiming a terrific park for everyone in Salem to enjoy!
  6. Heck if no one closer wants to adopt this, I will!! Can't let a great old cache with a view like that die! We go to washington to visit grandma once a month or so anyway.
  7. Salem, Oregon will be participating with this event!
  8. Memphis. Hmmmm. Called it home most of my life. The city itself is fine, and the caching is good, lots of variety and some great people. IMHO, the city government is a disaster. Most suburbs are pretty good, though. Arlington, to the east along I-40, may be the nicest place I've ever lived. Depending on where you are in CA, you'll find real estate prices compare VERY favorably! You can get some more opinions in the West TN forums at Gowt.org. Good luck with the move!
  9. I'm obviously partial to Tennessee, especially West TN, but I've done some GREAT Alabama, Georgia, and Arkansas caches too. Mississippi has some of my better memories, also. And I have to say, Robert E Lee would roll over in his grave if he heard us say Virginia is not "Southern!" And John B. Hood's Texans were some of the toughest troops Lee ever had!
  10. Perfectly acceptable. Like BDD said, you'll find some nice folks at Dixiecachers. You might also do a search near your home and click on the profile of folks who hid those caches. Just keep in mind there's a lot of folks who hid things long ago who don't cache much anymore, and lots of others don't obsess over it like many of us do, so it may take a few emails to get you going.
  11. It may be too far north for you, but I had a great time with Vineyard Mountain for my 500th.
  12. I will keep an eye on this topic and if I can make it (and if my knee is sufficiently recovered from a scope), I'd love to tag along! And I have the advantage of being able to stay with my mother-in-law about 25 miles away!
  13. Titansfan is in your area, and he's worked on the challenge. He's NG, too, I'm sure he'd be glad to talk to you. Good luck with it, it's quite an accomplishment!
  14. FYI, Geocachers of West Tennessee has reopened following a month-long reorganization and is now active. The link in the above post works, or you may click here.
  15. Try the Great Smoky Mountain Geocaching Club or Geocachers of Southeast Tennessee. You'll find nice folks who'll be glad to help. Enjoy your trip!
  16. Geocachers of West Tennessee was founded in 2005 by more than fifty geocachers in the West Tennessee area. Our loose boundaries are the Tennessee and Missisippi Rivers, and the Kentucky and Mississippi state lines, but we welcome geocachers from any location. Our purpose is to be an informative resource for new and veteran geocachers alike, and a positive force in interactions with land managers and the public. Although our focus is not primarily social, we host occassional events, CITOs and sponsor membership milestone recognition. Our website and discussion forums are currently undergoing a reorganization to address some issues and will be reactivated in the near future. Questions may be directed to membership@gowt.org.
  17. OregonSAGA is the home of the Salem [OR] Area Geocaching Association. Our monthly meetings are the third Sunday of each month. We're a fun group that likes to cache, eat, and chat! Feel free to stop by the website! Spencersb Vice President OregonSAGA
  18. I believe they would have been talking about the Alabama forums, found at Dixie Cachers. There's a thread there about it.
  19. I had hoped to make it to this group hunt, but it looks like I won't get up there in time. We are moving from West TN to Salem OR at the end of June. Wife's mother lives near Seattle, and her grandfather lived in North Bend and is buried there. The APE cache is high on my list once we get up there, maybe later this summer! Y'all have fun!
  20. I'm lookin for one of the new Isle of Man dragon coins. I have a 2005, 2006, or 2007 GOWT coin. jlmk
  21. I saw this problem posted in our local forums about 45m ago and submitted a PQ request at that time. It just popped up in my email (no, not GMail).
  22. Sorry, wrong thread!
  23. Remember the old style t-shirts they used to sell? Long sleeves, forest green, had a logo that looked sort of like a postage stamp? They had a seven digit GC number on them. I bought mine about 2 years ago. I just realized that with the new waypoint format, someday a cache will be published with the number that is on my shirt, GCA4805. Anybody else still got one of those shirts? Were the numbers all the same? If so, does anyone know the significance of that number?
  24. I can't speak to Alabama, but Tennessee has an obscure little state law that forbids anyone to "play at any amusement" in any cemetery. No new ones are being approved, but the old ones are being allowed unless a problem arises. Pity, since olf forgotten cemeteries are among my favorite finds, and geocachers are doing far more to clean up old cemeteries than their owners are.
  25. My local Kroger has those plastic ones for $.99 They're easier to rough up than the metal ones, so paint sticks better, too. Remains to be seen how well they'll hold up to freezing/thawing.
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