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Triple Wisdom's Geocoin


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Here is a preview of my new geocoin. Any feedback would be appreciated!








Here are the specs:


1.5" Coin

Most likely will be Nickel...

4 color front, 7 color back

GC.com trackable

All yellow will be glow-in-the-dark

It will have it's own icon. Here are my choices:










Which one do you like best?

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I also like icon #2.


However, I just heard yesterday that they are going to require that all icons go back to a round design, so you may have to modify it slightly.

That's interesting. I wonder why. I don't really see how this afffects anyone what shape it is. Anyway, I think #2 could be modified into a round design anyway (and would end up somewhere between #1 and #2, I guess).



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I really like the coin and color scheme and to me that is what is important, although "present moment" sounds a little redundant.  Icon #1 is cool, seems to match the over all look of the coin.  Put me down for one, please.

I kind of agree. I thought the "Moment" seemed out of place. I think if you just removed that, maybe it would flow better.


This will be a Glow in the Dark? :o I want more glow in the dark geocoins. :o



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I love the coin and the "Triple Wisdom".


I, too, like Icon #2 best. I also would drop the word "Moment". Then how about using a little cloud as a separator between the 3 wisdoms around the edge instead of the boring old hyphen.


Would you be willing to trade me one for one of my own personal gold LE coins? I only have a few left.



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Very nice design on the coin. I think the comments on dropping "Moment" and making the stars glow in the dark are good ones. As for icons, I think #1 would be sharp if you made it a circle instead of an oval.


When the time comes, I would be interested in two or three of these, depending on the final pricing.

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