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  1. E mail sent. Nice looking coin. Will it have its own icon? Andy & Ellie
  2. Puts us down for 3! Great looking coin. Andy & Ellie
  3. Very neat looking. We will take 3. Andy & Ellie
  4. Nice coin. we ordered and paid for two. But invoice shows 1 order but the amount of money was for two. Thanks Andy & Ellie
  5. www.gccoin.com/2active.php
  6. Just have to have some of these. E Mail sent! Andy & Ellie
  7. E mail sent. Orderded 5. Thanks Andy & Ellie
  8. I am also getting an error. I would like two coins.
  9. Has to have an Icon. Neat looking coin.
  10. Can you color code the pages?
  11. We would like 2 coins. They look great. Andy & Ellie
  12. We will take 1 of each Andy & Ellie
  13. Just don't do it on the weekend we like to cache on the weekends. Andy & Ellie
  14. We will take two silver is still any left!
  15. Paypaled my order thanks! Andy & Ellie
  16. We would buy 2 of each! Andy & Ellie
  17. Have to have a few each of these.
  18. TeamSnook just got confirmation on order. So I guess E Mails are going out!
  19. TeamSnook


    Very cool we have order two of each. Thanks! Andy & Ellie
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