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  1. We bought the Garmin Colorado 300 about 3 years ago and have been pretty happy with it. Going paperless has been so great. Descriptions and logs along with hints right there in the unit. But time moves on and my wife an I have started using an iPhone for geocaching now. We bought the unit new for about $300 online. It still looks new. There are no scratches or blemishes on the unit. We put a screen protector on it so the screen is in terrific shape. I don't have the original packaging anymore or the original USB cord but I will include the one we use with it. It works fine. I recently updated it to the newest firmware and software. I am thinking about $200. If anyone is interested let me know. Thanks, Jerseytrex
  2. Do I have to? You're being mean!! Actually, there are many great caches in Bergen County! PIP, Closter, Paramus &c. But I've done most of the easy ones. I have not done a lot of caching in Mahwah or Ringwood. But Bergen County does have the distinction of having the most cachers on my Ignore List! After the Porn Store cache, the Big Boobs Restaurant cache, the "I hide Caches. I Don't Maintain Them" cacher. The "I proposition any female cacher who hunts my cache" hider. And there are a few others! So, yes, I was hyperbolizing. I do not see a higher percentage of unmaintained caches in Bergen than in the neighboring counties. It's just as bad here in Morris, or Passaic, or Sussex. There was a porn store cache and a big boobs restaurant cache? Wow Mike and I have been on hiatus for way too long now.
  3. Yes, in a way, we did get new batteries. Took a long break but we got that itch last weekend. We just purchased a Colorado!!!! The paperless caching and the waypoint downloads make it sooooooo much easier to geocache. We will be at an event soon. We need to catch up on all the geo-gossip. Thank you everyone for the kind words and we will see you very soon. As of this moment GONE is a possibility for us this year. Happy Hunting!
  4. Congratulations on an awesome achievement!!!!!!!!! and Yes---- Frodo Lives
  5. WOOHOO!!!!!!!!! Just what I have been waiting for. Another challenge Mike & I will start and never finish! Oh Thanks Tour Committee
  6. If a floopy opens a cache in the woods, and nobody hears it, does it make a sound? Congratulations.
  7. APB::: Be on the lookout for the following individual. Approx. 200ft tall, greenish complexion, and extremely joyful! Suspect is armed with 7 essential vitamins and minerals as well as antioxidant power! Last seen passing through the seven levels of the Candy Cane forest, through the sea of swirly twirly gum drops, and then exiting the Lincoln Tunnel.
  8. TWO WORDS----- HIGH MOUNTAIN I always end up lost even though I have a trail map and a compass!!! I run out of water within a half hour and thats with my camelback. It's just all around pretty pathetic for me. Nikki
  9. I know exactly how you feel. A cacher held on to one of my coins for months and then put it in his Geocoin Cache Collection in New Hampshire. On his cache page he stressed for equal coin trades and not to steal the coins. I'm like ya right like thats going to last. Maybe its because I'm from Jersey but that had bad idea written all over it. Everyday I would get a discovered note but its goal was too TRAVEL. Then some MORON CACHER and if your reading this you're an a** stole all of the coins and left a penny. So nowmy cool Danny DeVito Tribute coin is in some jerks collection. Oh well what goes around comes around.
  10. Mike and I would like to express our deepest condolences to Liz ad Helmut's daughters. We are truly sorry for your loss. Mike & Nikki -Jerseytrex-
  11. dhenninger hit the 500 mark today at the Intergalactic Currency Exchange. Congratulations Dave! We aim to get over the 500 mark the upcoming year. See you soon, Jerseytrex PS-Thanks for checking on our cache for us Dave.
  12. I read "Into Thin Air" about a year ago. I remember reading that Fischer was from New Jersey. It is a very good book from the perspective of the writer who survived the chaos himself. I maybe wrong but I remember reading that his body is still up on Everest. May they all rest in peace.
  13. Thats just wrong. You had better be from Jersey! Only Jersey can truly dis Jersey. All others sound like morons when they do it. Mike
  14. Here is our tribute to Danny Devito.. JT's Devito Tribute Coin
  15. Paulie Walnuts? Nope. He is a world renown Asbury Park native. No not THAT Asbury Park native..... Shorty Mike
  16. I've tried emailing a couple of times but its not working for me. I would like a silver coin if there are any left. Thanks, Jerseytrex
  17. Way to go Brian. Thought it said 400 hides for second and I almost fell off my chair. Good for you!! Jerseytrex PS. Look for our next NJ coin to be named after a true NJ icon. This guy is Jersey through and through!
  18. If that's the same kind of plastic case I have for many of my coins they can be very hard to open. I find that wiggling a knife blade over the seam works well to get them open. They seperate easily. Don't use a knife. If you all look closely you will see a tiny little groove along the edge of the plastic container. Its very subtle but if you see it you can use your thumb or nail to hold it there and then use your other hand to wiggle the other side off. Please be careful, these are easier than other coin containers that we have. The USA geocoin comes in a very difficult to open container. These are easier. GL Mike
  19. I understand they will be mailed but probably after this event. I'm just assuming so anyone know for sure? http://www.geocaching.com/seek/cache_detai...31-8b536f119fe0 They will be handed out to those who live nearby and wanted to forgoe the shipping costs. Everyone else's coins have been shipped. Eveyone should start receiving them this week and next week. Mike
  20. I have an extra unregistered New Jersey Coin and an unregistered Maryland Coin for trade. I'm looking for an unregistered Coin Club Coin or Moun10Bike Coin. Thanks, Jerseytrex
  21. "Exploring the blah blah blah...one cache at a time" is overused so please use the "Marble" quote or something to that effect. How about "Caching on the 3rd Rock from the Sun" or some other cool slang? Try and find a better font than regular Times Roman as it doesnt stand out as well. Try something spacey or big and bold for the headline and use a smaller font for the smaller text... I think a border would be cool but not too big. Maybe use a Fire, Earth Wind, & Water symbols around the perimeter? For the tracking number space use a Space Shuttle or something at the bottom. Just some thoughts... Mike
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