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  1. If I'm on the "old" list, should I still request to be on the "new" one? CF30
  2. Check to see if any of them are activated. If they are it could lead you to the owner. CF30
  3. Love it! But couldn't the tracking number area be straight? or perhaps a curved area that fits with the theme? EG: something like this: only themed for your coin. CF30
  4. Can you show the other side please? CF30
  5. I see a few versions I'd like to have. CF30
  6. This looks great! Quick tip: if you're using photoshop to put the coins on a background just make a duplicate copy of the two sides merged together (turn off any effects like glow/dropshadow/etc.) and turn this top layer copy to "soft color" mode at like 15%-25% to remove any hazing and recapture the true lights and darks you see with the naked eye. ...aaaand, whoosh, that went over my head... LOL CF30
  7. I have a removable cling Travel Bug that I put into the back window of whatever car we are using to travel to out of state events & such. I have a list of "InCARnations" that it's been on. TB4A0HT Unfortunately it's been getting a LOT of virtual logs lately. I delete them ALL. CF30
  8. Yes, I know. And I have discovered that they backdate their logs to hide them in past pages of logs too... CF30
  9. The answer to both questions is yes. If the log is deleted, the number is subtracted from the total trackable number for the cacher. They also get a "log deletion notice" email. Good. I deleted a bunch of virtual logs from my car TB today. I wish I could personalize the deletion notice. CF30
  10. Hi, I have three of those available. Click on linky below CF30
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