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  1. Geocaching has given our family more time spent together in sharing the same hobby, has given us the opportunity to meet people with the same passion and has lead us to places we otherwise had not seen. Happy Holidays from Germany
  2. What a beautiful coin. Hope we will win one for our collection.
  3. Coin came in today. Thank you so much for your gesture.
  4. Yesterday the megacoin arrived in Germany. It´s great. Maybe thats the seize I´ll start collecting in future. Thanks for the contest.
  5. And we have a winner!!!! Please PM me your address! This is unbelievable: After coming home we found out that we have won the contest. The hardest part was the conversion of the US weights and measures back and forth. Have you ever converted grams to ounces and inches to centimeters and vice versa? After guessing the seize and thickness we weighted a coin, measured it, used some formulars and were right. It´s all about numbers. Looks like this year is our lucky one. After my son won a Moun10bike at the Frozen Bone Event at New Year now we have one more special coin for our collection. Thanks oakcoins for this contest.
  6. Next guess: 5 inches 5mm 19 ounces
  7. Guess after hint: 6.5" 5 mm 7.5 oz.
  8. Great, have a wonderful Christmas. Thanks
  9. Merry Christmas from Germany
  10. 89,400 is my second guess.
  11. I was lucky to get one and the special gift at 5:19 cet when I got up for work or 00:19 AM whatever time that is.
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