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  1. I hiked from the North Rim to the South Rim and spent a couple of days at Phantom Ranch several years ago. I was able to get decent reception most of the time. The canyon is deep but it's also very wide which gives you a pretty good view of the sky. I envy your trip. The Canyon is a special place. Utahbill
  2. No need to take a breath here. I will not be discussing any geocoin related topics here again. Utahbill COOL Treasurer
  3. I am appalled at the lack of appreciation shown for all of the voluntary service Utahadmin has provided. I will be doing my discussion of coins some where else from now on. Utahbill
  4. We are the start of the Utah contingent. Myself, wife and two kids. It made my day just booking the flights. Utahbill
  5. I am so sorry to hear this. Our prayers are with the family. Utahbill
  6. A few minutes ago I paid for 12 coins for the COOL coin group. Sorry Chef I hope that doesn't duplicate your order. Utahbill
  7. Utahbill


    This forum choked but they came up pretty quick in eBay. I got the LE and the regular coins for the COOL group. Utahbill
  8. Email sent for 11 coins for the COOL coin group. Hope we made it. Utahbill
  9. Ahoy Captain! How come I can't see my ranking by my name any more? ARGHHHHHH Yo ho ho and a bottle of rum! Utahbill
  10. This is one great game. I have been having a blast playing it. Well I better go there may be a FTF cache available for night caching. The quest continues....... Utahbill
  11. I love suprises. Just paid for 35 coins for the COOL coin group. Utahbill
  12. Got the COOL coin group order in and paid for. Utahbill
  13. The COOL coin group has ordered 43 more. Utahbill
  14. Like Sir Gerald I would like to cancel my previous order as I am ordering with the COOL coin group. I would like to order a silver coin for myself though. Thanks, Utahbill
  15. I received my coins yesterday. They're great. Thanks again. Utahbill
  16. Please cancel my earlier order of five coins. I will be ordering with the COOL coin group. Thanks, Utahbill
  17. Please scratch my previous order. I am ordering with the COOL coin group now. Thanks, Utahbill
  18. Please scratch my original order. I am ordering with a coin group now. Utahbill
  19. Got mine today. They look great. I should have ordered more. Utahbill
  20. I would be interested in 5 coins. Thanks Utahbill
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