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  1. Yes, I had the very same problem today. I ended up using the old form to list the cache and it went through the first time.
  2. The Indiana DNR geocaching policy has been in place since around 2005. There is no fee in Indiana to place a cache on DNR property, you just have to have the property managers permission and fill out the proper permit. I have worked with two different DNR properties in the Northern part of Indiana and have not had a problem getting permission to place the caches. Your local reviewer will ask for a copy of the permit after you submit your cache for review before they will publish the cache on the geocaching website. For the most part over the years this policy has only beeen enforceded only when placing caches in Indiana State parks. There have been times when complaints have led to cache removal of unpermitted caches. It is possibe that the property manager at the State forest where you wanted to place caches has contacted Groundspeak in the past and that is why you were denied placement of your caches. My suggestion is to contact the reviewer that asked for the permits if you have any questions as well as the property manager of where you want to place caches. Here is the Indiana geocaching policy....Policy Chris-Team Shydog
  3. Hey Mark, Just to let you know the event page has been posted. BASH I think the theme is one that you and TTUMS would enjoy. I hope you can join us for some fun and silliness. Chris-Team Shydog
  4. Team Shydog

    ISQ Finds

    In all honesty, if you are now living full time out of the area then the caches need to be archived. Or at the very least have someone local adopt the caches so that maintenance can be preformed on them when needed. Having caches just sitting out there with multiple DNF's with no way of checking on them is not good for the ISQ series or any other cache for that matter.
  5. We Hoosiers can have Phoon as well. Fun thread, thanks for sharing.
  6. Team Shydog

    ISQ Finds

    Just some insight from my neck of the woods. I archived my 3 remaining ISQ hides the same day I archived the majority of my other caches. This was five days before I received the email from the Indiana Reviewing staff asking to make the changes to the cache pages. My archiving had nothing to due with this email, it is just reflecting the reevaluation of my personal Geocaching priorities. If there is a local cacher that would like to place a cache in any of the cemeteries that I had used for my ISQ hides please let me know. I will be more then happy to share the information I have for the cemeteries. Chris-Team Shydog
  7. Please change that fact that Challenges count towards my finds total. I think they could be a fun side game to Geocaching. But when you start messing with my find totals I will not take part or support this new game. Make them like Benchmarks. Thanks.
  8. Looking forward to another fine Fall Picnic. The Tank Hounds and I will be camping on site #115.
  9. The Pizza event in Lafayette is about all the caching I will get in this weekend.
  10. You can add Shydog and Tank Hounds to site #154.
  11. Looking forward to it as always. Thanks for taking this on again!! You guys Rock
  12. Hi All, Just a quick follow up here. Our group had a great hike up to Monte Cristo on the Monday following GW8. We had planned on doing Purgatory but a couple of factors made us change our plans at the last minute. The weather was the major factor in our decision to hike up to Monte Cristo, that and I was able to talk my wife and her sister into joining us for the hike. They are not the outdoors type, so I thought a somewhat level hike would be best for them. The Tank Hounds joined us for the hike as well. At the trailhead we ran into another group of cachers that were heading up to Monte Cristo. It was great to meet up with Moun10Bike, Prying Pandora and their friends from Eastern Washington state and Maine. They were very nice to let us tag along with then to find the caches and enjoy their company. It was good to have their knowledge of the area as well as their insight into some of the cache placements along the way. A great day caching for sure. So it looks like I will just have to plan another trip out West in a few years to grab the Purgatory cache, oh darn Thanks again for all you input. I really enjoy visiting your area not only for the great caches but the meeting the fine cachers that call the PNW home. One more thing. I bought a Northwest Forrest Parking pass that will be good until the end of July 2011. I used it for the week I was there but do not need it back here in Indiana. If someone could use it, please drop me a note through my GC account and I will send it out to you. First come, first get. Chris-Team Shydog **Parking pass has been claimed**
  13. Looks like a great weekend to have a picnic. Will see everyone there.
  14. Good question - We will get the times on the schedule soon. But the Main event will be 10 am to 4 pm. Thank you. With an 8+ hour drive, I just wanted to be sure I could attend the main event and make it home in time for work Monday. That should work.
  15. Another question... Any idea of what time the main event will be on Sunday?
  16. I got my coins in the mail today and I have to say WOW!! The translucent is awesome. Now I have to get to work on that cache that I have been thinking about for the last five years so that I can put one of these coins in it. And by the way, super fast shipping!
  17. Thanks for the great looking banner mtn-man. I have added it to my event page, GC26HTC Chris
  18. Thanks to everyone for the feedback. Purgatory was my first choice, the photos are amazing. I think I will make my plans to tackle this cache during my trip this time around. That means I will just have to come out for another visit to get Monte Cristo Thanks again, and I am looking forward to seeing you all this summer. Chris
  19. I am fighting the urge to say "Screw travel bugs, let's talk Geocoins". Oops, I lost....
  20. I will be making another trip out to the Seattle area to attend Geowoodstock in July. I have had my eye on a couple of caches and was wanting to get some opinions. I had planned on taking a couple of days and doing both Monte Cristo and Purgatory. Plans have changed a bit and now I will only have one day to cache that area, so here is where I need the help of some of the local cachers. Which one should I do? There will be a small group of us going for which ever one is chosen, and since I am doing the planning I get to chose which one. From looking at the cache pages both would be great caches to find. I know both are on Hydnseks' NW Classics list, which I used on my last visit as a guide. So instead of flipping a coin I thought I would ask the experts. Thanks for any input you may have. Chris-Team Shydog
  21. Events are a great way to meet your fellow geocachers. So post a will attend log and come on out and enjoy the day or make it a weekend. Chris-Team Shydog
  22. Saturday night Campfire Social event page has been put in for review, just waiting for it to get approved.
  23. That would be tomorrow for those of you that don't turn your calender early.
  24. I think you stayed in site A51-8 last year Jon. If that is what you were wanting to know.
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