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  1. We purchased extras thinking that they would rare and deeply desired, we were wrong. We are keeping all initial coins, just selling the extras. The coin clubs are nice but can be overwhelming. Everybody has a coin to sell, you decide if it is unique to you...
  2. Shipping would be $5.00 I do have four additional sets available.
  3. Well somebody has to place the coins in the envelope... Ok, just shipping (extra for insurance tho')
  4. You are bidding on a Geo Coin Club coin set: February March April May June These coins are unregistered and trackable via the Geocaching website. Plus I will throw in "The Fraher Family" coin, trackable as well. The set is being sold for $50.00 (plus s/h)
  5. I stand corrected regarding the bragging I did on the page protectors I purchased. The top has an extra groove so my previous closing device no longer works, not to mention less is more ~ not a great concept here, the smaller the pocket the more pockets available; in other words if the coins are small they fit just fine but as for the larger coins... For sale or trade: plastic page protectors
  6. After all the work that Joani has put into her current albums, she'd kill me if I suggested changing to a new format. --Marky _____________________________________________________________________ I'd love to see pictures, always looking to improve...
  7. I recently purchased a package of coin protector pages at Books-A-Million, similiar to ones sold on other geocaching related websites. The sheets are made of the same pvc material and durability as those, with a few possible differences; these sheets are 9.5 X 11 holding 20 coins (4 across and 5 down) costing $6.74 plus tax minus membership discount (which is cheaper than ordering online since there is no s/h). Note: these will not fit a standard binder, They have many coin collecting items, including albums, display boxes, and much more! Books-A-Million: Collectibles: Coins: Display and Storage
  8. We still have a few coins left, available for sale or trade (trackackable coins prefered). Email for me for further information.
  9. I am looking for an easy webpage to show off which coins that is in our collection, any suggestions?
  10. When trying to access the CITO site I receive an error?
  11. Cyclops & Son coin Plus an extra little something... Thanx!
  12. We received in the mail today: DM Flyer coin "Mueller Fund Thank You" coin Still awaiting MIGO '06...?
  13. Go to "Geocoin Collection". Type in "USA Geocoin" It will show all and any USA Geocoins w/ photos to show the difference.
  14. Try going to Geo Coin Club and activating it. I don't believe the activation code was on the envelope... if you are still having problems contact the GCC since they are the ones who developed the coin. Hope that helps!
  15. I agree! We got one of ours yesterday!
  16. Today we received: Skirtlifter Lamppost coin Signal January coin
  17. Shouldn't it be "Where is the cache?"
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