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  1. I have a question. Which version of plucker should I use? There are alot of different ones. Any help would be great.
  2. Hello all, Here are some of the ideas that I have in my head about a group, most of these ideas are from when I lived in MA, and had the chance to see what groups there are doing. 1. Come up with a name for the group. So, let's hear those ideas! Mine is "WAG" Wyoming Area Geocachers! 2. Someone to design, maintain a possible web site. And also if anyone has a server to do this on. 3. Organize an event once a month. That way, hopefully, everyone gets a chance to attend an event every other month or so. So, let me know what everyone thinks. Kim, give me a call when you get a chance and we can talk about getting this all started.
  3. I just checked this forum on a whim, and look what I found. I'm getting ready to post an event in the next couple days, just working out the details. But it will be a Saturday event. That way if anyone travels any distance, they could stay the night and have Sunday to drive back. I will keep posting on this thread. I would love to help in any way that I can in starting a Wyoming group!!!!
  4. I can't use Google Earth, my computer doesn't like it.... Any other ideas???
  5. Does anyone know of a list of caches along the I80? I'm moving to back to WY, and would like to hit one in every state.
  6. As of today, all coins have been shipped.
  7. First batch of coins went out today! I pack as many as I can before I go to bed, and then drop them at the post office on my lunch break. So, the should start showing up over the next few days...
  8. WYlostinMA


    Here is the deal! Since there are a few people that can't keep their comments to themselves. I did finally receive all the coins, two days after I went on vacation to AZ. So, there is nothing that I can really do about it from 2000 miles away from my house. I had to have my mother get the last box from the post office and she counted and checked all the tracking numbers so that I could mail them out as soon as I returned home on the 28th. Now, if you don't have any words of encouragment, then please keep them to yourselves or direct them to KC coins. I'm sorry if this offends anyone, but the coins should have been to me over a month ago, but KV coins has some customer service issues, at least that is how I feel.
  9. Thank for your help everyone....
  10. I'm having a dumb moment. I can't find that file that has templet of the slip of paper that people put in with Geocoins and TBs, telling about that geocoin or TB's mission. Can someone please help me find it. Thanks
  11. These are the coins that I have available for trade: Minnesota nielsenc - Christmas USA 2006 Geocoin World of Geocaching Series 2 Finland I'm looking for trackable coins, that I don't have.
  12. I'm not complaining about the torn box, and as far as I can tell, there were no coins missing from it. I'm complaining about fact that it has been two weeks since both boxes where shipped from San Antonio, TX. One got here in two day, the other tracking number says that it's still in San Antonio, TX. That sounds a little fishy to me.
  13. GeoRaptor: I am asking everyone, as a personal favor, not to use KV coins any more. I have already started my second coin with coins and pins, and they have already been ten times more helpful the KV coins every was. So, please don't use KV coins.
  14. They gave me a shipping number the day they shipped two boxes to me! One box arrived in two day, the other box says that it still hasn't left San Antonio, TX. Their plan for rectifing the situation it to make a claim on the insured package on the 9th, then once they have the money from the post office, the will remint the coins. Meaning another 4 to 6 weeks, before I get the rest of the coins. Personal I think they should have done something about the missing box a week ago, and I am not real happy with their answers, but they say that they don't owe me anything because their disclaimer says that they aren't responsible for packages lost in the mail. So, tomorrow, I will be calling the SAPD and the creditcard company...
  15. Right now, I only have part of the coins! I have deceided to take futher actions against KV coins if I don't have the rest of the coins tomorrow.
  16. What is the web site for the signal coins?
  17. I have to following coins up for trade: Light House Minnesota Finland nielsenc - Christmas Grand Canyon(comes with a matching pin) World of Geocaching I'm looking for the following: Love coin(gold and silver) Dutch Northwest PA Isle of Man The Fraher Family Geocoins Tennessee Micro I will give multipul coins for these two: Jeep'en Jumpers Volunteer I will consider all trades, but I tend to lean towards trackable coins..
  18. Ok here is what I have: nielsenc - Christmas Minnesota Finland World of Geocaching Series 2 National Parks - Grand Canyon Texas Bluebonnet 2006 I also have a the first coin of the Hides and Finds Geocoin Club, but that offer is going to have to be really really good, and I mean really really good. Here is what I'm looking for: SeventhSon 2006 Gear (Black Nickel) Love coin Arizona Dutch Northwest PA Light House(either V.) I will consider any trackable coins
  19. Big JohnP That is correct, no nylon straps. This is the weskest service I have received from any place of business, and I've eaten at McDonalds.... They are now refusing to inform me what is going on with the remainder of the coins, and they are claiming it's not their problem once they mail them. I went to the post office(just to find out the process of filing a claim), and only person that can file a claim is the sender. And this is the only answer I get "You will get your coins… be patient." Then don't tell me that you going to ship the full order one day, and then ship part of the order 3 days after that. That's it,, I'm going caching......
  20. OK, I wasn't going to do this but I'm so mad right now that I could spit. DO NOT USE KC COINS I just got off the phone with them, try to find out where the second box of coins is. Come to find out the second box is smaller then the first one, and it contains NO pewter. I was than told the pewter has not even shipped to me yet. I talked to Ken at KV coins, and mentioned this email from his employee: And all I get is a sorry, I told him that I wanted the pewter coins overnighted to me, so I guess that I will have to wait and see what happens now. I am very very sorry to everyone that is waiting for this coin. I can make you this promise, I will never ever use KV coins again.. My next coin is underway, and will go on sale once I have the coins in hand.
  21. So, I read chapter 11, but I can't seem to find the other chapters, any ideas????
  22. I want to start my next coin, but I'm very very very unhappy with the one that I am currently working with. Who have you used?
  23. Thanks for the support, I just hope that people understand that I now have to wait and find out where and what is up with the other box. The other box has all the pewter and some of the bronze. If the other box isn't bigger, than I don't know how that will have the rest of the coins in there. As, this box was just under half of the coins, but it was stuffed full. If there are coins missing, then I will have to go through all the coins and check every tracking number to try and get the new ones made.
  24. Here is what I have: World of Geocaching Series 2 Finland(2) Yosemite nielsenc - Christmas Minnesota What I'm looking for: Love coin Ontario Dutch Northwest PA Light House Geocoins SeventhSon 2006 Gear (Black Nickel) Geowoodstock(any two coins I have available) I only collect trackable coins for the most part, and a few non-trackable. I will consider all trades.
  25. ladeBear68, I'm sorry to hear that you don't care for the new design, but if you go outside and find some dog poo, that is what the orginal design looked like, trust me, you would have dis-liked that even more. GOOD NEWS/BAD NEWS: Good news: Half(it's in two boxes) of the order came in yesterday, which only had the bronze coins in it, I won't send any coins out until I have the entire order here. Bad news: The boxs that came in yesterday was broken open and I have no idea if any coins fell out, I don't think that any did, because when counted, it came out to an even number, but there is no way to tell, because there was no packing slip for that box. I have a really bad feeling that the second box also broke open and that may be why I don't have it yet. Here are some pictures.
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