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  1. When we did the motorgrrl coins we set the price very low (four bucks), which allowed us to sell more and get the subsequent discount. We also sold to locals only. Our thinking was that if they were very cheap and available to locals only that the majority of coins would travel and Leigh Ann's icon, which she was very proud of, would show up on a bunch of cache pages around the world. That seemed like a cool way to memorialize her. However, if the family had needed assistance we would have set the price considerably higher; in the 7.50 - $10 range and sold worldwide to generate as much money as possible. Feel free to send me an email if you have any other questions. Best wishes to Jon's family.
  2. Got a motogrrl coin that is doing well so far: Kansas Sunshine Geocoin 18 (Larry739) 7/1/06 27,745 miles 57Chevy's Black Nickel Generic Geocoin 4/27/06 25,979.3 miles nielsenc Traveling EU Geocoin 1 12/15/06 24,115 FSU*Noles 2006 SEPAG Geocoin (TB135R5) 7/8/06 22,830.7 miles AG's Traveling BikeDog Geocoin #2 04/07/06 22,653 TGE-GG Wisconsin coin 12/13/06 22,339 ICON HO!'s ParentsofSAM Geocoin - 03/24/06 20,640 Plem45's Grand Experiment (1-1) German Geocoin 01/21/06 20,121 bullit's Incline Village MG Geocoin 8/7/06 18347 miles chaosmanor's GPS Spinner #2 - 7/30/06 - 17,770.9 Wild and Free #05 - World Travel 12/9/06 17,369 57Chevy's 2006 USA 01/15/06 15,628.2 Go Jaybee's Experiment - Damenace's Caching Around the World Geocoin - 01/21/06 15,129 Mighty Mut the Hiker - Fox & the Hound personal coin 04/26/06 13,790 911turbos Red Handed Coin # 2 03/07/06 13,482 Regions of Germany Geocoin - Saxonia 07/23/06 13,362 Worldchampionship 2006 Geocoin 03/03/06 12,948 Ozy's Ocean State Premier Race Geocoin 05/29/06 12,596 911turbos Geocaching Alberta South 7/16/06 11,934 AG's Traveling Balloon Geocoin 04/06/06 11,678 Go Jaybee's Experiment - Damenace's Joe Merchant Geocoin 01/11/06 11,582 chaosmanor's GeoNut #1 - 7/01/06 - 11310.9 Mystery Ink's - Found It! Geocoin 05/08/2006 - 10,849.4 Not So Lost Puppies: Midnight's World Traveller 05/20/06 10,691 Mauison's World Travel Geocoin 05/11/06 10,656 Aloha motogrrl, Cache On (sillygirl & jrr) 08/13/06 10535.4mi TLB's Caught Red-Handed Traveling Geocoin 01/12/06 10,385 FSU*Noles 2006 Arizona Geocoin (TB10G53) 5/22/06 10,267.8 miles Go JayBee's Experiment PoSAM's 2006 USA Geocoin #3 01/12/06 9,898 Plem45's Grand Experiment (1-3) China Geocoin 01/21/06 9,104 Mueller Memorial Geocoin by Prntr1 03/31/06 8,600 Blue Canary Geocoin by Prntr1 05/02/06 8,483 TGE-GG BackBrakeBilly 10/21/06 8,527 BadAndy's Krugerrandy #24 02/02/06 8,397 Go JayBee's Grand Experiment - ^V^ New York '05 01/31/06 7,714 Shilo's Phone-a-Friend Geocoin 03/17/06 7620.1 Team LightningBugs' 2005 Traveling USA Geocoin 02/12/05 7,554 Montgolfier - The Great Race Balloon 12/16/2006 7480 CTKayak's Geo Screw Coin 03/05/2006 7,235 Go JayBee's Experiment PoSAM's 2006 USA Geocoin #2 01/12/06 7,230 Go JayBee's Grand Experiment - ^V^ Iowa '05 01/31/06 6,686 BadAndy's Krugerrandy #13 01/26/06 6,685 Mauison's Prague Geocoin 04/19/06 6,255 Go Jaybee's Experiment - Damenace's Georgia Geocoin 01/11/06 6,193 Castle Man's Geo-Loot Coin #3 01/26/06 5,961 Go JayBee's Experiment PoSAM's 2006 USA Geocoin #1 01/12/06 5,579 J&J Sisters Forever 11/24/06 5,188 Escout Released: Always Looking 08/30/06 4,897 Traveling with two below Escout Released: Blue Canary 08/30/06 4,897 Attached to other two Escout Released: Roberts 08/30/06 4,897 “ Escout: Signal “Radioman” 4/15/06 4,889 (traveling alone) SWMG GEO ENGLAND 03/01/06 4,343 SWMG GEO ENGLAND 1 03/01/06 4,341 CR05 - Plem45's Finland Geocoin 02/05/06 4,302 Serial Finder's Personal Geocoin #8 03/24/06 4,143 Sandtracker's IowaBeaver Geocoin 12/25/06 4,073 Not So Lost Puppies: Not So Lost Puppies Travelling Coin 12/16/05 3,927 Ladybug Kids' Geonut Geocoin 06/03/06 3,666 CR40 - Plem45's Signal Geocoin - (Feb 06) 04/18/06 3,474 Wigoweb's Found It! Geocoin 05/09/06 3,360 Where is JoeMerchant? - #029 01/14/06 3,350 Ladybug Kids' UK Geocoin #2 05/20/06 3,327 Team LightningBugs' 2006 Traveling USA Geocoin 03/28/06 3,228 Jwucook's Evil Micro Geocoin released 6/13/06 2,988 Ozy's Two-tones Double Dragon Premier Race Geocoin 07/26/06 2,860 Kealia/Hula Bum Geocache America Coin 08/27/06 2,718 Scan My Barcode (sillygirl & jrr) 05/25/06 2,671 Kealia/Hula Bum Earth Geocoin 08/27/06 2,640 Cornerstone4's Bikedog Coin 03/17/06 2,637 Escout: Geocache Definition 07/30/06 2,584 now Missing Serial Finder's Geocoin 10/28/06 2,522 Kealia/Hula Bum UK Coin 05/06/06 2,385 Sawblade5's MIGO Geocoin 05 (MIGO Refurb 2005) 01/17/06 2,366 PeaceTrain 05/27/06 2,317 Kealia/Hula Bum Georgia Geocoin 05/06/06 2,281 Dino CITO 11/5/06 2,269 Cornerstone4's Temecula Valley Event Geocoin 03/17/06 2,172 Mystery Ink's - Motorgrrl Memorial Geocoin 11/11/2006 - 2,166.3 SQ's Travelling Project A.P.E. Geocoin 8/9/06 2,152 Shilo's Geocaching U Geocoin 06/11/06 2106.8 CTKayak's Vermont Geocoin 07/03/06 2,103 ScoutingWV World Traveler 1 12/10/06 1,991 Wyohunter - My First Micro Geocoin Released 10/12/06 1849 IceCreamMan's Personal Geocoin #13 01/14/06 1,839 IceCreamMan's Personal Geocoin #15 01/14/06 1,764 RustyBeerCan's California Micro #1 04/07/06 1746 Evil Micro Geocoin - Fox & the Hound 05/06/06 1,695 Kealia/Hula Bum Iowa Geocoin 05/06/06 1,558 Signal Frostbite 03/26/06 1,491 Wigoweb's World Travel Geocoin 03/23/06 1,461 CR20 - Plem45's Generic Geocoin (mini) 03/03/06 1,458 The Grand Experiment - Remember the Maine... no date provided 1,434 Sandtracker's Spud502 Geocoin 02/17/07 1413 Kealia/Hula Bum's New York Geocoin 11/12/06 1,164 Escout: California Geocoin (with TB tag)11/13/05 1,092 now missing Escout: Geocacher Definition 07/20/06 1,090 now missing cainrcc's Alwayslooking 99 "Traveling" coin # 1 09/25/06 968 Southbayday's Grand Canyon 2 02/01/06 1,006 The Grand Experiment - Don't Screw It Up! no date provided 974 Sawblade5's Frozen Bone Geocoin (Bronze) 01/17/06 768 Tdecell's Mississippi Geocoin #1551 no date provided 743 Signal Geocoin Jan 2006 06/06/06 552 The Grand Experiment - Throw Me a Frozen Bone, Would Ya? no date provided 510 Wyohunter - Capitol Traveling USA Geocoin Released 11/03/06 358 Scan My Barcode-Generic Geocoin 05/26/06 334 Free's Pengy & Tigger coin released 02/28/06 262 Team Jsam's POW/MIA Coin: released 06/08/06 253 Sundailman's March Goecoin Club 04/06/06 218 Creacher's Pair of Nickells Geocoin 12/08/06 211 Claire's Birthday Zodiac Geocoin 07/03/06 168 Loggerhead LE 04/02/06 151 Sundialman's Earth Day Earth Geocoin 04/22/06 151 The Blind Acorn no date provided 111 Free's Lamppost Geocoin released 4/4/2006 04/04/06 93 Finland Geocoin 03/10/06 37 Hogwild Cointown 03/07/06 26
  3. All the best Lori. Very glad to hear that Jacob is doing well! Antony
  4. I'm an admin over at the GBA forums... I don't see a GBA account listed with your username. Send me an email and I can help get you set up.
  5. Not really... we sold these for four bucks.
  6. motogrrl Memorial Geocoin -- 1100 minted, $4.00 each
  7. Life isn't all positive, get used to it. Thanks for sharing your wisdom.
  8. Positive vs Negative casting of caches is the whole point of the thread. Criminal even calls them good caches and bad caches. Bad is also a negative term. This isn't only about my cache, this pertains to all the negative bookmark lists out there.
  9. This is pretty fair. If there are less than 5 ratings it shows up. If 5 ratings or more the usefulness needs to be above 50% to be shown on the page. Thanks! Sounds reasonable to me. Another option would be that the cache owner can check a box on the listing that says display all bookmarks or consolidate as a "more" link on the page. It'd also be nice to see a thumbs up / thumbs down next to each bookmark on the list instead of having to open the list to see the rating.
  10. Prison sounds negative to me. If you had named the Prison List "TB Hotels with limits" we wouldn't be discussing this.
  11. Bookmark lists are great when used in a positive way; caches along a route, caches in a park or caches with great camo. When used incorrectly, lame caches for example, they can be very negative. There are examples of this scattered through the forums. So here's where I'm coming from: My cache has been stuck on Criminal's public TB prison list for having rules. I don't know Criminal, haven't ever met him or exchanged emails with him and looks like he lives about a 1000 miles away from this cache but for some reason my cache got on his list. Keep in mind that in its two incarnations this cache has had over 300 visits with no complaints(that I recall) about TB rules. I keep a close eye on this cache and if I see bugs that are stranded I go get them and move them on. I also haven't ever received a complaint about a TB being stuck in my cache from a TB owner. So yes it does have rules but it does say that if you can help a bug with its goals there are effectively no rules (he conveniently leaves this point out on his list). These "rules" were put in place on my previous cache mostly because a few local cachers used to go around gathering up all the bugs and jeeps and coins in the area. So people would come along and find TB caches empty. These people are gone now so I suppose they are redundant but if Criminal had just pointed out the thread to me and said "hey the general consensus is that there should not be rules on TB caches" I would have read it and said hey that sounds interesting. That seems like a good way of dealing with his particular issue instead of creating a list of caches that casts them in a negative light with no debate on the issue. I look at some of these bookmark lists as cache page graffiti... any person in the world who has no clue who you are or how good your caches are can slap a this cache sucks bookmark list on your cache. Or "hey world I got FTF on this cache".... I don't think this usage of the lists was the original intent. The logs cover all of this; if it is a lame cache you'll see negative logs and people can read the logs to see who was FTF with no need to write it in stone on a cache page. I think owners should have a say what lists are displayed to stop the negative usage of lists from propagating. The lists can still exist so if someone is interested in one person's opinions they can easily look up their lists.
  12. Any other replies... maybe from someone at gc.com?
  13. A flag in the subject would be great... I had been deleting them all without reading the contents when I noticed today that Black Dog Trackers had included a note in one of them for me. Now I'm going back through them all and making the requested edits
  14. Are there any plans to enable a cache owner to block a negative bookmark list from appearing on their cache page? It seems the original intent was to share caches that are cool to visit but now some are using them in other ways that don't seem appropriate.
  15. Nice coin.... I should do one of those for the GBA coin club.
  16. Many mahalos! Already decided the coin will start its journey here we didn't know motogrrl, but we think she would approve. Very cool! Good to see them spreading out around the world and traveling... she would definitely approve of the cache you have chosen
  17. Actually please don't contact us just yet for motogrrl memorial geocoins, we'll post when we are ready to distribute outside of the area but it will be the same model as the Sunshine Gang has done with their Operation Spreading Sunshine, i.e. no shipping of coins.
  18. I drove the memorial geocoin effort with input from cachers in our local group; http://www.thegba.net. The intent was to get as many coins traveling as possible so that a large number of caches would have a motogrrl icon at any one time so the price was very low at only four bucks each. We thought getting a lot of coins out in the field would be a great way to memorialize Leigh Ann. We produced 1100 black nickel coins plus a few samples. The coins are trackable and will have a custom motogrrl icon that she designed herself ( on the back side of the coin, left picture in OP ) and have an MG tracking prefix. There were six samples made: two of which went to the family, two more went to locals, one for me and the final one will be a FTF prize for a local cache that will complete Leigh Ann's chess puzzle series. Many GBA members purchased them so I'm sure they will have some to trade but I believe most are just planning on releasing them so they do not sit in collections. I do not plan to trade any of my coins as I am not collecting anymore so they will all be released as travelers. A local cacher bought a large amount of coins to run a deal like the Sunshine Gang has done. You buy the coin but in order to not have the hassle of shipping the coins they'll be released locally and travel to you via cache I'm sure they'll be posting soon since the cat is out of the bag now. Here's a link to Leigh Ann's memorial page.
  19. I've completely lost the desire to collect coins. Back in the day you knew you were buying coins at cost or just above. It is now blatantly obvious that people are out to cash in on the craze. I have a box of probably close to 100 spares sitting here and two binders with about 300 coins that I never look at. Unfortunately I don't even bother taking them to events anymore. I drop most of my GBA coin club coins in local caches or when I'm traveling since I'm not interested in trading for other coins anymore. To be honest I do plan to start selling off the whole collection soon to recoup my vast investment. I'll release the activated ones as travelers and I'll keep the special ones; local's, Moun10Bikes, oldies, GBA, ones that I found in caches etc. When I followed in ND's footsteps and fired up the GBA coin club there was a certain excitement to building up a collection of state coins and trying to trade for the older coins. You never felt like you were being overcharged on the early coins but as more and more coins were released at increasingly higher prices it became obvious that we were padding people's pockets and it quickly lost its allure. As others are doing, I'll produce my own coin soon but it won't be available for trade, it'll just be dropped in caches that I enjoy. Now back to planning that weekend hike
  20. I prefer a nice 3D coin over color. LE doesn't mean much to me. I'm only interested in these because they are CA coins.
  21. Very Nice watch out for that remnant CA behind CA 2006
  22. Here's my best one(TBMAMP)-- it was mailed over to Germany though to start it's journey so it not a true mileage total. I'm posting it since it is nice to see that a coin can travel to a bunch of caches(10 pages of logs) over close to a year and not disappear. Edit: Ooops just saw the first post with a restriction for releases this year so ignore this post TGE-GG Wisconsin coin - Jan 15, 2006 - 22,256.6 miles ICON HO!'s ParentsofSAM Geocoin - 3/24/06 - 20640.7 miles Plem45's Grand Experiment (1-1) German Geocoin 1/21/06 20,121 miles 57Chevy's 2006 USA 1/15/06 13032.1 Miles Worldchampionship 2006 Geocoin - 03/03/06 - 11.303 miles Go JayBee's Experiment PoSAM's 2006 USA Geocoin #3 - 1/12/06 - 9639.2 miles Plem45's Grand Experiment (1-3) China Geocoin 1/21/06 9104 miles Bullit's Colorado Geocoin traveling Europe 7/19/2005 8323.7 miles TGE-GG BackBrakeBilly - Jan 15, 2006 - 8142 miles Go JayBee's Grand Experiment - ^V^ New York '05 - 31Jan06 - 7714.8mi Go Jaybee's Experiment - Damenace's Caching Around the World Geocoin - 01/21/06 - 7219.5 miles Go JayBee's Grand Experiment - ^V^ Iowa '05 - 31Jan06 - 6686.6mi Go Jaybee's Experiment - Damenace's Georgia Geocoin - 01/11/06 - 6012 miles BadAndy's Krugerrandy #7 - 01/24/2006 - 5926.2 miles BadAndy's Krugerrandy #25 - 2/2/06 5701 Miles Shilo's Phone-a-Friend Geocoin -3/17/06 - 5471.1mi Go JayBee's Experiment PoSAM's 2006 USA Geocoin #1 - 1/12/06 - 4929.4 miles Go JayBee's Experiment PoSAM's 2006 USA Geocoin #2 - 1/12/06 - 4916.9 miles AG's Traveling BikeDog Geocoin #2 - 4/7/2006 - 4783 miles AG's Traveling Balloon Geocoin - 4/6/06 - 4773 miles BadAndy's Krugerrandy #24 - 2/2/06 4511 Miles SWMG GEO ENGLAND -3-1-2006 4343 Miles SWMG GEO ENGLAND 1 -3-1-2006 4341 Miles CR05 - Plem45's Finland Geocoin 2/5/06 4302 miles Serial Finder's Personal Geocoin #8 - 03/24/06 - 4143 Miles BadAndy's SS coin - 1/24/06 - 3742 miles Kealia's Maryland Coin - 2/19/06 - 3,612 miles CR40 - Plem45's Signal Geocoin - (Feb 06) - April 18, 2006 - 3474 miles Where is JoeMerchant? - #029 - 1/14/06 - 3350 Miles Team LightningBugs' 2006 Traveling USA Geocoin - 2986 miles BadAndy's Krugerrandy #4 1/24/06 - 2,637 miles Serial Finder's Geocoin - 10/28/06 - 2522 Miles Mauison's New York Geocoin - 01/06/06 -2474 Miles Sawblade5's MIGO Geocoin 05 (MIGO Refurb 2005) - 1/17/2006 - 2366.1 mi Kealia/Hula Bum North Carolina Coin - 5/6/2206 - 2,321 miles AG's Traveling Camo Cache Coin - 2/1/2006 - 2174 miles ---> MIA sad.gif IceCreamMan's Personal Geocoin #13 - 1/14/06 - 1839 Miles BadAndy's Krugerrandy #23 - 2/2/06 - 1866 miles IceCreamMan's Personal Geocoin #15 - 1/14/06 - 1764 Miles BadAndy's Krugerrandy #16 - 1/28/06 - 1473 miles CR20 - Plem45's Generic Geocoin (mini) 3/3/06 1458 miles RBC's California Micro #1 - 4/7/06 - 1040 miles Southbayday's Grand Canyon 2 - 2/1/06 1006 mi ScoutingWV World Traveler 1 - 2/26/06 - 851.5 miles Sawblade5's Frozen Bone Geocoin (Frozen Bone Bronze) - 1/17/2006 - 768.4 mi Tdecell’s Mississippi Geocoin #1551 – 743.3 miles Free's Pengy & Tigger coin released 28/2/2006 (or 2/28/2006 for everyone else since Im British) 262 miles Sundailman's March Goecoin CLub released 4-6-06: 218 miles Loggerhead LE: release 4-2-06 151 miles Sundialman's Earth Day Earth Geocoin released April 22, 2006 151 miles Shilo's Toronto 2006 Geocoin - 5/19/06: 101.1 miles NSLP Travelling China Coin: March 27, 2006: 95 mi Free's Lamppost Geocoin released 4/4/2006 93 miles Team Jsam 2006 CITO: released 4-21-06: 57.8 miles Finland Geocoin 3-10-06 37.4 miles Hogwild Cointown 3/7/06 26 miles Team Jsam Nevada 06: released 4-20-06 3.9 miles
  23. I received my pewter coin in trade from him last week. That completes a transaction that spanned 7 months. What a shame that people are still waiting for coins. Loridarlin let me know if you don't get them and I'll send you one since I still owe you Same goes to Geobrowns -- grab me at the next unevent.
  24. Oops I need May not April -- just found an April in mail this morning.
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