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  1. You're two years too late, this thread is from 05 Gotta wonder what you search for to come up with this 2 yr old thread.
  2. The maps I put together are no longer available. For complete maps of Japan, the only source is: http://uud.info/en
  3. Just popping in briefly to fix up a post elsewhere. I'm in Japan south of Hiroshima. None of the Garmin units are multilingual. None of the Garmin Japan units will work with stateside mapping software and vice versa. Nor will Garmin USA units be compatible with any Mapsource software from Japan. Neither side is capable of functioning with multiple fonts required.
  4. Logged in today for the first time in months to see two PMs waiting for me from months ago with requests for info on these maps. If you'd like the info on the maps, please contact me using email through GC.com and I'll get back to you within a day or so. I'll add that there is a great place to get the maps I have through a vendor. They've done a HUGE task of making them to include POIs and English placenames. If you're not computer savvy or confident of your ability to use the maps through programs other than mapsource, that's the best route to take. More info on them found at: http://uud.info/en/
  5. Apparently my distribution of these maps violates Article 29 of Japan Survey Law. I have removed all the links and photos to make this topic comply with their law. Apologies to those who are without the info. Contact me if you'd like to know how to acquire the maps using their authorized software. NomadVW
  6. Often this is because the COM port used on one USB port will not be the same as the COM port used on the second USB port (since it assumes the other one is still in use). Are you using a serial-to-USB adapter? Or are you plugging it directly into the serial port? ---- As for the GPSMAP 60CS, I had this same problem happen recently with a different USB device though. I have about 12 USB ports on the desktop, and every USB port wants the drivers installed, though they've all found the drivers that had already been installed on the first and just recognize it after a few seconds. Good luck!
  7. After finishing the conversion of maps in Japan, I have a friend who is GPS-challenged (in experience). He owns a Magellan Meridian Platinum - which actually looks/feels like a pretty nice unit. Before I start the process of map creation for him, I want to confirm from the Magellan folks in the group that have made their own maps that the easiest way to do that would be the procedures outlined here: http://www.msh-tools.com/index.html and then here: http://www.msh-tools.com/magellanmapseng.html Just looks like a tremendous amount of work to make a map. Almost easier to buy him a Garmin VW
  8. When I turn the place names on with Mapview25000, they are in kanji and hiragana. When I export them to img files, they look like this:
  9. The img files I have are no place names at all. The only thing listed at all are highway numbers of major national highways. This is more than sufficient for me in my travels in the area. The software to use to download the map information is, of course, in Japanese. There are a lot of options I haven't really fiddled with yet for the POI databasing. I will do more fiddling as I get the time over the next week or so. VW
  10. Phewee.. Using a program called Mapview25000, I was able to then use cGPSmapper to convert files into a compatible Garmin format. My GPSMAP60CS has all of Japan, minus Hokkaido loaded into it. My Vista has everything from Tokyo south. The maps are street level capable, include railways and waterways, but no terrain. But for those of us who frequent/live here, you just guess that if it's in between streets, it's occupied by a building or a mountain. Anywho... here's some pictures of the resolution: The img files can be found here: http://www.nomadvw.org/japanmaps.zip Use any program like sendmap to send them to the GPSr. I'll soon be uploading the entire file and its components in the raw format with some instructions to a web page for other folks who come this way to work anything GPS related. I'll additionally add a few index pages to the indexed names of the files.
  11. I've wiped out on my mountain bike pretty hard twice with the GPSr mounted on the front, and a dozen or so times not so hard. I've done it with both the eTrex and 60CS. I've seen no ill effects. Granted, I've never landed ON the handlebars. If you fall enough on the handlebars, you'll have just as much concern damaging your cyclocomputer, headlight, reflectors and anything else you have attached to the handlebars. I did find that the vibrations were enough to "find" that the eTrex vista doesn't hold the batteries in nearly tight enough, but then I also found that I have a pair of AA batteries are also about 2 mm smaller than the rest which cause them to be loose often. All that to say, I've never damaged my GPSr in the handlebar mount either on the mountain bike or road bike during a crash. VW
  12. I'd markwell about 15 posts on this, but the search is busted. Me, Palm TX with Pathaway navigation and Cachemate. 60CS with Pc-Mobile bluetooth adapter to talk to the TX. GSAK on the laptop. If I have the laptop in the car, it uses ExpertGPS or GPS Trackmaker, depending on whether I need the serial port connectivity for the 60CS or if I'm using bluetooth.
  13. Use mine all the time. Added a bluetooth adapter to the 60CS so I could use the program Pathaway. That's my application of choice for navigation. VW
  14. Yes, see - if you're looking at maps on a Japanese map, you'll most definitely want to switch to Tokyo Mean. Otherwise you'll find yourself sometimes almost a mile off. Like everyone else said though, datums only really matter to the geocacher when he is comparing positions to paper (or online electronic without their own datum conversion) maps. I do Tokyo/WGS84 conversions all the time - so it is something some people do often.
  15. You might want to look into the software "Pathaway" for the Palm. I use it on my Palm TX and am very happy with its capabilities. Site is... um.... http://www.pathaway.com Good luck! VW
  16. GSAK Cachemate Palm TX Pathaway for mapping Wifiwhere for LEGAL wifi finding.
  17. Considering he'd need to make 3-4% interest annually on the $1000 fee to "make" his 30 bucks a year, while maintaining a capital of $1000, this wouldn't exactly be a bad deal for him.
  18. I have a 50x50 cross stitch image of the GC logo, similar to: http://www.geocaching.com/images/nav/logo_sub.gif And a 116x130 x-stitch similar to: http://www.geocaching.com/images/nav/logo_home.gif Both of them use a lot of white to separate the squares, but it's user preference to use them or not. Email me if you want a copy. VW
  19. Oh, I'm perfectly happy After all, I rec'd my SD Geocoins this week! Just adding my thoughts to those who mentioned lack of other locations on the coin. Just something to have thought of, I suppose. I've just joined this thread so was too little, too late, I suppose. Good luck on the coin
  20. Most of Asia has no caches, yet there are nearly 400 in Japan - not visible on any of the design images yet. Edited to add link to cache map. http://www.geocaching.com/map/
  21. Use the software BM2GPX (http://www.parkrrrr.com/) to transfer all of your datasheets to a GPX file. Load them into GSAK like you would caches, then export the same way you do your normal cache database after applying the right filters/database. When I'm in the states I like to load the local benchmarks into GSAK in their own database just to keep things separate.
  22. You could see what you can do with http://www.gpsvisualizer.com It doesn't have the databasing of GSAK, but it's a web based interface to the maps/gpsbabel
  23. Not sure if the E2 is bluetooth compatible or not, but if not I'm sure there's an SD card to make it so. Pathaway is a navigation program that I use on my T|X and have really fallen in love with. My current setup works like this: GPSMAP60CS with PC-Mobile's bluetooth adapter. I toss the 60CS into the glove box of my van with the bluetooth adapter and external antenna hooked up. I drop the T|X on the seat next to me and use maps I've uploaded and calibrated to it. (It does have the ability to use pre-defined maps, but I can't get them in Japan). Pathaway may not be the mapping software of choice in places where there is better mapping. I do more Minutewars than geocaching so my trip planning is a little different than a caching day and I really rely on my maps. Caching you can usually pre-plan your trips and not have to worry about the "oh that next spot is really close, where's the road to it?" Cachemate functions are pretty extensive, so I'd say it's best just to read up on it on the http://www.smittyware.com web site. I like the fact that there's a plugin that allows "on Palm" export of the cache database to the Pathaway format so I can load the cache waypoints on top of the Pathaway maps. Anyway, I can ramble about Pathaway but I'm guessing if you're in the states you can get your hands on better than average map data for your GPSr already. My method works for me because of the severe lack of said data. VW
  24. I'm confused. Your cache page says "hours are..." The log would say "I searched at xxxx." I'm not understanding how the person didn't find the cache. Oh well... all this log deletion talk on threads all over the place has prompted me to create a shared/public bookmark list of "Caches where finds were deleted." Haven't had to add any yet, but I look forward to it. VW
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