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  1. 4 pages back.... I just don't talk to much anymore as I am so busy with projects but I am still here.
  2. As an officer of that group,I can see where they could fit with your proposed change Sieni since your the founder. I do not have an objection to that. They are rather unusual.
  3. I have been working on a new project for a while called Battle Tac. Layar is something I have been introduced to. I am not sure but I know you guru's here can figure it out and see if it will work for Benchmarking. From what I have seen and heard it is awesome and we plan on using it on the MSE Battlefield as well. So see what you can do with it.
  4. You can also set them in GSAK If I remember right. Just not sure at the moment how.
  5. The Circle good read. You think that it might also have something to do with this? USNO Master Clock Something that has always puzzled me was that Time and the Circle are both in Degrees,minutes and seconds. OH well some things are yet beyond my comprehension. Makes it fun to always look forward to learning something new. Thanks Hope everyone is having a good Holiday Season and good to be back from a long dry spell.
  6. In the image right there is a hole approx. .5 that looks like where an old disc was set. The one with the leaf in it.
  7. Hey I got one this week as well. I have been in dire straits for a long while and this has helped my spirit of geocaching again. I will have to look further into my mission. So put my name down on the list. CIA*GEO out! GEO*Trailblazer 1
  8. Woops I did it again. I always get the blame. Have fun!! Thank you!!
  9. Mannerisms is a key. The way you present yourself is very important and there are certian things you can do to represent yourself as non-threatening. Crossed hands in front of you. Yes Sir, ma'am and the likes. Mannerisms are those unique little gestures and movements we make that set us apart from those around us. They are ingrained into our subconscious and we rarely realize we're doing them. Often we learn these traits from a beloved caregiver or other influential people in our lives. These little idiosyncrasies can be used to give our characters more depth and human appeal. They can also be used as a clue to unraveling a mystery. A villain who breaks twigs whenever he/she is standing near a tree or shrub can give themselves away by the minute pieces of broken wood left in their wake. Or as a poignant remembrance in a tale of loss; a woman always stacked her shelves with the labels facing out and her surviving spouse cannot open the kitchen cupboards without weeping. Rounding out a character involves more than just relating their conscious actions. What do they do when they're nervous, happy, scared, bored or angry? Does the antagonist crack his knuckles right before he becomes violent? Does the protagonist twirl her hair between her fingers when she's concentrating? There are a wide variety of mannerisms. 1) tapping a foot 2) chewing the inside of the cheek 3) biting fingernails 4) greeting everyone with a hug or handshake 5) a quick smile in greeting or nervousness 6) a toss of the head 7) lowering the eyes flirtatiously or timidly 8) running fingers through hair 9) snapping fingers or cracking knuckles 10) blowing breath out through the mouth in exasperation These are just a few to help you think about your own idle gestures and how you can incorporate them into your work. Mannerisms can also help to identify the current mood of your characters. An angry character who does not wish to show her anger through voice may still inadvertently give her mood away by her actions.
  10. Part of living in a free country is accepting some limitation about what you can say. Or, as the late Paul Harvey used to put it: "Self-Government does not work without Self-Discipline." If you are self-disciplined you watch what you say. There is no limitation on freedom of speech. We do not have a Nation of Self-Government. A Government of people for the people by the people. I see no self in that. The term may be applied both to the individual person and to a group or an institution. An autonomous person is, fundamentally, one able to act according to his or her own direction. An autonomous institution is one able to regulate its own affairs. The relation between the self-government of a group and individual autonomy is complicated by the need to distinguish between the collective self-government of a group and the self-direction of an individual member of that group. Rousseau's writings illustrate the difficulties involved. Ideas about individual autonomy are closely linked to conceptions of freedom. For example, to act according to my own direction may (on some views of freedom) require access to resources I presently lack, in which case to provide me with them would enhance both my liberty and my autonomy. This problem is, further, connected to notions of the constitution of the self. For example, it may be held that I am not truly ‘self ’-governing if my action is driven by powerful phobias ‘I’ cannot regulate, any more than if my actions are determined by external circumstances beyond my control. — Andrew Reeve I have knocked on 100's of doors over the past years and to this day have not had one problem. The places that do are generally a Government facility.
  11. I disagree. I am a geocacher as well as benchmark hunter. I am involved with a Local Survey Chapter. Now I as a geocacher can not say to a property owner where his property line lays because I want to keep this geocache I am placing on his land. There will always be scam artists in everything. It is still a free country and I for one will not be limited to what I can or can not say.
  12. It may be much for you. But GPS Trackmaker has User defined grid in the Tools options as well as many, many other conversions. As stated a calibration of at least 2 points-for GPS Trackmaker are needed. Top left and bottom right. You can the go back and forth between options and get the lat-longs. Just my 0.02 Changed R-L
  13. I recovered the Deming South Base. CX1889 DEMING SOUTH BASE North Base was not found. I wish I would have known more in my youth as I was one of the many who plowed fields in this area. A 12 bottom plow with a huge 4x4 Tractor can cut deep. And not feel a thing. Got a few others in the area someday I will get to.
  14. Save as> gif. .................jpg will not do transparencies. I then use Microsoft photo editor to make the background transparent with the tools and save as gif.
  15. There is a South Pole Benchmark Geocoin as well. Might find one somewhere. Here is a personal one. fegan's South Pole Benchmark
  16. I am not being smart but we have that here don't we. We are GEOCAC at the NGS. Maybe a quick search on that. I would like to see one of the GEOCAC Benchmarks atop Bedrock Mountian. Anyway welcome we won't bite to hard.
  17. Well this Grand pa can do it. I us Microsoft Picture It. Open image w/MPI>crop with circle>save. Open the image you want to add to and select an image(the one you just did). You can now drag and change the sice and placement. Add lines,circles and other options>save. This PLSS image took me 30 minutes from start to finish.
  18. There was construction and something being added when we were at Cape Disappointment Light House. That view is from there I believe. I will look for the pictures and coordinates. I think there was a cache at that point as well. I may have added some images on nearby benchmarks but can't remember right now. It is called the Lewis and Clark Visitor Center.
  19. There are still many miles of virgin territory everywhere. But tis getting harder to find the easy trails to the benchmarks. How many trails have we traveled,how many tales can we speak? From Ocean to Ocean and few Majestic Peaks, It is those little brass objects weez diligently seeks. Ask us a reason we know not why, But in our truck many a mile we will fly. Over the hill over, the dell maybe even at the gates of well!!!!!!!! I am sure we have all felt we have been there anyway. Each journey is just that a journey into the past of some kind. Are we going to be part of the find? I only hope in recovery and not as a part of the monument. But we can leave a part by leaving a legacy of good re pore and stories for our grand children to read about in time.. I could go on and act like a poet if I was but I ain't well shuk's I ain't but have fun describing my stories. I still feel like I have just begun to be a part of the whole concept and understanding of the relativity of the weight of the matter at hand. But will refrain from all the elaborate words for in the whole they all are meaningless. I just have fun in and with life and hope others catch it too. Now if that ain't a story that says a whole lot about nothing? I like to read and look at everyone here's stories,logs, adventures and misadventures as well. You are all appreciated by me just been busy lately and will be for a while. Just always remember. Have fun be safe and HAPPY........................................................GEOTRAILS
  20. I have used the Garmin POI Loader to write custom Benchmark files for each County near me. The file is located under the Custom POI file in the menu page. It took me a long time to figure that one out lol. It was right in front of me from step 1. I just happened to be zoomed in near a benchmark and there they were the Station and reference marks. So I started looking at all my new bells and whistles on this GPS. I find it now by (Garmin RINO 530 HCX) or like. Hold in middle or rocker button to select >Shortcuts. Select >Find Menu opens Select >Custom POI It will then give you a list of the nearest or you can change the reference to something else. That is using the Map Source directions given in above posts. Edit: The zoom factor is low so if you are not zoomed it it does not show. There is an option for that too by setting the map details on the map page.
  21. What type of structures were the LORAN on? Just another guess. Edit: May be SHORAN Structure SHORAN, which operates at 300 MHz, requires an airborne AN/APN-3 set and two AN/CPN-2 or 2A ground stations.[clarification needed] The equipment onboard the aircraft includes a transmitter, a receiver, an operator's console and a K-1A model bombing computer. The transmitter sends pulses to one of the ground stations and the system calculates the range in statute miles by clocking the elapsed time between transmitter pulse and the returned signal. The system was intended for use in navigation, but it became obvious that it would work well for blind targeting during bombing runs in poor visibility. The setup made up of the K-1A bombing computer combined with the navigation system was the first SHORAN. The SHORAN system is designed so that as the aircraft faces the target, the low-frequency station should be on the left, and the high-frequency station is on the right. This allows the computer to triangulate the two stations and the target.
  22. I would but I have been there and done that one.
  23. 4 States Geocachers LLC This is the OK,MO,KS,AR group we have just started on facebook.
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