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  1. just found out us forest service now requires a special use permit w/$59 fee per cache per year...that pretty well ends the game for me...has anyone at gc.com held discussions w/fs about these overly-restrictive rules?...any plans to do so?
  2. wat to go!...'tho i thought you'd be at 4,000 by now!
  3. add my welcome and hopes to meet you soon!
  4. [/quote ...course this does not apply to existentialists!
  5. "The first thing you need to know about being a bad person is that what you believe doesn't matter."
  6. The first thing you need to know about being a bad person is that what you believe doesn't matter. You are or you aren't by whatever yardstick is being used regardless of how you feel about yourself. You can be a happy, well adjusted, and fully rationalized truly evil person who feels good about life and themselves. The yardstick society uses is reflected in it's laws. The one christians use is in the bible and so on. There are a lot of yardsticks by which you can measure if a person is good or bad. They tend to have a lot in common but not everthing. The second thing you need to know about right or wrong is that while we as humans have an instinctive grasp of it, you still have to strive for 'perfection' by using an external frame of reference to measure yourself against. The reason is that we are also great at rationalizing what we really want to do and sometimes the waters are murky when we are personally involved. Most all people are shades of gray. Some lighter some darker. Few are truly perfectly good or evil. What defines us to a large extent is which way we stive to achieve even if we fail. As for being saved, it actually has nothing whatsoever to do with you being a good or bad person. At least from the christian side of things. I can't speak for other faiths, or even your own redemption in the eyes of humanity. Lastly if you are offended by people of faith practicing their faith as they are supposed to do, and if those people of faith are offended by you disagreeing with their views (aka practicing your competing faith or lack of it) then, neither of you is providing a steller example of how to get along since you are stuck sharing this earth during the living years.
  7. koz

    Puzzle Caches

    while the CONCEPT appeals to me, my wee little brain can't seem to get a handle...so, i tend to skip 'em
  8. i just replaced a muggled cache not too far away from the original spot; a local cacher who found the original asked if they could log the new one; since it was in a differnt location, i replied "of course!"
  9. any chance you can bring back "today's hot topics" under my assistant?...was my fav!
  10. I steal mine from the Putt-Putt. i steal mine from lottory stands
  11. koz

    Welcome To 50 Toes

    ...and TriumphRider!
  12. koz

    Welcome To 50 Toes

    OK...LET'S ADD OUR WELCOME TO BaedekerGrl AS WELL AS mjmilici
  13. think he and the other 49 hail from nova...welcome and hope to meet you on the trail or at an event!
  14. koz

    Nova Adoptions

    little more info from baja clan: When I found out he was moving, I offered to adopt some of his caches, but I wasn't specific as to which ones. I also made the offer before he moved/during his move. He seemed interested, but then I never heard back from him a second time. I think this was more due to the nature of moving than lack of interest on his part. He was good about answering questions I had when I first moved here. I will email him again and note that several of his caches have been in need of maintenance for a while, but they seem to have resolved themselves for the most part. I will also note that several of us have been unofficially watching his caches and are willing to formally adopt them for him if he is interested. Ken, which ones are you interested in? I was thinking that the Burke Park caches might be nice for Team RJJO to adopt (if they are interested--I haven't discussed with them), at least the ones on the west side of the lake closer to parking. They would be easy for them to maintain even with the little ones in tow. I watch the ones in Fountainhead and have just added the ones in Leesylvania to my watchlist. Rufnredy and I plan to do some of the Fountainhead caches in the next month or two, so I will try to bring repair/replacements as needed. They really aren't that close to me by the time I drive all the way around the reservoir, though, so I don't know if I would be interested in officially adopting them, although I would hate to see them go away. There is a cacher near me named H2OJunky who has a kayak and might be interested in adopting the Fountainhead caches that are near the water. Koz are you interested in adopting any of these caches? I thought Donbert or TeamWeathergirl might take the ones in Newington and perhaps FlyingMoose might take the Scotts Run ones and maybe Tysons? Just some thoughts. If you let me know your thoughts, I can include them in the email to JoeCthulhu. Koz, did you post this discussion to the NE forums? If not, perhaps you should wait. I think it is a local matter that we can deal with on our own. If VA Reviewer sees a potential problem, he might do something drastic before we have a chance to. Just my 2¢..... Amanda On Dec 1, 2005, at 19:26, K. Moss wrote: > I pulled a list of all of JoeCthulhu's caches in the area. Here > are the waypoints. There are several near me (in Burke) that I > wouldn't mind adopting. Is anyone in contact with him, it looks > like he has visited the cache page recently? > > List of JoeCthulhu NOVA caches (excludes virtuals and disabled): > GCM357 The Tyson's Ghost > GCJM3B Dessert > GCJM30 Breakfast > GCJM39 Dinner > GCJM33 Lunch > GCJM2V Tiny Bubbles > GCJM3F JoeCthulhu's Birthday Micro > GCJM2C Rock Me Baby > GCJM3H Candyheads > GCJM3N JoeCThulhu's 40th Birthday Cache > GCJ823 Dora the Explorer II (puzzle cache) > GCHTV0 Spongebob's New Digs > GCHTV1 Piggyback > GCHTTW AF&R > GCHTTY Bookcrossing Bounty 2 > GCHTJ1 Batteries Beneath the Batteries > GCHTJ4 Lee Legacy > GCGD1X NOVA WG$ X-CHG > GCE576 Luck O' the Irish > GCE56D Welcome to Virginia, Now Go Home! > GCE56F Gamer's Stash > GCE571 Spike's New Digs > GCE56E Mind Your Own Business > GCCA03 Not So Mellow Yellow > GCC9FE Farfax County VA Watch Exchange II > GCCA05 Scotts Run Mystery Cache > GCAC9B I am the God of Leaky Caches and Soggy Log Books > GCA140 Spider-Man's Newington Adventure --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  15. koz

    Nova Adoptions

    baja clan just sent me list of his caches: List of JoeCthulhu NOVA caches (excludes virtuals and disabled): GCM357 GCJM3B GCJM30 GCJM39 GCJM33 GCJM2V GCJM3F GCJM2C GCJM3H GCJM3N GCJ823 GCHTV0 GCHTV1 GCHTTW GCHTTY GCHTJ1 GCHTJ4 GCGD1X GCE576 GCE56D GCE56F GCE571 GCE56E GCCA03 GCC9FE GCCA05 GCAC9B GCA140
  16. koz

    Nova Adoptions

    OK...HEARD FROM SCott, so if you're willing and able to adopt, please let him know: "Please! I would love it if local cachers adopted my caches. I would hate to see them all go by the wayside, and appreciate all the maintenance help to date. In additional to you'all: ArtWeld offered to adopt my Fountainhead Caches. BeachBuddies and pstar also offered to adopt various caches. As far as I'm concerned, all my non-virtual caches in NoVA are available for adoption, and would love it if someone out there would manage the adoption process. I'm glad folks out there still remember me. Scott aka JoeCthulhu"
  17. koz

    Nova Adoptions

    just heard from baja clan that joeculuthu moved out of the area w/o placing his caches up for adoption or archiving them...evidently, they're starting to deteriorate...not sure we can adopt w/o his permission but here's a link that might help: http://www.geocaching.com/adopt .... figure if those of us in the nova area all pitch in, we might be able to take these over w/o too much burden on anyone...thanks for your help!...p.s. to forum moderator...please let us know if/how we can be adoptees w/o joecalutha submitting requests
  18. i started off with one...was accurate but tad heavy and ate batteries...only thing i didn't like was it's ground zero readings weren't very useful...
  19. Signal is a girl. It's well documented. Besides, when's the last time you saw a boy frog posed like this: ...could be gay....
  20. o tpp thought this was a tributr page to geo-ho!
  21. ...just moved to NOVA....looking forward to meeting you ... and your caches!
  22. congrats on #300...'specially since it was at one of mine!
  23. downloaded it but couldn;\'t figure out how to display caches....what's the trick?
  24. my geko requires manual input...no biggy...sometimes i bring printout;sometimes just the coords
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