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  1. Still have some available. Orders paid for tonight will be sent priority mail saturday morning. Should be in time for christmas.
  2. Also for clarification purposes, this is raising money for our adopting children. Though we do encourage the adoption of the 4 legged variety as well Our 4 legged pup was a direct adoption, though we are also considering another pup adoption from one of the local shelters as well.
  3. Still have bundles available. Great for holiday gifts, traders. Thank you to everyone who has already purchased.
  4. Coin bundles will now contain a total of at least 8 coins for $40. At least 5 standard sized unactivated trackable coins Plus at least 3 more coins, which may be unactivated coins, micro, non-trackable) May also include pin or other swag item. Would make a Great Christmas gift for a new collector. Also is a quick way to get some coins for any of the 'missions' or races. Most of the coins are from 2008 or before. PM or e-mail through the profile page. If you don't hear back in 24hrs, try the other method or post in the thread here. I'm usually able to reply within 24hrs. If you are, or will be, in the Madison WI area, I'm willing to meet up for the sale. November is National Adoption month
  5. Pricing reduced to $40 per bag. Still at least 5 standard sized unactivated trackable coins in each bag. Every bag will also include at least one additional coin (may be non-trackable, unactivated trackable, or micro)[may be newer minting] may also include a pin or other small swag item. $5 shipping regardless of how many you buy. International orders accepted: shipping costs will be actual insured Air rate.
  6. a little bit more expensive than the pricing you listed above: micro trackable coin - can be attached to items. as little as $4.20 in 10 packs http://hogwildstuff.org/index.php?_a=viewP...p;productId=156
  7. Q: What is the primary reason your GPSr will not show 0.000 latitude (and will show you about 100m away from 0) at the Prime Meridian at the Royal Observatory in Greenwich, UK? 1: Continental Drift 2: They couldn't get the WGS84 computer maps any closer 3: Interference at that location disrupts the signals 4: The US was upset with the UK so wouldn't accept their location of the Prime Meridian http://www.flamsteed.info/faswgs84.htm I like the turtle furthest to the right in the photo
  8. Thanks to those who have ordered, you should have received your bundles by now. There are still bundles available.
  9. I can make short term ( a couple weeks ) holds. I certainly understand the coin budget issues, I was in that place when I began the collection. It was also very difficult then because more of the sales were not pre-sales, so there were limited numbers available and you had to be able to be quick on the e-mails, forums, or sometimes ebay to get them before they sold out.
  10. I don't have many photos of them myself, but this is one of best places to look for good photos of them. http://www.geocoincollection.com/cointrade/coinlist.asp I know there a few other places with them as well, but that is one I usually use.
  11. For a larger list (There are about a dozen coins that were already traded/sold from the list) http://www.mhtc.net/~lxzndr/Geocaching/tradelist.html Anything that isn't red (less a dozen or so) was put into the bundles. There are also several coins that weren't on that list that are in the bundles as well. But it gives a good representation. Quick easy way to begin your collection, or get some traders. As stated earlier I think everything is 2008 and earlier minting, when 500 coins was a huge run, and 100-250 was much more common.
  12. I'm selling off a lot of my coin collection to raise money for adoption. We have decided to add to our family and selling these will help with the process and allow more space in our house for our soon to be kids. I believe all the coins are 2008 and earlier minting. I have put together bundles with at least 5 unactivated trackable coins (not micro) I have then added some additional random items to each bundle, such as extra unactivated trackable, unactivated trackable micro, non-trackable coins, pins, etc. Some of the coins that are available: Huge 3" Initial Point trackable black nickel finish some LE World Travel (animated icon) (gold coin, black ring) geocat coins (3 different finishes) Scotland 2006 geoswag coin club 9/11 coins (3 different years) 2005 Wisconsin top 40 geo records (various 'artists') 2" crake astrolabe Kansas tornado various older personal coins, trackable and not trackable. Bundles $50 At least 5 unactivated trackable coins in each bundle!! US Shipping: (priority mail, insurance included in the listed price) $5 up to 4 bundles. $10 5-8 bundles (2 packages) $12 for 9 bundles or more. International shipping: Contact me regarding shipping charges as I will only ship international with insurance. (small flat rate box doesn't allow insurance) The 5 trackable coins in each bundle will all be different, not even same coin different finish. I will try not include any duplicate bonus items as well. I will try not to include duplicates on multi-bundle orders. Sorry, but I can not take requests for specific coins, or specific additional items, as the bundles have already been created. Please send requests via e-mail through our profile. I will try to respond and send a PayPal invoice within 24hrs, and ship within 24hrs after payment. Thank you for your support. Mike Not So Lost Puppies
  13. chief20r2 personal has a dog on the back of the hat. Do you have that one?
  14. You are welcome to send any extra $$ Still plenty of deals available out there. all are unactivated, most have never had the plastic opened. Remember prices include US shipping. International shipping at actual postage rate (first class/air mail).
  15. Everyone should have received an invoice now. If you haven't received an invoice, let me know. List is updated. Orders that were paid for prior to this evening will be taken to the post office tomorrow.
  16. Done for the day now. list is up to date as of now. I will be shipping paid invoices tomorrow evening. I will not be able to confirm or invoice any orders until the evenings. Though I reply that I did receive your message and can let you know of coins I know are no longer available. Thanks to everyone who has ordered. PS: remember please don't use my profile to order, those e-mails get mixed in with alot of other junk mail and such, use: notsolostpuppies at gmail dot com
  17. Some of you are quick on the draw, several orders within 10 minutes of my posting. Ok, as of now. Anyone that sent a request should have received a reply. and some of you even invoices. The list is also updated to reflect the requests. Still alot of coins available Note: if someone changes their mind on coins, I will go back through and see if anyone had requested it before I would put it back on the list as available. Thanks, Mike Not So Lost Puppies
  18. Hi everyone. Its been a long time since I've been in the forums here, it has been a busy year. I'm clearing out many of the coins I have bought or traded for over the past few years, I have too many of them. (keeping the personally traded personals) Most are older coins. I do not have pictures on the list, if you have a question on what coin it is, ask and I will do my best to give you a link showing it, or take a photo and send it. They are listed here: http://www.mhtc.net/~lxzndr/Geocaching/coinlist.html most of them are $10, though some of the limited editions are $12. They are all Unactivated! There will be NO charge for US shipping regardless of how many coins you buy. International orders will be charged the actual shipping costs, large orders may require insurance which means priority or express mail. After I receive your request, I will confirm that I have the listed coins still available and send a paypal invoice for the coins (it will be from a different address than you sent the request to.) Credit card orders are accepted through paypal. Please do NOT make requests through my profile information here, through PM, or by reply post to this message. ONLY make requests through the e-mail address listed on the web page: [notsolostpuppies at gmail dot com] Orders will be processed in the order they are received through that address. I do have a full time job, so don't expect immediate replies to e-mails. I will try and reply daily. I will also try and update the web page as I process orders (there is a date and time stamp at the bottom of the page) To comply with the forum guidelines, the listing is of only GC trackable coins.
  19. Don't forget that when you use paypal for shipping you have to make sure your mailer is thick enough to qualify for the delivery confirmation. I think it needs to be 3/4" thick (at its thickest point) otherwise the receiver may get a postage due bill for Priority mail rate! When I've used paypal, I've taken an old bubble mailer and wrapped it around the coins once, then put in another bubble mailer (size 0 so the paypal label fits), that gets it thick enough. For most shipments lately though I just bought some 24, 63, 87 cent stamps. also to the person mentioning the rate change... I don't think our coin mailings will qualify for the lower 1st ounce rate because they are not machinable. they will likely fall under either the Flats or the Parcel rates, which won't be too much different from our current rates for a couple coins.
  20. I feel your pain but now in Canada we have stamps that keep their value forever. You buy them today and when the letter rate goes up, they are still good fo sending a letter. Rates go up again, they are still good. Too bad they can't be used on anything but letters, but it's better than nothing - sort of. Now if they could just figure out how to get a package from the USA to here in less than 3 weeks... we have forever stamps as well, but it just seem silly to go up to the post office and say.... excuse me, can I please have 100 rolls of stamps please Yes, we will have 'forever' stamps, but I read that they will not be available in bulk packaging (such as 100 count rolls) and only available for standard 1oz letters. And I had also bought a batch of 87 and 63 cent stamps for coin trades. so that will require some odd value stamps to go along with them.
  21. My Leprechaun made a delivery on St Patty's day Though I didn't get them until Sunday. A nice package with 3 coins I didn't have! An Evil Micro 2007, Mt Rushmore benchmark, and... A Round TUIT!! and also a geocaching wristband All magically delicious Thanks
  22. Changes on the way for shipping costs!!! Changes to start on May 14th, 2007. (though some changes may be delayed) New releases: http://www.usps.com/communications/newsroom/welcome.htm http://www.usps.com/communications/newsroo...07/pr07_023.htm Proposed (some accepted) rates for first class. http://www.usps.com/ratecase/fcm_single_piece_presorted.htm first class letter 1oz rates will increase to .41 May 3, 2006. with reduction in additional oz rates of .20 different initial ounce rates for flats and parcels. Do our coin bubble mailers count as letters, flats, or parcels? it didn't matter before as after the first ounce it was the same rate, now it will matter.
  23. I didn't look very closely at any of the coloring, I have been checking them for general quality. It was interesting that the first coin I pulled out had 57 as part of its tracking number... of course I did put it aside for fellow recording artist 57Chevy I haven't looked through them all, I just check them as I take them out for shipping. If i see one that would be good for someone else, then I set it aside and take another for the shipment.
  24. My understanding is that Moun10bike doesn't sell his coins at a profit.............a nice one at that. Correct, he does not sell his coins, and doesn't want others to sell them either, but he doesn't stop the sales of them either. But he does stay as the coins 'owner' at GC, so others are not able to clear any past history of the coin. I know afew others have done the same with their personal coins as well, distribute them as activated and retain the GC ownership and control over the deleting of logs and changing text. If that is the case, (and I believe it to be so as well) then wouldn't a sending of an adoption request (as part of the selling process), and the acceptance of an adoption request on my part imply that the logs are mine to do with as I please, just as Moun10bike is so able? (just a "legal" thought) I would like to note, for the record..... "Had they simply been kind enough to explain all this to the "noob," in a kind and gracious manner, I would have been happy to help them and any other I may have offended......" (Quoted from the original post, now enboldened in original post) Yes, you are correct, you bought the physical coin, and went through the official adoption of the coin on the GC site, it, as well as its history is yours to do with as you wish. I agree with the other posts along those same lines. While it may be frowned upon, you didn't know it would remove their icon, and it sounds like you wouldn't have done it if you knew. It is still your right as the coins owner to remove all prior logs, and if they have a problem with that they should contact the original owner (you could mention the prior owners name on the coin's page for their reference) who is responsible for the sale of the coin. And also agree that threatening messages should be reported.
  25. My understanding is that Moun10bike doesn't sell his coins at a profit.............a nice one at that. Correct, he does not sell his coins, and doesn't want others to sell them either, but he doesn't stop the sales of them either. But he does stay as the coins 'owner' at GC, so others are not able to clear any past history of the coin. I know afew others have done the same with their personal coins as well, distribute them as activated and retain the GC ownership and control over the deleting of logs and changing text.
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