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    I should be able to make it. I have room for one person in my truck.
  2. My puzzle cache GC1RKTP the outlet mall is a 12 volt system using outlets as NC and NO switches. Changing the code can be done by moving the outlets around or changing the order of the leds. It is powered by a motorcycle battery with a solar recharging panel. It has worked well for over a year with little maintenance. My other puzzle cache GC19WNZ the air of your ways 64 to 1 odds is fully pnuematic with a series of six switches that have to be in the correct position to reveal a code to open a locked ammo box. It has a bicycle pump to provide air pressure to operate it.
  3. I'm in for dinner with an extra helping of aroma.
  4. http://img.geocaching.com/cache/log/411f9b...92548896c76.jpg Up by Oyster Dome.
  5. I saw a red VW jetta with geocaching frame leaving the parking buildng in Seattle shortly after Wootstock tonight.
  6. Put me down for 2 of these great looking coins. Thanks!
  7. It'd have to fly pretty low, the cache is at about 400 feet. My house is at 400 ft, and I had 18 inches of snow last December. But, yah, that's the exception. 340 feet here and about the same last year. Even Seattle at sea level was pretty bad. You guys had snow last year????
  8. I could probably make this one. As long as the snows dont fly.
  9. Sounds like it would be more of a swim than a hike. Although I like a walk in the rain, I vote we postpone till the 31st.
  10. Sunday would be out for me. I'm up for doing what the crowd wants. I have a good rain jacket and actually enjoy a walk in the rain once in a while. Kinda comes with living on the wet side.
  11. Disabling both caches for a while as Mom passed away this afternoon. Thanks to all who made the trip and brightened her days this last year and a half. Alnilam
  12. I may have to bump up the terrain on the air of your ways. Thanks TwoJJ http://img.geocaching.com/cache/log/478a44...86ec40aa058.jpg
  13. Coming back from Kendall Katwalk
  14. Angel's Landing in Zion NP Utah offers a thrill similar to this one in a trail as little as 3 feet wide and up to a 1200 foot drop on both sides. One of the most thrilling hikes I've ever done. And yes there is a cache at the top! Check it out! GCG2ZP
  15. I'd like one of each. Thanks
  16. I would like two please. Thanks
  17. I spoke for one and forgot to specify what color. I would like one of any color you have left. Thanks, Alnilam
  18. I'd like to be in for one! Thanks
  19. I too would gladly reverse a trade if someone is not happy with or does not want my personal coin rather than see it go up for auction
  20. Just saw that Two JJ hit 1500 on the way back from a road trip to Newfoundland Congrats!
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