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  1. Just got 3 for my 3 girls With shipping, mine came out to approx. $3 each, not bad at all. Thanks.
  2. Personally I don't like decoys and wouldn't place them. I've gotten ticked lately because apparently someone has taken it upon themselves to put up decoys for some of our hides. Others have posted about them in their logs. I'm planning on a trip real soon to remove them.
  3. Try the Upstate SC group @ http://uscgeocaching.net/forum/e107_plugins/forum/forum.php A lot of them hike in the Asheville area almost every weekend.
  4. We are in Lancaster and will probably be having an event within the next few weeks and then another in August. I'll send you an email to chat more.
  5. We just went to Grotto Falls last week. It was very nice and it is a virtual cache
  6. Thanks, that's what I was looking for.
  7. Any idea how many additional waypoints a 2G card would hold?
  8. We won't be able to make it. I, "A", am doing the JDRF walk that morning. So if you feel in the giving move, click on our profile and make a donation to a good cause Ya'll have fun! It sounds like a great time.
  9. Any caches placed by Eswau. They are all good and usually in interesting places.
  10. I used the zip for the place we're staying at, but haven't come up with much. I'm guessing there aren't any at the state park. We are staying at the Mariners Landing Resort area with the in-laws for a few days. Don't know how many caches we'll get to do, but we always want to be prepared Are there any can't miss caches in the Lynchburg/Roanoke areas of VA and South to the NC line?
  11. We are heading to Smith Mountain Lake in about a week and was wondering if there are any caches at the State park or nearby? I've searched a bit and can't find any. Thanks for the help.
  12. Thank you, I thought maybe it got lost.
  13. Have any of the other winners recieved their prize yet? We still have not recieved ours.
  14. Cool rocks found while caching
  15. We are just south of Charlotte, so we could place it in the Charlotte area.
  16. We are just south of Charlotte, so we could place it in the Charlotte area.
  17. I understand completely what you are saying and fully agree with you. People travel all the time and move tb's, especially in resort type areas. Heck we don't even have a laptop, so we have to wait to log everything until we are back at our home. If we find a tb and it is not logged into a cache we wait to see if it will get dropped in. Usually wait a week or so, then if it isn't dropped we grab it. Not everyone has a laptop, not everyone has access to the internet at all times, so people have to wait.
  18. Our Tb Bridget the Gator was set free in Charlotte, NC in November 2004. It went to Mexico and traveled around the North West. In the spring of 2006 she came back to Charlotte. We retrieved her from a cache and then set her free again with a friend from Maine. She has continued to travel. Funny thing is someone brought her to GW5, we were there, but did not know she was there until after we got home. She is now in a cache in NC, so maybe we'll get to see her again and get a new picture of her with the kids.
  19. Add us too! We are in SC, the zip is 29720.
  20. Darn, I can't believe I missed another cool/great opportunity. We have been fortunate enough to find one of these in the wild. If anyone doesn't pay or you find more, we'd love to participate.
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