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  1. Good timing, I actually just came to the forums to see if there were any updates on this last coin. Can't wait to get mine. Hmmm, antique silver sounds nice.......
  2. After finding my geocoin fairy coin I went back and read most of this thread. One thing I didn't know was about the Santa/Christmas coin. I found one of these in a cache last December, first coin I'd ever seen. Pretty cool, I didn't realize it was a similar thing as the geocoin fairy. Now I know why I couldn't figure out who left it. Also just curious about TGF #1 coin. Was this auctioned already?
  3. Geocookers and I each were lucky enough to get one of the roadtrip coins from some caches in KY and IN. As luck would have it she ended up with a gold coin and I got a silver...I'm pretty partial to silver. Anyway, very cool coins. Thanks.
  4. Wow, I'm still excited. Last night I couldn't stand it any longer and had to try my hand at getting a TGF coin. I've been watching her/his finds for a while now, never really thinking I'd get my hands on one. I was wrong. Initially my girlfriend (Geocookers) may have thought I lost my mind a little wanting to drive so far after work, and having to be at work the next day. Although, being as she loves caching too it was easy to get her to go along. Below is part of my log from An Australian Goose (GCTXV8). WooHoo....I believe in The Geocoin Fairy. "I watched this cache yesterday because I'd seen that the Geocoin Fairy had been there. I was so tempted to drive the 2 hours from my place to try and get this special coin. Then I figured that's too much all over a coin, plus I was sure someone would beat me to it. Today I look again and I see no one has yet logged after The Geocoin Fairy....hmmm, could this coin still be sitting here? Well, I had to know. Geocookers and I started the trip from Cincinnati, OH at about 6:30........about 2 hours later we find ourselves standing in front of a cache. Wondering if the coin could still be here. I was sure someone would have came to claim it while we were driving over. I open the cache, and think it's gone. Suddenly I realize there's something in with the logbook. Woo-Hoo #50 Geocoin Fairy was still here. Not only that but there was also a 2006 RoadTrip coin, which is a great coin by the way. Lucky for Geocookers and myself there were two coins so we didn't have to fight over just one."
  5. I meant my Cx is always at least 30+ ft. different than the yellow etrex. Keep in mind it's not that accurate either. So if the yellow gets within 15-25 ft of a cache, which it seems to do pretty regularly, then I'm at least 45-65 ft from it. Either way I've obviously been able to deal with it, but it's without a doubt not as accurate as my old yellow eTrex. Which is a shame, I really love this unit other than the accuracy issues.....well, and the band thing now. I'll look up the home repair for the band, thanks.
  6. I've had the same issue with my Legend Cx. Ordered it the day it came up for sale. Thinking back it seemed like it worked better when I first received it, unless I was just blinded by it's "newness". I've had it since maybe Feb. I think?....I'll have to check for sure. I've used it finding over 200 caches, so it's not new to me at all. I always cache with my girlfriend though, she still uses her basic eTrex yellow. Two different units, different sats...whatever. The two units rarely if ever point to the same location, typically a 30+ ft. difference in the two. The yellow seems to get closer to the cache probably 75% of the time. I mean, my legend Cx gets me close....the yellow often gets closer. Time and time again. On a side note I did notice a big difference in mine when I had selected the wrong battery type after switching from rechargables to regular. So make sure you have the right setting there. Also just this weekend the rubber strap around the buttons is coming loose. I'm constantly pressing it back down, and the adhesive isn't holding at all. Seems to be getting worse and worse. It's happening by the up/down buttons on the left, it pulls away from the main body so much you can see through it. Guess I'm off to email Garmin about that now.
  7. Yeah, that's great news. Looking forward to having the whole set, very cool coins.
  8. I agree as long as both parties agree to the deal, then it's all fair. The real question here might be how you value your coins. Do you use minting value, or auction value?
  9. There MAY be a few left. Use this link http://www.usageocoins.com/cancer.htm As of last night there were only a few left. Thanks Eric Thanks, fingers crossed. Now back to the Leo coins.
  10. Not to highjack the thread, but are there any Cancer coins available? I apparently missed this one before. My caching partner has a birthday in a week and a half, and what better for her than the cancer coin?
  11. I'm so jealous as I don't have a personal to trade. Fantastic coin though. One of the top I've seen for sure.
  12. WooHoo, I did miss this one. Going to order a couple when it says I can, currently updating inventory.
  13. Can't wait. Been looking forward to all the glow in the dark colors.
  14. Cool. Something else to look for.
  15. Just tried to pay, but paypal is acting up....at least for me. I'll try again a little later I suppose.
  16. Good thing for searching. I was starting to wonder about these too. I suppose they will be shipping very soon? Any updates?
  17. Although you don't seem to be interested at the time, if you decide to sell coin by coin keep me in mind.
  18. Antique copper puzzles (for a friend actually) Antique silver puzzles Geofood (2) All seasons - spring Great reward Torn mailer Humm, guess I didn't realize how much I've been buying till I started listing them here.
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