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  1. Anyone have an extra of these laying around? My son bought the Nuvi but didn't get the cord...
  2. Topic, Topic, Topic... My teacher taught us to stay on topic...
  3. I am an atheist, and I don't put atheism-related materials or objects into caches because I don't believe in using geocaches to impose my worldview on others. If I noticed atheism materials in a cache, I would likely remove them. Okay, but please don't remove the tracts extolling the virtues of the Cult of the Blue Bow. That would just be going too far... ALL HAIL THE POWER OF THE BLUE BOW!!! I can't believe I read this whole thread to make sure no one posted that before I did!
  4. Good luck with your new business venture - although I'm sure it won't be long until your link is removed...
  5. this should keep your data safe and will save energy too http://www.blackle.com/ Thank you! Now I can perhaps remove the tin foil hat for a while. Unless Briansnat tells me not to...
  6. Briansnat - congratulations. I must have missed the thread where we could vote on this, but I'm glad that you were honored in such a way. Is there anyway to find out more about the SOUSGE? I tend not to use that "google" search engine thing because I'm afraid it stores my data. There have been strange people hanging around my house. Anyway, congratulations!
  7. Ohhhhhhhhh, just saw you are from my old stomping grounds, Cincinnati!!! How exciting!! It's where I was introduced to geocaching. Check out this group: Ohio/Kentucky/Indiana Cachers - OKIC There are a GREAT bunch of people in this group who would love nothing more to help you along in your journey...
  8. The extra rules are from the park people, who do not want to be inundated with "there's a bomb in the park" calls. Congrats on just starting the hobby. You will enjoy it if you let go some of the angst and look for the ones that thrill you. As you can see, caches are rated in terms of difficulty and terrain, so go for the higher terrain ones. Become a premium member and customize your pocket queries to filter out the ones that you don't like. There are plenty of exciting caches out there - you just gotta put in some time to find them. In our area, Vinnie and Sue put out some great caches called Psycho Urban caches. Right now the advanced search feature does not want to work for me, or I would provide links. Check it out, join some local groups, and get excited!! And ... welcome to the addiction!
  9. Ummmm... why do you think it's "cute"? I mean, it's easy, I'll give you that.
  10. Eh, just leave it alone. Everyone's got a schtick. I just checked a log from 2007 and they were doing it then. It will go off the page eventually. If it really bugs you, you can encrypt on the page. Me, I wouldn't worry about it.
  11. The person who invented correct grammar and sentence structure was wise as well. (I edited this post to eliminate an unnecessary word.) capital letters are sooooo 1980s.. ------- look im new to cacheing. urbex cacheing may not be for you. but alot of people want it. and its going to happen if you like it or not. ok? im just trying to get it kicked off When adding the suffix "ing" to a word ending with a silent "e", it is customary to drop the "e" and add the suffix. Capitol = the building Capital = uppercase letters (among other definitions)
  12. Too close, in my opinion. With my little yellow etrex, who knows where I'd end up? And I'm not too bright, you know.... Seriously, I guess it all needs to be desitgned to the "lowest common denominator." Better safe than sorry.
  13. Geocaching.com should add a "delete log" button for hiders. You're right, they should. After the owner verifies the logbook wasn't signed. or something. Wow!! You guys are really smart!! Are you, like, Approvers or something? You should tell Jeremy!
  14. Okay, I'll bite. (ha, get it? "I'll bite"?) It's okay to post the picture, but you didn't really find the cache. Write a note and warn the others. Then come back when nice Mr. Snake is sleeping and find the cache.
  15. Hi, all! I'm thinking of heading south to Harrisonburg, VA. I'm looking for a local cacher to find some caches with during the day on this Thursday, May 1.
  16. Oh yes I do!! I have to find every cache and if I can't find it I will crawl up in the fetal postion saying "I can't find the cache, I can't find the cache". Then the men in the white suit and with the big I Love me jacket will then hall me away. Sorry couldn't pass that one up. You sound like me, Big Bear!
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