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  1. no..it is more important to have the info, hints, descriptions etc. we use it with cachemate .
  2. i bought my caching partner the palm m515 can use a card with it..it works great. got it on ebay for his b/day
  3. i bought a nice one on ebay for about 10.00. i would check there.
  4. joni that is very nice of you to help out. to the mcdoodles hope things turn around for you soon. good luck
  5. I am not allowed to reveal anything about the Inner Circle, nor to confirm that it exists. And no, I am not wealthy. I hear that if you've had the opportunity to log THIS CACHE you ARE in the inner circle. Mana from heaven..... We are heading to Seattle in two weeks, maybe we can get invited to a visit to this cache. hint hint. sadie wants to know who is the cool dude with glasses ?
  6. worn along with a tin foil hat..so you don't get the wrong signals
  7. Hey! That's my choice! And I'm not willing to share. Or I wouldn't mind Kevin Costner as in "Robin Hood." And to show my age, I also wouldn't mind Yul Brynner as in "The King and I." yul brynner was a very sexy man..ah come on i would send mel over to cache with you sometimes...though after watching him in the lethal weapons i don't think he should drive. i think robin williams would be fun to cache with though i would have to stop and get my breathe from laughing.
  8. yes because this is the geocoin crazy group..but we like tbs too
  9. how about mel gibson in his braveheart get up? nice legs under that kilt...
  10. have available of newer coins: 2 quebec 2 toronto silver 1 neogeo 1 luxemborg 2 portugal 2 vermont 2 allwayslooking_99 1 navstar 1 kiwi 2006 1 arizona geocachers copper 2 team myth gold plus what is on my list.. looking for older personals, organization and event coins thanks...
  11. everytime i put together a fresh fruit salad it is eaten up in a hurry..and i made a large one. the pastas and lasagna's seem to go well also.
  12. yikes you are right when i do a search i get the same error you do. but yet it registered it when i activated it.. assigned it a tracking number. if i use the tracking number it shows up..
  13. i just checked mine and it shows up correctly..
  14. larry these are beautiful..nice work everyone..
  15. ummm..think you got the wrong thread..this is the what guy one...unless there is something about hillary we don't know.
  16. hey..you guys are highjacking our thread...lol..larry storch??? geesh..talk about desperate.
  17. i actually donate 260 a year to united animal nations it is a disaster relief group that rescues animals during disasters like katrina, and the hurricanes the previous year in florida. when we had or big floodss in 1996-7 they went out and got the horse caught against the fences standing in flood water.during katrina i gave them 200 more. i do rescue in my home on my own, i know what people do to animals all to frequently.
  18. tom selleck , then sean connery all he has to do is talk i'll work the gps. if i was younger hugh jackman in his wolverine costume..rrrowwww again i'll work the gps, not a problem those claws might scratch the screen on the my merigold.
  19. that is too funny...why not s'ghetti dude too
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