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  1. WHEN you are taking orders, I'm definitely interested! Great coin!
  2. 1 Regular and 1 Silver if one should become available.
  3. What do you anticipate this coin costing? I'd be in for purchasing one, maybe more depending on $.
  4. Is anyone else scratching their heads and thinking, 'huh?' This is the first debate I've heard over 'official' or 'unofficial' coins... So am I understanding correctly that in order for a coin to be an "official" state coin, they have to be tracked at gc.com and have their own little icon? Well, guess most of my collection is unofficial! Oh well! I'm thinking the debate is really based on $$ and who's pocket the profit goes in... Anyway, I'll take 2 or more (depending on that $$)
  5. As a former employee, let me give you an illustration of how strict and completely backwards Disney is with copyright... I worked on the Disney Wonder (ship) and was a part of the programming team (aka, kids' entertainment/childcare/whatever). I worked with 8-9 year olds. During free time, a lot of kids liked to color on coloring sheets of characters. So, I decided to enlarge our inventory of coloring sheets. Using a Disney computer on the ship and a Disney drawing program (that kids used), I printed off several characters including the Pooh and Friends characters. I was told I could no longer do that because those images hadn't been approved by the marketing department for use on the ship. So not only can non-Disney people not use Disney materials, Disney ITSELF can't always use Disney materials if you're not in the right place. Yes, completely confusing, completely insane, and completely my point. However, on a side note...part of our programming included teaching animation. As part of the history, we got to trace back the changes in the characters over the years. Obviously, old versions are copyrighted as well. So, when deciding what to change on Tigger to make him 'okay', make sure you look at any possible "past versions" as well. A suggestion? Think of using a different view point. It might be a lot easier to pass a back view of Tigger for example. Any old orange striped tiger from the back could be made to look like Tigger, or at least be a representation of him... That would probably mean you'd have to change your design a little to make a "scene" with him in it...maybe looking for a cache?
  6. Okay, I'll bite. Anyone have an extra they would like to trade me? I'm got some options for trades...
  7. Our order is supposed to include 1 of each coin
  8. Umm...do you have a design or final price set yet?
  9. I would like to purchase 2 as well (civilian)
  10. And I would buy at least one of them!
  11. The most important thing to us is quality. And price. Less than $7.00 is preferable, so I would use the money you would spend on tracking on design/details of the coin. If price is right we'd be in for 3.
  12. I think I emailed someone about this, but I wanted to add one silver to my order. Thanks!
  13. Does anyone have an extra silver they would want to trade?
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