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  1. Nice coin and true wisdom. Would love to trade for one of my chef coins when you are ready.
  2. It's really too bad that we can't put the names down so that we have a sort of feedback system like that e place. It would help avoid problems. It seems the ones that do have problems it is a recurring thing. Just my .02
  3. Love it and would love to have it in my collection. Would love to trade for a chef coin.
  4. Love the coin! I really like the design. Would love to trade for one of my personal coins if that is an option
  5. Ok guys, I am dying to hear from someone/all of you guys that have purchased Anthus's database! How does it work for you? Someone jump in here and let us all know about it. Give us a review.
  6. I would have to agree, metal for metal. But that being said already there could always be exceptions.
  7. Would also love to trade personal coins, I will send you an email.
  8. Yup looks good to me. I would be interested
  9. According to his web page it is not a free download but is being offered for $20. He has put a lot of time into the programming of the package and should be compensated for his work, IMHO. That being said I wish he had something like GSAK where you could check it out for a time and decide if it will work for you.
  10. I am the same as AG I really don't care either way. I have several, probably less than a third, of my coins that are trackable and have yet to activate any of them. I think I would be more likely to put one of the less expensive non trackable coins into a cache than a loggerhead or a heart of Texas coin, that are more than likely going to disappear before they are ever logged anyway.
  11. Sent email. Would love to trade a chef coin.
  12. I got my calendar in the mail yesterday. Thanks, I love it and what an awesome idea for a sig item. A great trade!
  13. Just in case there are any left for trade I would love to get on the list and trade one of my chef coins.
  14. I love the coin!!! As for the icon...........I agree with AG on number 2.
  15. Very nice coin...I would love to trade for my personal coin, as has already been said this is a bit too pricey otherwise. Thanks
  16. I will send a chef LE coin and one of the polished nickel traders coins. This is a great idea and if enough coins are donated it could be a nice donation. Where do we send the coins?
  17. There was a total of 500 coins minted. 200 standard coins which were polished gold, all of them sold out. 150 LE coins which are the two tone coins which have the numbering CCALExxx, I have about 30 of those left, several of these are destined for special caches and as gifts to a few special people, the rest are available email me. I also had a polished nickel coin made that are only for trades and placing in caches, 150 of those were made. The coins are not gc.com trackable. Thanks to all who purchased coins and made trades. All but the last 20 sets of coins and foreign orders have been shipped, the last shipment will be going out today.
  18. The LE chef cache alot coins is the two tone metal coin. Also the numbering on the LE coin is CCALExxx. I know they both look like LE coins
  19. I'd trade a chef coin for one too. Have sent you an email.
  20. Well here are the promised pictures. I have tried several ways suggested here on the forums, scanning taking the pictrue outside etc. etc etc., but just cant seem to get a decent picture. The first 30 bubble mailers went out yesterday and the rest will go out over the next couple of days. International shipments will go out on Monday. Most trades have been taken care of. I do have a few I still need to contact to iron out the trade specifics. Thanks to all who have purchased and traded coins with me.
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