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  1. Since I have screwed this up royally I will gladly pay to have all the items shipped that were going to be dropped off at the airport if we can't meet up. I will still stay at PostNet until 6:30PM. If I am not inside I am standing in front of PostNet or I have run to the restroom for a minute.
  2. I have arrived at the Johannesburg airport and will be in the PostNet internet cafe on the second floor of the retail area near domestic departures and arrivals. I will stay here until about 6:30PM and will monitor the forum. Still no luck with the cell phone even though it shows I have service. Niki
  3. I am going to try and be out at the front of the airport. I am 5'7", white with freckles, reddish hair, and I am wearing khaki colored pants and a grey t-shirt that says North Face. Unfortunately my cell service provider failed to send me the unlock code for the phone I brought with me so I am unable to use my phone with my SA SIM card. I will see if I can find a payphone at the airport that will accept incoming calls. I can then call the other Dzrtgrl and have her post the phone number. I am really sorry about the terrible communications! Niki
  4. Gosh, I feel terrible as I have messed up the date for my arrival in Johannesburg. I will be at the airport tomorrow, 8/14, not 8/15. I am so sorry. I will have access to the forums tomorrow morning at 10AM Botswana time. The internet cafe I am it is closing now so that's it for now. I am really sorry about the confusion.
  5. I was thinking the same thing, but won't complain if they want to offer the gold and silver to nonlocal geocachers.
  6. We’ve signed up for 2 coins a month for 6 months. One to keep and one to trade. My favorite of the three so far is the ammo can, but the satellite coin with the cutouts may be pretty nice too. It’s hard to say until they’re in my hand.
  7. I've purchased nearly all my metal geocoins. Most geocoin collectors trade with other collectors or buy the coins. We don't take coins that are owned by others and meant to be treated as TBs. Check out some of the threads in this forum and you'll see what I mean.
  8. We have a trading list at cointracking.com . We recently made our first trade with someone who saw our trading list and contacted us, so it's working great. Niki of the Dzrtgrls
  9. It sounds like you found a sig item left by JPA3&4, which is probably not trackable.
  10. I see no reason why you shouldn’t charge us nonmembers a little more so that the members can get a price break. The members keep your club going and will probably be putting a lot of work into designing and sending out the coins. If you want to limit the number of coins to make them more valuable, why bother with GC.com tracking numbers? If there aren’t very many, folks aren’t going to want to send them off on a journey. Just received my order of Alaska coins and they are awesome. Very well made. The pictures don’t do them justice, but then again, they all look better in my hand than on the screen.
  11. We would be interested in 2 silver coins, or more if the max limit were to be raised, in addition to the 5 bronze.
  12. We're in California and would be interested in 5 coins.
  13. Thanks to everyone that has responded here and by e-mail. The Dillon Gang is going to give the photo doctoring a shot. I have some sample coins coming from www.coinsandpins.com and I may be using them to make the coin. I just don’t want to go to them, like I did with KV Coins, with so much artwork to be done. If I can get the lizard pic doctored up for one side and then get the back landscape done (still thinking about the design) I think it will be easier for the company that does the coins. Thanks joefrog for offering to help. If Steve of The Dillon Gang has some trouble I might shoot you an e-mail and see if you can help. Steve seems to think it is all doable, although the tail will be a challenge. We’ll see how it works out. Good luck with your coin. I am sure it will turn out great being that you know your way around Photoshop. Thanks again, Niki of the Dzrtgrls
  14. This looked interesting so we joined for 2 coins per month. I like the ammo can shaped coin.
  15. I am looking to have a personal geocoin made but I am not at all artistic. I started out working with KV Coins until they sent me the first draft of the coin. It was then that I realized they weren’t going to be able to do the job. I would have been satisfied if they had explained why they seemingly ignored my design instructions, but that didn’t happen. So now I am looking around for someone that is good with Photoshop, has some time, and is willing to help with the artwork. I’d be happy to pay if the price is within reason. The first thing I am looking to do is doctor up this lizard pic to use for one side of the coin. There are some rocks (not all) that need to be removed, a tail to “reroute” and a foot to fill in. (I have other pics showing the lizard’s full tail and his foot.) If anyone thinks they can help, or knows someone who can, please e-mail me. Thanks!! Niki of the Dzrtgrls
  16. Warthog, looks like you have the magic touch. I would love to meet you at the airport to retrieve a TB and possibly other items to take back to the US, but only if it is convenient for you. Maybe I could give you a TB and a variety of geocoins to place in caches in South Africa. I will e-mail you some more info. GlobaRat, if Warthog is okay with bringing the TB to the airport I’d be happy to bring it back with me to the US. Azaruk, you are welcome to send your sig items to me to disburse in local caches. If you want them to be spread out more across the US I am sure I can find some folks to send some to so they can place the cards in caches near them. I will e-mail you my address. Niki of the Dzrtgrls
  17. We put our name in for 5 on the other thread and placed our order yesterday morning using the Paypal username nikiforgues. We indicated that it was for dzrtgrls in the notes section.
  18. I was confused too when reading about the shipping for up to 4 coins since I wanted to order 5. I decided to just try 5 and see how it went. When I entered 5 it calculated the extra shipping, which was $4 instead of $2.
  19. Payment sent for 5 coins by nikiforgues for the Dzrtgrls. Thanks!
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