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  1. I finally landed home after attending the event and the after-event - what a blast all the way around! NO bleeding head wound at this event and a great time had manning the Frog Fling. I have safely stowed my first aid kit and hard hat for my one year anniversary at Geo Luau - hopefully my personal nurse (and she is a hot one!) will be at my beck and call again. As always, an event with the Kitsap gang is always awesome - thank you for allowing me and my Mom be a part of all the fun - Until August!!!! Lovingly yours- Chooch
  2. I'll do my best to throw a bit of sunshine in my suitcase and bring it with me! See you guys this weekend!
  3. Funny thing - I now have a plane ticket to Seattle this same weekend! Amazing! Now to find that darn hard hat []
  4. We are currently interviewing suitable 'spotters' for Chooch during the Spring Fling. Once he's outside the authority of the Spring Fling we can't be held responsible. Although we do feel enough affection for Chooch that we will be available to tie boat bumpers and old tires to him just in case.. Well, I've joined the local LifeFlight club which covers Washington - I need to find my Bob the Builder hard hat and RedRyder46 will be on hand for any blood needed... Do I need anything else???? What a bunch of smartbutts - can't wait for May!
  5. We're prepared for you this year, we have a medic this time! Please make sure the kit has many supplies, we want to be ready for him again. A bunch of wise asses eh? Well I'm one step ahead of you - I have my official Bob the Builder hard hat just for this event - so there I just love you guys - always looking out for me! Can't wait for Spring!
  6. I'll be there with RedRyder46 in tow! Can't wait for Spring....Fling!!!!
  7. Instead of a FTF do these guys get a FTSA (First to Save a**) Rescue on Mt. Hood
  8. Looking for : Toojin & Bart (non-trackable) Bad Andy - Silver (trackable) I have the very first Idaho GeoEvent coin up for trade - only 100 made & not many left - Thanx for the bandwidth
  9. Be sure to get the virtual on top of the Blues Mountain pass between LaGrande and Pendleton - have to snap your picture with Snoopy! Snoopers - GCA679
  10. Mr. E3- Please add me to this list - this is an opportunity I can't miss - I'll take #72 I'll get an email to you when I get back from vacation..... Chooch72
  11. Hmm... might have to look at doing this one while vacationing for GeoLUau 4.... hmmm
  12. Snagged 2 - any possibility of seeing these in some type of Silver finish?? Great coins!
  13. I have a couple of my 07-07-07: The Event coins left - I am looking to trade for a Lucky 7's event coin in Silver/Nickel - send me a note via GC.com profile - Thanx
  14. It is structured like CBS' "Amazing Race" reality gameshow - you will compete thru 7 stages completing a task at each stage to move onto the next - The final stage is an ammo can that holds an envelope marking the place you finish in - you bring the envelope to the dinner and we hand out prizes....
  15. I opened my mailbox in anticipation today and it was warranted. My laptops came in today and as I opened them, I received a bonus surprise - right in my hands I held coin number 072!!!! How sweet is that - thanx a truckload Anthus - great coins and a wonderful surprise - WOOT!!!
  16. Already have the time off for the road trip to this event - going to hit the Trifecta of notorious caches on this run so it should be a blast - see you all in August!!!
  17. We are having a little event in the Treasure Valley to celebrate the lining up of numbers that only happens every one hundred years - 07-07-07: The Event (GC12TJ6) It will be a long day but should be a blast - 7 Stages covering 3 Counties and over 100 miles of blacktop Look it up, come down to Boise and play!!!
  18. Bump this suggestion - I too would like to see the Event Date, not the date on my "Will Attend" Log....
  19. Seeing as the shopping cart @ Landsharkz and Paypal didn't want to play with each other, I missed out on the nickel version. I'll be looking to trade if anyone has a spare - Thanx
  20. Already ordered my 2 on the SEIGO site - can't wait!!! Nice work guyz
  21. Can I get confirmation of the numerals on the Paris Meridian Geocoin? 36365014 161869885 Are these correct? My issue is with the imprint of the 5th & 6th digit in the 161 sequence.... Thanx
  22. Finally received my coins - they are nice - now onto catching up (I hope)
  23. Snagged mine - now to go nuts figuring out the ciphers....
  24. Have to grab one of these! Where or what site will they be available on?
  25. Sent email for a set but no reply - how do you check if you made it to the list or not?
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