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Tennessee Microcoin Preorders!

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Here it is, Preorder your Tennessee Micro Geocoins now!

Send an email to tnmicrocoin@gmail.com

with the following information..................


Subject line of email........Tennessee MicroCoin


Email address


Number of LE coins (No more than 2 per person):SOLD OUT

Number of Regular Micro Coins: (Unlimited)

Shipping address

Paypal Email address (If different from above)


There will be 200 Limited Edition Silver coins produced with a limit of 2 LE coins per person and at least 800 Gold coins produced with no limit per person.

The cost of the coins is $5 each + shipping. These coins will be trackable on GC.com with their own Icon and number prefix as in TNxxxx or TMxxxx.

When all the Limited Edition coins are spoken for I will update this thread but continue to order the regular version as described above.

You may include your order for the regular issue coins with your order for the limited coins if you would like.


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email sent. hope the info is correct. This is a first for me.

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I can't beleive that I beat Damenace & AtlantaGal...that was fun

I 'bout blew it!! :D


At 2 minutes till, I realized I hadn't opened my email program!! ;)

Opened a new message, did a quick copy & paste, and had it sitting ready to go with 30 seconds to spare!! :D

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email sent for 2 LE 3 Gold

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Email send (4 regular and 2 LE). -40-

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A few Limited Edition left to go and plenty of regular issue left........

Thanks to everyone and Merry Christmas!

;) Musta been a bunch of folks out partying tonight.


Good for us though!! :D

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