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  1. I have an series of cemetery caches in northeast AL. There is a total of 20 caches in the series. I also have a multi with one of the stages in a cemetery and a mystery cache with the final location just outside of a cemetery. Those are just my cemetery caches. I can think of many more that I've found throughtout the state, including a 2 night caches in cemeteries. When I placed my caches, the only requirement was that the cache be placed outside of the cemetery if permission could not be gotten from the cemetery grounds keeper, church, family, etc. Things may have changed since them though.
  2. I'd be glad to trade you a Silver Dragon/Hammerjane coin for a Hawaii Pineapple Keiki Cache coin.
  3. I'm looking for a coin club Benchmark coin. I have the following on hand to trade: Silver Dragon/Hammerjane KTAG New Mexico Texas Autumn Canine Cachers first edition Harriman Pirates brass TN Pewter TN Silver TN Gold EU Maryland New Jersey Ohio Colorado Germany Bronze Germany Silver Germany Gold Camp Explorer Bronze Boys of Ladycacher Washington 2005 SilverMarc DFW Bronze USA 2005 Calgary North Carolina Not numbered Alaska brass Katrina G.O.N.E. brass Utah RCGDS-NUTS Indiana Rhode Island North Dakota Georgia 2005 GGA California 2005
  4. Please put me down for one. Thanks.
  5. I have a trackable pewter TN that I'd like to trade for a trackable MIGO (the regular one).
  6. I'm looking for the NEFGA and the NEFGA Jeep Club geocoins in trade. I have several coins on hand to trade. See the link in my signature. Also, I'll have the KTAG and Silver Dragon/Hammerjane coins in about a month to trade.
  7. Yep, we have the sample for it too. Look on cointracking.com.
  8. Update!!! Here's a picture of the sample coin (the line on the top left will be corrected). It's looking like it could be the first of November instead of the end of this month when we finally get them. I'm keeping my fingers crossed for sooner rather than later. We will be packing them up and mailing them out as soon as they are received. For those few who haven't paid. I'll be sending out a reminder email soon. Here's an updated list of those who've paid. If you've paid and your name's not on the list let me know. areynolds65 tennis40love kiowa169 seekersofcache Kilted Cacher AtlantaGal XRN95 Camp Explorer Cachebert TeamCoyChev Utahbill Doughball Shop99er Tin Ear joefrog Yogi Team Shydog legna/soulbait jcar CyclopsofMI MichiganChris bullit1 cornerstone4 team zebra LemonFreshDog Jake Team A.I. Team Owl leavearock Inspector1 Nurse Dave f0t0m0m ghostwriter13 geolands camel680 darby gill cog&gil AB4N MandMHunter Toojin MikeOtt SoonerKats SDAJumpmaster WildwoodBob Addams Family cparrothead bluegillfisherman Vargseld BisonWoman KevinG68 WildBill SavvyNavvies ladycacher Team NAB Recman
  9. I'd like to trade a couple of my wooden nickles for some of yours.
  10. I am looking for personal coins and limited edition coins. Follow the link in my signature to see what I already have. I have the following on hand to trade: Georgia North Carolina West Tennessee USA 2005 Calgary Geowoodstock 3 Germany bronze Germany silver Germany gold Utah GGA 4th Anniversary Colorado Alaska (brass) Midwest GeoBash Calilfornia (2005) Dallas/Ft. Worth (bronze) Rhode Island SilverMarc Maryland G.O.N.E. (bronze) Ohio Camp Explorer (bronze) Camp Explorer (silver) Washington 2005 New Jersey North Dakota Tennessee (gold) Tennessee (silver) Tennessee (pewter) On the way to trade: WCRC Silver Dragon/Hammerjane KTAG
  11. I'd like to trade personal coins.
  12. Show us what your "home-made" coin looks like, I would be apt to do a trade with you. I think that the "home-made" ones are just as valuable, if not more than the manufactured ones. Ditto. I might be interested too.
  13. I'd like to trade one of mine for one of yours if you are interested.
  14. I need to ammend my order. Initially I asked for 5 bronze and 2 silver. I am included with Nurse Dave's order for the bronze coins. Please still keep me down for 2 silver coins though.
  15. Please add me to the list. I can offer you a Silver Dragon/Hammerjane coin or a KTAG coin.
  16. I want one...anyone want to trade for a Silver Dragon/Hammerjane coin or a KTAG coin?
  17. Great design! I'd love to trade personal coins, or I'll buy one.
  18. I would love to trade personal coins. Please add me to the list.
  19. Thanks for sharing your coin! I would grab it, but the sites down.
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