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  1. PRICE REDUCED!! WAS $41.99 - Now JUST $31.99 http://www.ebay.com/itm/Dragon-Spinner-Geocoin-Black-on-Black-Artist-Edition-VERY-RARE-/281757511417?
  2. PAGE UPDATED!! New coins added!
  3. SOLD! Moderators, Please close thread. Thanks!
  4. Got tired of messing with E-bay postings and listing my coins for sale individually. So, I decided to just create a Facebook page to list my "Coins For Sale" on. Be sure to "LIKE" my page to get updates of future coins sales. Most are from the early days of the Geocoin Boom (Cir. 2005-2008) All are UNACTIVATED and TRACKABLE!! https://www.facebook.com/GridloxGeocoinSale
  5. Crake - Tracking Time Geocoin - Unactivated - FREE SHIPPING http://www.ebay.com/itm/281733400528?ssPageName=STRK%3AMESELX%3AIT&_trksid=p3984.m1555.l2649
  6. Matching numbered set of The All American Geocoins. Both are #14 (1) Polished Nickle & (1) Polished Gold LE http://www.ebay.com/itm/281732234684?ssPageName=STRK:MESELX:IT&_trksid=p3984.m1558.l2649
  7. I've list 3 of my VERY RARE Black on Black Artist Edition Dragon Spinner Geocoins for sale at the e-place. There were only 20 of these black beauties produced. So grab one for your collection NOW and be the envy of your Fellow Coin Addicts!! Get them at the link below!! http://www.ebay.com/itm/Dragon-Spinner-Geocoin-Black-on-Black-Artist-Edition-VERY-RARE-/281731579108?
  8. Then that's what I'll put down too! Thanks!!
  9. What do you guys put in the "Description" section of the "CN22-Customs Declaration" USPS form for international shipping? I've read that you can not ship coins by standard mail, but they are talking about "real money coins".
  10. CONGRATS ARON!! Winning bid for this beauty was only $40! Someone got quite a deal for this one. Thanks for the bids folks! D-man
  11. Deadline to bid on this RARE piece of Geocoin art is fast coming up! Jump over to the link below and place your bid before 11:59p tonight!! After you bid, click around on my page and check out some of the other coins I have available for sale. All are unactivated and trackable!! Thanks!! D-man
  12. !!FOR SALE - ALL UNACTIVATED & TRACKABLE ON Geocaching.com!! Selling off some of my collection to help finance a new business venture!! Posted them in a photo album on my business FB page. Come take a look!! Trackable Geocoins For Sale
  13. +++AUCTION POST+++ !!! DO NOT BID ON THIS POST!! Follow the link to bid!! Be the envy of all your Geocoin collecting friends!! Follow the link below to my Facebook Post to bid on a VERY RARE Black on Black Artist Edition Dragon Spinner Geocoin. Only 20 of these Black Beauties were produced and I received them all from the minter, Oakcoins. Presently, at the time of this posting, I still have 17 of them in my possession. So, if you out bid your competitors, you will be receiving one of the rarest gems in the geocoin world!! ((Deadline to bid will be Monday, April 20th, 11:59pm)) Winner of the bidding will receive the coin safely packaged in a small shipping box via USPS - First Class Postage "with tracking". !!!AUCTION LINK!!! CLICK HERE TO BID!!
  14. LOL I use Facebook WAY too much now!! I was looking for the "Like" button. **************** Yes, all are unactivated & trackable. Thanks for the replies!! D-man
  15. Hi folks! I've been out of the loop for a while and just needed to ask a question... I'm selling off some of my rare coins, from back in the hey day of "f5-f5-f5ing" when coins would go on sale, to raise funds toward a new business venture that I am about to undertake. I'm going to place them on ebay. Is posting links to ebay auction pages allowed now? Thanks! D-man
  16. Skootch over!! I need a seat on this bench too!! Maybe I need to give the lil' fire breathers a poke with my hiking staff!! :tongue:
  17. Dragon Spinner = Yes, Welsh Dragon Edition (Gridlox Designed ) 2011 = No Dragon Spinner v2.0 is "back" in the sketching phase again. Actually, I got the request to do the "Welsh Dragon Edition" and used the base idea I was working on for the v2.0 edition for it. So, now I'm back working on doing something different for the v2.0. D-man
  18. Mapping projection on the Astronomical Clock Tower situated at Old Town Square in center of Prague Check out this amazing art presentation if you like Astronomical Clocks. It's a 3-D Mapping animated projection done for the 600 Years Anniversary of the Astrological Clock Tower situated at Old Town Square in center of Prague. Watch the 2nd video for the actual presentation!! Also, Watch at FULL SCREEN for maximum effect D-man edited to clarify correct video
  19. We've hunted for chipmunks on numerous occasions when looking in shrubbery! D-man
  20. WOW!! These turned out awesome!! Sometimes when I'm designing something I can just feel that they are going to turn out really nice, but these just beat all expectations!! Of course, I had a good idea to start from. (If U didn't know, I did the original concept art to send to the mint ) My choice would definitely be the Antique Bronze & Green! Congrats on some truly awesome looking coins!!! D-man
  21. Sample pics are in!! :D No definite price set yet, but as always with Geoswag.com they are sure to be reasonable. D-man
  22. Got Milk? Art went to mint already and we should be getting proof pics later this week. Presenting the GeoCookie Geocoin. It will be the same size as a popular chocolate & creme cookie. One really neat feature will be that the GeoCookie Geocoin will be a spinner type coin so you can twist away as you would the real thing!! These will be sold on the Geoswag.com website & will be trackable. D-man
  23. I'm needing to slim down my collection to raise some "much needed" funds to make it through the holidays. So... I've rounded up some of my Artist Editions, Geocaching the Appalachian extras, some of those coveted Crappy Cache Award coins, & a few other odds & ends to make up some nice Holiday Gift Packages to offer to you. Each Holiday Gift Package will include: * A Gold Artist Edition Sock Puppet or Supercacher * A matching state set (Antique Gold & a LE Antique Silver) of Geocaching the Appalachian from various states * 2 more various collector coins * A couple of collectors pins ***The 2 collector coins will NOT be from any of the "Monthly Club Issued" coins ***The 2 collector coins will also be coins that were produced "Pre-2009" All coins mentioned above are unactivated and trackable. Also, as a gift from me to you for purchasing a Holiday Gift Package, I will include one of those coveted Crappy Cache Award coins (non-trackable). I have 10 of these Holiday Gift Packages to sell for $50.00(USD) each. This includes shipping to the US & Canada. International orders will need to add an additional $3.00(USD). This is a great opportunity for some of you newer collectors to grab a some of the older coins that are no longer available unless you are able to trade for them. To purchase one of these Holiday Gift Packages send me an email with your contact info to my Geocaching.com profile contact. [ <----Click my screenname ] I am only able to use PayPal to sell these. So, after recieving your info, I will send you an invoice for you to be able to purchase your Holiday Gift Packages. Don't wait!! I've only got 10 of the Holiday Gift Packages available. First come, first serve!! Thank You to everyone and I hope you have a GREAT HOLIDAY SEASON!! D-man BD
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