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  1. Same issue here. Step 4 sends me to an endless loop of D/T ratings page. If I attempt to list it (rightfully) as a Terrain 1 (Handicapped Accessible) it loops back to the same page, unchecks the Handicapped Accessible box and awaits a new try. Lather, rinse, repeat...
  2. Same problem here. Have been trying for over twenty-four hours and have the exact same issue. I get to the D/T screen and then with or without the terrain rating of 1 it cycles me in an endless loop. I updated my computer, tried someone else's and even attempted with my phones browser and still get sent to the endless loop. Sorry it's happening to you but glad that it's not just me.
  3. Sorry to hear this. I'm not a smoker but I have a problem with the nanny state mentality that seems to permeate so much of modern society. It's a LEGAL substance that the U.S. and state governments make PLENTY of tax revenue off of. Sad that cigarettes will be followed by soda will be followed by trans fat... oh wait, that's already happening. Sorry that I didn't get a chance to find your caches.
  4. I'm going to have to take offense to the comment above, with absolutely no basis in fact whatsoever. It's general statements vaguely worded that tend to start problems. Please consider editing your post for a second time to delete a comment which has no bearing on this topic. Thank you. While other cachers have downplayed it as the reason, there is evidence that this has happened. Several times. So, your vituperative response is insulting and counterproductive. It is a valid concern. Sorry Harry...my response was neither bitter or abusive...if you think so then by all means please ask a mod to read the post in question. If they think I was either then I shall redact my comment and post an apology. I was indeed a past officer in the MGS but went out of my way to make TWW feel welcome whenever I saw him at events. If anything I tried where others had given up on him due to constant vague accusations about folks 'making all kinds of money' off of geotrails in the Mid-Atlantic area. I myself helped set up a few of them and I can tell you from personal experience that if anything they can wind up costing dedicated geocachers money out of their pockets. The last trail that I helped with cost me personally almost $200 in materials, cache containers and swag. Why did I do it? Certainly not for the monetary remuneration that TWW alluded to folks in our group receiving or the glory that another geotrail highlighting some of the best sites that my home county has to offer. Nope, I did it because I enjoy this hobby and I wanted folks to visit places that I'm proud to call 'home'. The only 'pay' that I received was a 'hiders' coin. That's right...a $5.00 hunk of metal for a $200.00 outlay. Maybe I should invest in the stock market with those types of returns. The concern that I've seen as a member of the FB account mentioned earlier has to do more with previous hides being forcibly archived so that new caches could be placed involving power trails, geotrails...etc. with little or no regard for the history, maintenance or feelings of said cache owners. In the four or five trails I've worked on we've only had a few instances of older caches being archived for newer caches for the trails. A kindly worded request has worked for us most of the time. If you can have the 'old' CO be the hider of the 'new' cache being placed, give them credit for doing so and then 'adopt' the cache to them after the trail has ended even better. If an amicable agreement can't be reached regarding a 'traditional' hide then perhaps a 'multi' or some other form of offset cache might as well.
  5. I'm going to have to take offense to the comment above, with absolutely no basis in fact whatsoever. It's general statements vaguely worded that tend to start problems. Please consider editing your post for a second time to delete a comment which has no bearing on this topic. Thank you.
  6. Finally finished the AGT Challenge last week. Only took four visits to the area, countless tanks of gas and two friends who wouldn't allow me to give up easily. Thanks to them and their kindness, they graciously picked up my coins for me from Oil City, PA last Monday and then hand delivered them to me a few days later. I doubt that I'll ever send them out, but will probably purchase one of the display plaques to put them in. LPYankeeFan Hagerstown, MD
  7. As someone who both hunts for caches and also hides them for others to find, I can say that I enjoy reading the logs. Some of the best hides I've ever found have been micros. Tough micros, yes. I try to reflect that in my "Found It" log. I also enjoy reading the logs that others post about my hides. Some of them have been to a certain cache that I own half a dozen times. True that they don't always post DNFs, but I enjoy reading them just the same. That being said, I've also found some regulars that were excellent hides themselves. All that I've wirtten above also applies here. I would rather read a dozen well written logs than a hundred "Found It" logs any day. Micros are usually cheap and easy for hiders to hide. Those who want the numbers will hunt for 'em. Take time to enjoy 'em all. I usually post something about the friends or family that I'm (usually) caching with. Good Luck!
  8. Or hamsters. Carp work best in water caches. Haven't been able to leave carp around here. Keystone says that all regular sized caches in South-Western PA have to have hamsters left in them.
  9. I actually found a few fishing flies in a cache I found recently. The person who had left them as swag left them in a little plastic souffle' container with lid to keep them from falling out, sticking someone etc. He then left his cache handle on the top with what they were. You should be able to pick up some of the containers at a Sam's Club or Costco. Most resturants use them for a few ounces of sauce, ketchup, mustard etc. Nice idea for a signature item by the way. LPYankeeFan
  10. Coincidentally, I tried to find one of these Off Your Rocker caches yesterday. I rarely give the name of the cache much thought, and I certainly do not expect to have to go inside a business to find a cache, and this might explain why I logged a DNF on this cache. Had the coordinates been more accurate, I might have thought to search inside the "porch". An indication on the cache page of the hours the cache is available (only during Cracker Barrel hours) would also seem to be warranted. Which is why we've always confirmed our coordinates for our caches, as well as posted a couple of lines about hours to hunt for these caches.
  11. Way, way, WAY back in our caching career we managed to find nearly all of our cache hides wihout a GPSr. Most were urban caches that we used the maps and hints with. Not to say that we didn't make a few mistakes, or post a few DNF's, but I believe we managed to find around fifty without a GPSr. Sometimes we'll still do it for fun.
  12. As a general rule, (at least in this area), the hides are hidden on the antique item located on the front porch. Most of the ones that I've done have involved magnetic hide a keys mounted onto, inside, or under the large stell or iron antiques on the front porch. While this type of hide isn't for everyone, it does make a welcome change from LPC's. We enjoyed the mix of hide styles and high muggle factor so much that we now own five around the I-70 and I-81 corridors. Not everybody's cup of tea, but a welcome respite from waiting on the porch playing checkers. As to the change in the policy, until Michael or the Cracker Barrel Old Country store make an announcement, we'll keep maintaining ours for others to find.
  13. Oh, by the way.....my answer would be five 5star terrain caches in a day. How many of your Psycho caches do we have FTF on Vinny?
  14. What are these Psycho Urban Caches you speak of?!? HARD??? I heard that a five year old little girl's done a few of them! ......and don't even get me started on Psycho Urban Cache #13 and #14! Easy peasie! I believe that some friends of mine and I managed to knock those out also! (please note that SOME of the above statements have been made by a founding member of Team Psycho and may or may not be true!) Where are my meds?
  15. Okay, I actually laughed at this just now, BUT only because of my normally tilted view of the world and twisted sense of humor. I might have also been peeved at the time, but after hiking back down to the car would have found it pretty funny.
  16. I've been to Vinny's house!!! GASP!!! I don't recall seeing ANY goats, but there MAY have been a reason why!!
  17. WHAT! Are you even serious about deleting Team Psycho and Team eXtreme's successful logs on Vinny's Psycho caches??? AS IF! I have to think about that AND consult with my fellow team members!
  18. VERY NICE! If we were a little closer I'd try and adopt a kitten for my six year old. We had a tiger striped tom years ago that passed away some years ago. Time we got a new one.
  19. Ah yes! Maybe it's wise to NOT trust Vinny! I could tell you truth about ALL of his so called EXTREME caches.......for a price! I happen to know a few other cachers in the area that could confirm OR deny the existence of these SO CALLED extreme caches. You might want to ask my six year old daughter!
  20. WOW! Snoogans has pretty much said everything I was going to say. We started out small hosting pizza parties meet and greets at our local Ci-Ci's and have since snowballed from there. We've had as many as seventy or eighty people attend an event to as few as five. Funny that! I think I had just as much fun at the smallest event as I did at the largest event. We've even managed to sucker.......er convince a few dozen friends to join us for a fifty plus mile bike ride last year along the WMRT in Hancock. We liked that one so much we're doing it again in a few weeks. I have found that as time has gone on that I try to spend as much time mingling and talking as not. Trying to micro manage things equals no fun! That's not to say that things don't need to flow, just don't try to control everything. Have fun!
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