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  1. I sure expected to receive one. The encouragement to log an EarthCache or attend a related event on that day, accompanied by a graphic that looked just like a souvenir, made me believe that was the intent. All the work is done. Why not offer it?
  2. I just have to say that the ability to correct coordinates for a mystery cache that was included in a previous update is one of the best things GC.com has ever added. It makes finding mystery caches soooo much more convenient and less confusing. Thank you for that!!! However, the new maps just are not functional enough to be all that useful right now. I rarely see the whole map anymore, and it is very slow to load or respond to a pan. Typically about 50% of the map is blank gray space. I understand the reasons for the change, but it essentially means that a siginificant feature of the web site is no longer available (for me, at least). I hope Groundspeak will continue to re-evaluate the mapping and find a better compromise.
  3. In the past I have been able to export caches to a .gpx file through GSAK and drag the file into the GPX folder on my NUVI 255W. They will show up as favorites. It worked three days ago, but when I tried it today it is not working. After turning the NUVI on, after a few seconds it shuts itself off. Then when I power it up a second time and check the favorites, there is no data. Anyone know how to fix this?
  4. It must like you. I did not get any notification of your reply!
  5. Are y'all still breathing? I just published a new post on the POC blog site. Things have been pretty quiet around here lately, so I thought I would try to liven it up a little.
  6. I recently submitted two new Earthcaches and they were both published within 30 minutes. I had the help of a local geologist in writing and reviewing the content though, so I'm sure that was a big factor in their going through smoothly.
  7. Awesome! Now all we need is a "dip" or "visit" log option on the trackable page that lets you dip the trackable into a cache. This would be really helpful for the common situation where you find a TB in a cache, but it was not properly dropped into it by the previous person (they dropped it in the wrong cache, or just forgot to drop it).
  8. x2!! Have it show up on the View page. That would be awesome.
  9. I would really like to see a "Dip" choice as well, allowing you to drop and retrieve any number of trackables from your inventory into and out of a cache in one click. It would make this process much simpler, and help reduce some of the clutter in the logs for caches. My suggestion would be to add two check boxes on the "Post A New Log" page in the section for trackables - one for "Drop" and one for "Dip (drop and retrieve)". I do not use dipping much for personal trackables like car tags (usually only for events), but I have dipped other peoples' trackables on a number of occasions, such as when I am able to fulfill multiple parts of a goal for a bug, or am going to a series of caches that the owner would be interested in having their trackable visit. I just did this with a collection of TBs when I visited the Original Stash, the Mission Nine APE cache, and GW VIII. The most common need for this is when the previous person moved the bug but did not log it. To help it maintain the correct miles and properly document its journey, I have to dip it in the cache I found it in first, and then retrieve it again so I can move it to the next cache. For this purpose, it would be great to have a "Dip" log available as a choice on the TB page where you could then enter the cache GC code.
  10. Can you send me another invite? The link I had in my favorites did not work, and when I tried the link given in the forum it said my email address did not have permission to access the file. Maybe my access expired after a given amount of time?
  11. OMG!!! I found a mysterious package in my mail box today. Looks like I have been assigned a unit as a study group member. My unit number is 164. The unit was sent in some kind of special space-age flexible metallic material, no doubt having protective thermal and electrostatic properties. Who knows what kind of sophisticated technology this alien artifact possesses. It is an impressive design, showing the superior intellect of the advanced civilization behind it. It even has an internal power source, for it glows eerily in the dark. The associated support web site is also quite impressive and added to the excitement and suspense. Thanks to CEMPORS Central for trusting me with such a valuable object! I will dutifully protect it and keep it from getting into the wrong hands.
  12. Thank you, thank you!!! Makes the friends page so much more useful again!
  13. Please bring the counts back on the friends list page. I agree with most everyone else - it was the primary feature that made the friends page of any use.
  14. I think these are all excellent ideas. Although I would change the wording to: Ability to create and name various subsets within your inventory or collection Ability to drop a whole subset into a cache Ability to remove the subset from a cache with a single action A bulk mechanism to move travelers into/out of a subset The abiltiy to list more than ten items in a subset at a time A bulk mechanism to mark travelers as collectible or not For example, I may want to bring a subset of trackables from my personal collection to an event for others to discover. But I may also want to works with subsets from inventory. I have a bag of trackables I am taking to GW VIII. I will be visiting the Original Stash and the APE cache first. I want to be able to "dip" the whole subset into these caches with a single action. And speaking of "dipping", it would be nice to have a log type for this on the TB page so that you do not have to first drop and then retrieve the TB. It should be a choice to dip with a single action for both single TBs and for subsets of TBs.
  15. Take a look at the ammo can float jtk49ers made for our parade event (GC1ZQQX). He did such an outstanding job that I thought everyone should see it. He actually made it into a TB too.
  16. Thanks CTYankee9 for your creative submission. I was looking for something very close to my concept idea, and Crafty Turtle came through with some brilliant work! Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!
  17. The Poison Oak Cachers have a parade event coming up (GC1ZQQX), and I need a new logo for our group that is done with vector-based graphics so that it can be blown up to a large size and still look nice and crisp. I have the design concept ready, but am myself totally lacking in the necessary skills. Would anyone want to showcase their talents and help us out?
  18. The SLO Holiday Parade event has been published! Here is a link to the event listing: Cachers on Parade I hope a lot of you can make it. The more, the merrier!
  19. Thank you to everyone who generously offered their house as a place to meet. We will have the first planning meeting for the Holiday Parade event at the home of Steve and Carol Kennedy (aka SLO GUY). Here are the details: Sunday October 18, 4:00 pm 1184 Lexington Court SLO Lexington Court is off of Southwood Drive, across from the YMCA. Approximate coordinates are N35 15.897 W120 38.557. Hopefully a lot of you can make it. Bring your ideas!
  20. Lucy Goose had a great idea. She wants to have an event where we all would participate in the SLO Holiday Parade on December 4. I would be willing to host the event and take care of the paperwork. Are there enough people interested to make this work? Any ideas on how we would structure it? I was thinking I would put lights on my cachemobile and get some large car magnets made with the geocaching logo or POC logo. I can pull a lightweight trailer (though someone would need to supply one) - maybe decorate it somehow to be a large ammo can or other cache container? The Goose thought it would be fun to have some people in costumes as big TB tags. We are open to any ideas!
  21. Woo-hoo!!! It's back! You have made me one happy camper...er, cacher. A thousand "thank-you's" for honoring our requests to have this utility back. I know it was not a big deal to some people, but for me it had become an essential tool in planning caching trips.
  22. Here are photos of the samples. I choose antique bronze and antique silver.
  23. For what it's worth, I am also a frequent GE kml user who is very disappointed to see it terminated. Please allow us to continue using this feature. There is obviously a large enough segment of your customers who want it back to justify the time and expense in fixing it and maintaining it.
  24. Wow, the Google Earth kml was an essential tool for my geocache planning, especially with travel. The maps do not provide anywhere near the same flexibility and functionality. VERY disappointed to see it being discontinued. This is a great loss. The 500 cache limit on queries severly restricts the usefulness of uploading gpx files to Google Earth. How about allowing queries of all caches in a state/province/country. It would be a huge file, but then we could load those to GE and have nearly the same functionality as before. Plus, the query would only need to be run once a week at most. It would still be a huge savings in processing compared to running a new query each time the window was refreshed. But to claim that the newer Google maps are a reasonable replacement does not hold up for me.
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