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  1. Well... the commenter wasn't the OP and the GPS is still unknown for the commenter.
  2. I was referring to either one. Or both. The attribute was for those events.
  3. L&F was 12 years ago and mostly only in May of that year. I'm not sad and never even think about it. I think the "many other geocachers" are more likely "a few other geocachers".
  4. I use Tampermonkey and GC little helper II in Chrome browser and can view archived geocaches in Google maps from the geocache page. Attached is what my Larger Maps area looks like for the Ducks66 on the loose TNLNSLTFTC! page. Editing to show Larger Map picture for TNLNSLTFTC! The link in the first post led to the Ducks66 on the loose page
  5. No, it is not too late. I've done what csgiord was describing. Many times. It's just a matter of waiting until the trackable is placed into a geocache. Go onto your trackable page and write a grab log. (remember what geocache the trackable was in. you will need that later to drop the trackable back into the geocache) Then delete the grab log. Now go to the page for the geocache near you that you want to "start off" your trackable. Write a note log and back date the log to a date prior to the first movement of the trackable and visit the trackable to the geocache. Go back to the geocache page that the trackable is really in (the geocache that you grabbed it from) Write a note log on the geocache page and drop your trackable back into that geocache. You can then delete your note from the geocache page and delete the drop log from your trackable page. Just watch the dates for the logs. After backdating a log, the next log you write might not reset to a current date. This all works best using the web pages and not the app.
  6. I buy Premium Membership Gift Cards from the Shop Geocaching store to renew my membership. That way, I can renew at any time and it adds another year to the current renewal date. Add a $5 gift card to use later (like the next time you need to buy a Premium Membership gift card) or something else worth at least $5 to get free shipping. (if you are in USA)
  7. Filters. Check the geocache filters that are set on your eTrex 25.
  8. I bought one of these Sundial Quest Boxes from the Geocaching Store in May 2014. We used it sporadically to hide gifts once or twice a year, for a few years. Then didn't use it for a while. I plugged it in in December, thinking I could use it when we went down to Cape Canaveral after Christmas. Wanted to create a quest for a younger geocacher in our family. But, when trying to get into the software (Sundial Quest) to send new coordinates to the box, I couldn't' remember the password that was set to keep the finder from plugging in to USB and opening the box without going to the coordinates. I tried contacting the makers of the box ( http://www.sundial.com/ ), but did not get a reply. My box is open. But I can't do anything with it. Looking for someone familiar with this box and the Sundial Quest software who might know how to reset the password. Thanks.
  9. Also try a posting in the CVGA FB group.
  10. Adding a Community Event (CE) to my ignore list is not removing it from my pocket query (PQ). All other event types, that I ignore, are not included in that same PQ. (events that I don't ignore do show in the PQ) I don't want to excluded all events from this PQ, but when I do, the CE does properly exclude from the PQ. If I preview the PQ, the CE does not show in the preview. But if I preview the PQ in Geocaching Maps, the CE shows on the map. The PQ's Total Records count does not reduce by 1 when the CE is ignored. Since Community Events are a new type, I think there is a bug in how they are included in PQs. Is this a known bug?
  11. If it's a "prize", it could be activated so the "winner" can think of it as one. Be sure you say on the packaging it is activated and provide instructions to contact you about adopting the geocoin to them..
  12. So what was the Memory Lane promotion supposed to be? https://shop.geocaching.com/default/new-items/memory-lane Saw these on the Shop Geocaching page.
  13. Not my picture, but this is the Arches coin I have.
  14. Not my picture. But I also have one of these Great Sand Dunes
  15. Star-Spangled Banner National Historic Trail
  16. Not for sale Yosemite Great Smoky Mountains Denali Everglades Crater Lake Great Smoky Mountains Zion Sequoia (General Sherman Tree) Sequoia also have another Yosemite coin and an Arches coin that I didn't have pictures on the trackable pages
  17. Have you ever tried folding a nano log instead of rolling i up? Unroll. fold in half fold in half again. repeat until small enough to fit in nano lid.
  18. New Ignored geocaches list crashes when viewing page with 10001 or higher geocaches.
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