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  1. Hya Ron... Welcome back. You were definitely a legend when I first started caching back in 2003. Glad to see you back. hope to see you around.
  2. You can also find a link at http://www.cvgeocachers.com/
  3. There are a few here still. I am ( used to be Camel680) Bill of Green Achers is still around a bit. We usually use Facebook for our forum nowadays though. Hipefully this link works for you. http://m.facebook.com/home.php?ref=pf&_rdr#!/groups/149659251745818?ref=pf&__user=1068431233 Kenny
  4. It has probably since been archived. Whomever hid it in the first place probably took it away and it is probably not listed on the website at all anymore.
  5. It is funny to me how much we all used to use this forum but now it is like a ghost town. people just visit, take a few pictures, and move on.
  6. It is a premium Member feature. So you can not get it if you aren't.
  7. I always enjoy finding a cache from the original days of caching. As a cacher that has been around since 2003 myself I have been known to archive my own caches after they have been around for a certain amount of time. BUT I always like finding a cache and seeing that it was hidden in 2001 or 2003 wether the cache owner is active or not. If it needs a new log I jsut put one in myself. I do this even if the cache owner IS active. As long as I have what they need I just fix it.
  8. Gratz Bill!!!! And Fizzy too of course. And tat lock is kinda funny. ohh and what is this I see. the elusive Ted & Rosa gracing us with their presence? How have you guys been?
  9. That is some great advise. Are you going to make a different log for each cache? HAHA I say you get some text t speech software so you can just talk about it HAHA. I am sure the Cache owner is used to getting a lot of cut and paste logs from tese caches.
  10. Where is the new Here? Then perhaps we can give you a little better welcome. BUT Welcome regardless!!!
  11. HEY!! I resemble that remark! Indeed, Markca - welcome aboard. The forum isn't as active as it once was - seems as though folks have tended to migrate to Facebook, along with 500 million others. We also have an outside forum. at http://www.cvgeocachers.com/ Though like Photom said poeple aren't using it nearly as much anymore.
  12. Welcome aboard! There is a local caching group down there in your area. we call them MAC they are the Merced Area Cachers. Be careful though because their ring leader Photom is a very shady character! In all seriousness they are a good group of poeple that will most likely help you out in any way possible.
  13. WOW I am impressed\!!! Perhaps he will start doing a bit more again soon!
  14. If you can take a trip - go to Folsom at night for "Nocturnal Immersion." Take some friends!! I second that motion. it is a very fun cache to do.
  15. Holy Schnikes! It is a name from the past. Long time no see Z&L! Welcome back! Now if we could just get that BOGA guy to do some more caching and maybe George&Mary and it will be just like old times again!
  16. There are other sites that have caches listed on them. might be on one of them. OR was the logsheet blank? haha perhaps you found it before it was posted.
  17. I have not looked for long time regarding whereigos are there any in the central valley now? So I did a search of Wherigo caches from my zip code here in modesto. The search yielded ZERO results.
  18. Not I. I have my annual cmemorial day camping trip to Cache Creek this weekend for some fun on the river.
  19. Jamul! Jamul! Hee. hee. Where did you put my hand? On a camel there's only one other place your hand could be. Did somebody say my name?
  20. Not sure what is in the air here in Modesto BUT poeple are down right grumpy out here. People getting mad about someone finding an FTF and not logging it within 2 hours. Sending emails to people and posting it in their find log. I mean seriously. This is an internet game. Let me say that again THIS IS AN INTERNET GAME!!! People getting mad at a newbie that SAID they are a newbie and can't figure out how to change the coordinates. Instead of jumping on them how about helping people. Offer to show them how to do the coordinate change via the website. Then maybe it will happen. If you aren't part of the solution then you are just part of the problem.
  21. Thanks JHOLLY I'll have to try it out and see if it affects my gps and / or my software.
  22. OK so I might jsut not be finding it and the search feature says that my words aren't long enough when searching for "gpx 1.0.1" SO that all said. Who can tell me the difference between GPX 1.0 and GPX 1.0.1? I have been trying to find it on the sight for an hour.
  23. So who's up for S'Mores & Snores VI on May 28th weekend?? Sounds like fun BUT that is the weekend of my annual Cache Creek camping trip. SO I will have to miss this year.
  24. Well, Looking back at there logs back to January, I found one double find log on GC1ZJKP for 3/2/10 and 3/4/10 but for all the other American caches it looks like they sign and note it (based on their log entry on the caches only). The obvious reason that they didn't sign the log on Holy Macro was that they didn't find it and need their find deleted. It is the rules in Geocaching that you sign the log if the cache has one and as my photograph proved, there is a log. Just a bear to find and coming back later to try again is starting the entire search over again! Nasty idea for a cache and I'm only sorry that I didn't think of it first! I agree with BOGA they didn't find it as per the instructions on the cache page itself even. I also agree that I wish I had thought of it myself!!
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