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  1. I've got some unregistered GeoCoins that I'd like to sell. My question is....What is the best way to sell them? The forums (here)...E-bay...or events ?
  2. Cool Beans Good luck with the 'APE.'
  3. Is that BrianSnat I see in the BlackBerry ad on the cache pages? I believe it is!
  4. Here's mine, Golf pencils and dog tags
  5. Cool Beans Congrats to one of my favorite cachers.... Oops...Sorry Shuey...I mean...My favorite Cacher
  6. cool beans Number 100 is a biggy Almost as good as #1000
  7. cool beans I seemed to have missed this... Sorry for the late congrats.. WTG my friend
  8. cool beans Congrats to the best hider out there A treequest cache is a great cache....ALWAYS!!!
  9. A better way to use the tape is to cut strips in various lengths (for different size branches) and just fold the tape over a small branch that is at a right angle to the trail and stick it to itself...Making a little tab or flag. It will stick much better and last a long time. Plus it will be seen from both directions
  10. COOL BEANS You're knock'n m down !!!
  11. Happy Trails, John You're Da Man ! I wonder how many caches are along the way???
  12. Old Glory Jr. N.J. style (GCGN18) Has been a milestone cache for lots of cachers.
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