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  1. We started collecting smash pennies a couple of years ago. We are always happy when we can find one in a cache. It would be great if we were able to get one of these! Mark & Terre
  2. I know our group was already mentioned, but I thought I would give an official posting. Southern Tier Geocachers covers counties in N.Y. and P.A. Here is a list of the areas we generally cover. N.Y. - Broome, Tioga, Chemung, Steuben, Delaware, Schuyler, Tompkins, Cortland, Otsego and Chenango. P.A. - Bradford, Susquehanna, Wayne and Tioga. Southern Tier Geocachers
  3. Knapp Time GCGG6P may not be on an island, but it is surrounded by private land. Everyone, but one cacher found it using a boat. The one cacher not to use a boat had to ask permission from a land owner to cross their property. All the roads leading to the cache area say "Private Property, Stay Out". Does bring up the question who owns the land the cache is on? The cacher owner doesn't say if they own it or not.
  4. Knapp Time GCGG6P The Kanookiak Kache GCY43B Mad as a Hatter GCPW34 Frenchmans Amusement Find GC705D Frenchman's Lighthouse Forage GC6B23
  5. This cache should be replaced. It was a fun goal to try and get to this one. So what if it’s not the original container, it’s not like this is the Holy Grail. Don’t forget this is just a GAME. Let’s be honest, the biggest reason people came for this one is because of the icon and the history. I think some people take it too seriously about not finding the original. Granted it is much nicer to find the original, but tons of cachers would still come to find the replacement. The replacement wouldn’t cheapen the experience. The experience is what you make of it. It’s not like the cache container or where it was hidden were that unusual anyways. There are other similar large caches out there and this one was filled with the same stuff you’d find in any cache. Like I said, this is just a game and this cache with its unique icon added to the enjoyment. It makes no sense to for this site to deny others the chance to get the APE icon or to be a part of the caches history.
  6. We vote Black Nickel for the LE.
  7. For the most part I agree with GC.com's rules/guidelines, but the whole Virtual TB/Coin lock out was handled very badly. They don't want Virtual TBs or coins, fine it's their site, but at least email people who have them and explain that. All they had to do was post a note on your TB's page telling you to stop having the TB be a Virtual or it will get locked out. Giving people the option of changing there bug first would have avoided a lot of anger, considering people payed for those numbers. Does anyone really think that those who made Virtual TB's thought they were abusing the system? I doubt it very much. Just locking them out with out a word or even explaining how to get them unlocked is a bad way of doing business.
  8. I requested 1 Black Nickel and 1 polish nickel. I didn't make the list for the black nickel, will I get 2 polished instead?
  9. There still should have been email sent out to everyone explaining their stand on Virtual TBs before they locked them out. If nothing else, they should have posted a note on the TB's page explaining how you can get the number you paid for back. The forums aren't a great way to give out information like this, seeing as most people don't use them. It was just a bad way for GC.com to handle things.
  10. I have a better idea. Email the owner of the TB and tell them that GC.com will lock out their bug, even though they PAID to have it. Would have been nice if GC emailed those who had Virtual TBs and ask them to change it or retire it themselves instead of just taking away the use of the tracking number. I won't buy another set of TB tags because of this.
  11. I like the idea. If you missed out on getting this coin and don't know anyone who has it for you to log, it's a nice way to get the icon. Odds are pretty good, you'll never find one of these coins in a cache anyways. I think it's funny others would have a problem with it.
  12. We'll take 2 standard and 1 silver if there are any left. Thanks.
  13. On Sunday September 18th Racer and Boo found their 1000th cache at "Guardian of the Port " (GC6A49). That makes them the 18th New York cachers to hit 1000. Way to go guys!
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