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  1. Yes, let me know how to fix duplicate finds, appreciate
  2. I currently have 7605 found yet PQ pulls only 7500. What do I need to do to fix
  3. Currently have 64st that comes with 100k topo maps. wish to purchase 24k west US maps I see it comes in direct download and SD card. Can you load into unit off the card or must it be run with card in unit. I currently have many custom maps on my sd card and don't wish to remove it, but would like permanent source as I have always had cd's before.
  4. Had never run a PQ that way, thanks loads, got two great lists AND PQ's. Will now download and load them in my gps
  5. Plenty used to doing PQ's but how do I make a Wonders of the World PQ. I can pull a general search but don't know how to get into a PQ
  6. Swag it is, #0299 I knew it is not able to activated, many of these were made prior to or did not wish to pay the $1. to make tracable. I have a bunch of my Found It and DNF coins I made in the early days that we just handed them out or sold when Marky had the track web site up. I'll just add it to my collection of non trackables and will the 50 pounds of coins when I pass into the geo heavens
  7. In my travels came across a nice 2005 coin from up north. Tried to see if there is a viable group from that area, but alas the sites seem to not have been updated for some time, which leaves me to think they are dead. Anyway, will put it back into the wild unless someone from there has a strong desire for it. Mystery Ink
  8. Thank you, will do.. Looking forward to rediscovering my home state.
  9. Just moved back to Oregon and purchased a new 64ST. Want to load up with most current topo maps for the northwest as I enjoy getting off the pavement and doing some 4x4 runs. The maps for $99 don't indicate when last updated, and much has changed since I moved away in 1976. I went to the Open source site, but not sure if that includes topo or not. In the bay area, we had a library of scanned maps that were loadable for many of the parks, and off road areas. Need to learn my resources for here now. I live just east of Salem Thanks for any assistance Jim Mystery Ink
  10. Months and months of inactivity no way archive. Not all caches are meant to be lamp post hides in s drive up parking lot. But as a responsible cacher log it as a DNF. Not knowing the quality of your ability to search should not be marked for needs maintenance unless there is a string of DNF's with like comments. I have seen too many inept lazy cachets that if they can't find a 4 difficulty in 5 min log a needs main or archive. I have been to some great locations where I did a very through search snd with 3 or 4 previous dnf's messaged the owner. Is that too much work for some
  11. Moving your direction. Returning home after being gone since 1976. Retiring from att, and looking to settle in the Salem general region. Looking forward to attending some events and getting to know the culture there. I have been caching since the beginning of 2005 and look forward to relearning the area as only a cacher can. Jim Buckley Mystery Ink
  12. Thanks for the positive feedback. As you know, the documentation is somewhat lacking and the best way to get honest upfront answers are user forums. There is always the goof answers, but easily ignored. I was thinking there may be a range setting but was unable to find and on my 62, never had an issue. Often load it up before heading out on the trail as no internet when there and it is nice when you can just bring caches up, pick the number #1 goal and route. I suppose when they make some features right, we have to loose some. My 62 never has an issue except for little bugs with it, for example pick a cache, and unless I let it sit on the compass for a few seconds, if I go to the cache don't get the details. Thanks again, and Red90, was asking for help.
  13. I have 60, 62s and 64st. When I load caches for example a PQ at a destination location a couple hundred miles away, and I do a spell search, they show up on my 62s, however on the 64 none found. I can go on the map screen and move to that location, see the caches, click on one and it comes up fine. Annoying as when I leave home, i wish to put in a specific cache as my course plotter, and can't get it to show up using the normal method of going to the geocache screen doing a spell search and accept.
  14. I have a 64ST When loading caches that are out aways, such as maybe 160 to 200 miles when heading to a location, if I do a spell search, nothing shows up, yet they are loaded, it is like there is a distance limit. How do I change the parameters or increase the distance they can be found when I do a spell search. So I want to load a specific cache, route it, and head from the SF Bay area to Mt Shasta
  15. Today's response: Thank you for contacting Garmin International. I am sorry but unfortunately there has not yet been an update released for the GPSMAPst to correct this issue. The date for this release has not been announced so I do not know when it will be available we are working to have this corrected. I apologize for the inconvenience. With Best Regards, Robert 6970 Customer Care - Outdoor Team Garmin International 913-397-8200 800-800-1020 913-440-8280 (Fax) Att: Robert 6970
  16. Great idea, same happened to me with my 62 while night cachung in the foothills, lost my City Nav. Lucky for me made about 6 copies as I had a bunch of spare micro cards
  17. I do as well, so waiting, yet waiting for the fix to come along. I disabled the compass in the quick menu until it does. Currently running ver 2.6
  18. Received answer back from Garmin today making it official. Thank you for contacting Garmin International. This is an issue with the GPSMAP 64 series devices currently. We are aware of it and our engineers are working to fix it. There will be a software update released soon that will address this issue. So following above advice and just turning that item off until the fix comes out. Should not be to too long and i don't mind waiting.
  19. Same here, I only buy when ready, and happy to pay fair market price, those maps take a huge investment to program, and are pretty cheap compared to not having any routable device.
  20. Sorry but glad to hear someone else is having the same lock up issue... I lost my 650 a month ago in the desert around Barstow. Heading off to Europe I wanted to use something new in addition to taking my 62, (always have a backup unit, especially on a trip like that) The 64 kept locking up with the only way to clear was by removing the battery. Was hoping upon return there would be an update/fix, but could find no mention of anything. Unloaded all caches from unit, and yesterday loaded ones for CITO event area, and it kept doing the same, not all the time, but about 20%. Woule reset, go back and it would work fine. I had somewhat same kind of issues with the 62 when it first came out, however bug fixes corrected those issues. I guess that is the bane of being towards the first on the block to make the purchase. Could not find out much for help. Surprised no good form on items around the 64, and posted on the garmin forum, only to be told to come here for support.
  21. Picked mine up just before my trip to europe. Good thing I took along my 62s as well since had some buggy issues. The unit loads fast, lots of room, added maps for each country I was in, (7 in all) My main bug that I found very annoying was: Pick target cache, hit go, and head out. Switch screens to compass screen for direction and distance, unit totally locks up about 20% of the time. Only solution was to pull the battery and restart, which then the unit worked fine. This made me feel that the actual cache info was not corrupted, but something, someplace is either causeing an intermittent crash or the sequence is causing an issue. Was thinking, maybe there would be a update when i got back, but nothing yet. Running v 2.6 and in geocaching mode.
  22. Just returned from trip to Europe, traveling through seven countries. If I was to be going back and forth< I would have purchased the Garmin maps, however i am not. Being there only one time I don't need to spend the money, and the small area I would have covered were in fact done just very fine with OSM maps. Not sure where someone is getting the factual information that non-garmin maps would not work. I broke copied them fine into the same location my other maps are located, and activated as I traveled through the countries. The only issue I have had so far is while on track to a cache, and I switch to compass view it freezes about 1 out of 10 times, and the only way to recover is open the back, disconnect a battery, thus shutting the unit down, and restarting, which it does just fine, Really was wishing when I got back, there would be an update waiting to fix it, just like I had on my 62 '
  23. Glad it's back up, guess getting way tooooo dependednt on it's connection. Happy me
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