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  1. I think that was the problem. I reset to this and it works. I was probably playing to much with the settings befoe I figured it out. Thanks! So far I really like the Oregon
  2. I can't figure out how to adjust screen brightness. It looks like you are supose to tap the power button and a slider comes up but the power button just turns it on and off.
  3. I am thinking I will get the Oregon. Sounds like it is what would work best for me. I wish it had voice prompts for street navigation but otherwise it sounds excellent. Really looking forward to a screen I can see and read easier. Thanks for the info.
  4. The sounds really good. Do you recommend the 650? What don't you like about it? Have you used it for navigation and if yes how was it for that? Thanks!
  5. I want to upgrade my GPS. The Oregon 650 and The Explorist 710 both seem to have a lot of great features but I also read a lot of negative comments about both. My criteria is Number one a screen that is easy to read. I have a Explorist GC and the wording in descptions are very small and hard to read. 710 and 650 have larger screens. One thing I like about the 710 is preloaded with Topo and street maps with turn by turn navigation. I am willing to go with a Montana or Monterra but they look a little big. Opinions?
  6. I am 56 and had cataract surgery in both eyes when I was about 8 years old. This was long before laser surgery and implants. My vision is about 20/40 in both eyes. I wear contact lens. I can still read a newspaper but need it about 12" away max. Our Magellan GC has small fonts and display is pretty poor for seeing unless you are in a room with out any sunlight. The Montana sounds really good. I need to go to REI or somewhere and try it. I also like the idea of the street navigation. I am an electrician and when I have to go to a new place and look for addresses I have bad vision for that also. I appreciate all the information from everyone. The Monterra sound like it would be pretty awesome also.
  7. I have a Magellan Exploist GC but the screen is hard for me to read. The type is too small. Any suggestions on a receiver that has larger print. I like the GC for having the ability to have cache descriptions ect. We have an older Magellan Explorist and it is much easier to read but it doesn't have the features we would like.
  8. (not all challenge caches have a final container) I don't think that's correct. It would be a violation of the guidelines. Can you name an example? The California Delorme Challenge does not have a final container and it was the original Delorme Challenge. Find all 104 pages and send the info to the cache owner to claim a find as completing the challenge. If I were the owner of the California Delorme Challenge and I completed the challenge I would claim it as a find. A lot of the cache events the person hosting the event also records an attended event for a smilie because they hosted it and attended it. I see no problem here either. Play it however you want to play. There are no special prizes for # of finds. Mike
  9. I like using the geocaching google maps. You can pan along any road it it loads all the caches as you go. Mike
  10. I am sorry. I didn't realize that this was an offense. I don't post in these forums often. Since it is an event that many people from many different areas want to attend I thought it would be proper to post to different regions so each area would know about it. I only read the region I live in so I didn't think that it would be a problem. I also didn't know there was a problem with past GeoWoodstocks and these forums. I am sorry for this error. Thank you fro telling me the proper way to post in the forums. Mike
  11. The River City Geocaching & Dining Society (RCGDS) and the Northstate Unusual Treasure Seekers (NUTS) are proud and honored to have been selected as the hosts of GeoWoodstock VI. This years GeoWoodstock event will be held May 24, 2008 in Wheatland, CA in the Sacramento Valley. The events registration and information page is now up and running. This will be the largest Geocaching event ever held! We hope you will have the chance to come to California and be part of it. For more information and to register go to http://www.geowoodstockvi.com/
  12. Ours didn't come yesterday either.
  13. We love virtuals also. We just got back from Nashville and the virtuals in that city showed us a lot of interesting historical places we would have missed otherwise. Mike
  14. I agree also. When we first started caching a few years ago there were very few caches in our area but everyone we went to was in an area that someone thought was a nice place to show. Thats what got us hooked on caching finding areas close to where we live that we hadn't seen before or a fun hike to a cool spot. It seems that a lot of cachers out here do it for the status of being a high number finder so they love every 1/1 by the dumpster, lampost, ect because its a quick easy smiley. We find a lot fewer but we try to pick ones that may be a clever hide or a nice place to visit. Mike
  15. We attended both GW3 and GW4 and learned a lot at both events. We are from California and it seems that people cache differently in each state. The basic concept is of course the same but lots of variation. At times we participated in the craziness and at other times we just observed. When you are actually there it's hard to not get caught up in the moment so I wouldn't hold it against anyone who did. Sometimes there are caches hidden at events that haven't been approved yet so all you get are coordinates, you go find the cache, sign you name, and later receive the GC number and log your visit. Sometimes cache owners bring their caches with them, you receive the coordinates, you find the cache, you obtain the GC number then log your visit. Sometimes the cache is just sitting there, nobody tells you anything, you ask questions about it then find that it an event cache that you can sign, and it will be hidden later after which you can log your find. All of the above do actually involve finding the cache. I don't know anything about the Iraq cache but I did sign the log for a cache brought from Florida by someone that we had met when we attended GW3. The cache container was actually a camping porta-potty that usually sits on the cache owners front porch. We did participate because we felt that it was hilarious that he toted that thing with him from Florida. Anyway...we had a great time, we were in the area for 5 days and only found about 15 caches total. There was a time that we would have really worked to get the numbers but frankly, this trip we decided to be tourists and visit things like the JFK Memorial, the Oaklahoma City Memorial, etc. We found that most of these places had caches (a lot of virtual) so the caches were like a bonus. Lots of people don't consider virtuals to be "real" caches but we love them. They are one of the original types of caches and new ones are not being approved so we are going to enjoy them while we can. I guess I am just saying that no matter where you go, there is a good chance that there will be something about the style of caching done in that area that you don't approve of. But I say "when in Rome...." If it is something that you don't approve of, don't do it. Since the numbers really don't mean anything do what you want. I have a good memory from each and every cache that we have logged and each and every purple frownie. For us, this is all about the experience and the good time. I don't need anyones approval or permission. Here's hoping that GW5 is in California!!!
  16. I knew Dave Ulmer found the first cache and Jeremy was the one who started Geocaching.com and they had a disagreement, now I see why. Dave Ulmer comes across as a kind of jerk on that thread. Without Jeremy geocaching would probably be much different today if it survived. Mike
  17. I have never had a problem before with my Explorist 600 but now the caches are not showing on the map. I used a pocket query from geocaching.com dropped it into the geocaching manager. They are listed in the file. The show caches is marked in the preferences. But they do not appear on the map. I can do a go to, hit goto again and pick view location and it shows where it is at, but no icons. Maybe a flaw in the recent firmware upgrade? Mike
  18. Silly is good! My kids are silly and I love them! If you think about it, lots of things about geocaching are silly...trading McToys, spending 45 minutes looking for a film canister in the snow, driving 4 hours just to hike 2 miles down the lost coast in California, rolling down a hill through stickers, all the while keeping you eye out for the wild elk that you know are in the area so that you can sign you name on a piece of paper is silly. Yet, I love it all. I would rather do something silly every day if it means that I am getting joy out of life. I almost forgot about hanging upside down by one foot over a ravine due to a mishap crossing a fallen tree and the time that I fell and landed on top of a rattlesnake and both times continued on to find that elusive piece of paper to sign and trade my little toys....all very silly. Have a great day! From one silly, slightly pathetic, geocacher who is happy to be NUTS! Gail (Escapades)
  19. We use GPXsonar it works really great. You can download it at... http://gpxsonar.homeip.net/default.aspx Mike
  20. Hasn't anyone tried one of these out? Thanks for any info. Mike
  21. My father in law is interested in getting a Magellan Roadmate 760. Has anyone tried one out. It is easy to use? Can you put in waypoints? Do you recomend this unit? Thanks, Mike
  22. I paid for one...Thanks Mike Escapades
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