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  1. Good to see you're still around! Message me sometime!
  2. What's the point? If the cache is missing, log a "DNF" and move on. The point of the thread is to show how many cachers forget or just don't give a feck about the one and *only* published rule of geocaching: you must sign the log. I've been caching for 14 years and this thread is still alive. Nice.
  3. Hi - it would be great if the forum search results were sortable somehow. Or maybe I'm just missing it. Usually to you click the title of the column and it resorts. Also - how about a forum for resellers or just regular cachers selling caching equipment? Thanks, Will
  4. Sorry to dig up this old topic, but I didn't want to start a new one. Here's a rather unfortunate misspelling on a cache I found yesterday:
  5. Here's one to add to your watchlist. http://coord.info/GCT8HK It has existed as a fake virtual for many years and was recently archived because of that issue but somehow a cacher that lives hundreds of miles away placed a nano. The "throw down" is so very suspicious - the cacher that supposedly replaced the cache was according to their other logs from that day, not even in the same part of the state. And this is Texas, not Connecticut. If you want a find in Mexico for a silly badge, actually earn it! Cancun is a cheap and easy flight from anywhere in Texas. But much like American politics: the votes don't count and lying is what you are expected to do.
  6. Aside from newbies that don't know any better, geocaching *is* competitive, hence the throw-down caches and the Found logs on caches that are obviously missing. If the game is not competitive, have you been to an event and you didn't either ask someone how many finds they had or were asked the same question yourself? Please don't reply to this message, as I'd like to keep this ancient topic on track. If you want to discuss it message me or tag me in a new thread. Happy Holidays!
  7. Yes, "AE" is "Artists Edition", and they are not trackable. They have my geocaching name etched in the spot where the tracking number would be. I still have them... somewhere.
  8. It's certainly possible for someone to arrive really early and hang out until the official start time. Perhaps, they don't live very close to the event location and took the entire day off. Does the event location serve alcohol? Exactly, they needed to get their drink on. Just because they got there and logged early doesn't mean they didn't attend. Most events Ive been to have a log book to sign to verify that you were there.
  9. I'm very happy the Google maps are back! The OSM maps had some serious issues, like not showing a large lake in southern Oklahoma (Lake Murray) for instance. Kudos to TPTB for making it right.
  10. I have placed a cache in a publicly accessible cave and am trying to figure out a way to get decent coordinates so my local reviewer will approve the cache. I've used a compass to set a bearing and counted steps to the cache inside the cave, then recounted my steps and followed my bearing up top on land. Seems like the best I can do since a GPS obviously won't work underground. Thoughts, suggestions?
  11. I suppose so. What is the idea?
  12. Pretty amazing! That's one of things I can admire from afar, like ultra-marathons and hot dog eating contests.
  13. Kind of harshly stated but I agree. Find a multi-cache or two before placing one of your own.
  14. Are the benches made from a metal that is magnetic? You could attach magnets to the bison tubes using JB Weld.
  15. You can't delete it but you can archive it. Or just leave it as-is and use the page for a new cache somewhere else. Just edit the coordinates and description.
  16. I use the moisture absorbent packets that come in some consumer products. You can buy them in bulk on ebay for cheap.
  17. Aside from it being annoying (especially if that's the only log you get from a person), it is advertising. Some of the posts have joked about it (Carl's Jr), but doesn't it run afoul of the TOU? Or is it allowed because Trimble is a Ground Speak partner?
  18. They're waterproof as long as cachers snap the lid back on securely. Same with any container - careless cachers can ruin even a preform or an ammo can. Regarding Palmetto's comments, I've seen the same issue in my area. Scouts place caches and then never maintain them.
  19. 9Key

    Logs not wrapping?

    Even the log notification emails I got for those logs didn't wrap in my web-based mail or in Outlook. Weirdness!
  20. Check out the last few logs on my cache here. They scroll several screens wide. I'm on XP and have looked at the page in both FireFox 3.5 and IE 7 - same scrolling. Any ideas?
  21. I've done a couple of times. Buy a few of the puzzle boxes because they will get broken pretty quickly. Some cachers want the smiley as fast as possible and don't want to mess with anything that slows them down and will use tools to open the box.
  22. Thanks for the mention, Snoogs! You're certainly one of the most legendary Texas cachers, hands down. In the Dallas area I'd say Prime Suspect is legendary for being one of the original cachers in the city. For me, number of finds or hides doesn't mean much, it's what you've done for the game. Folks like MustangJoni, Zeke's Uncle, Roland Oso, Dougshep, Tx Diva and Darkstar, Hedgehopper.
  23. I get the same thing - can't remove attributes by choosing "N/A".
  24. is it an official travel bug like the ones pictured in the trackables section of this web site? Does it say "trackable on geocaching.com" on it? Sometimes a zero and look like an O and vice versa. Maybe a Z is an S. Try different combos. Failing that contact the owner if it is in fact a trackable item.
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