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  1. ixgameov, Feel free to check in over at the Jackson Area Geocachers site as well. Glad to have another cacher placing caches in the area! Jackson Area Geocachers
  2. Thanks for all of the responses, I still have several left if anyone is interested
  3. I have 142 geocoins for sale, I am selling them for 10.00 each plus shipping. These are assorted coins 2005-2007 mostly, some have been activated and those can be adopted and some have never been activated. If you are interested in seeing the list please email me at tmays65@tds.net.
  4. Welcome to the fun!! If you are looking for a few geocaching friends, come on over to Jackson Area Geocachers we're a group of folks that just enjoy having fun! Hope to see you there!
  5. Well said guys, not much more that I can add except to say that I will also miss you as our reviewer. Thanks for all you have done to make the sport what it is today!!
  6. I'm sure you will find friends that cache in Alabama if you visit the DixieCachers website. I've met lots of great cacher friends while caching in and around Alabama and the DixieCachers site covers the entire state.
  7. I still have the site on my bookmarks list and check it out every now and then to see if it has been updated. I would enjoy reading the online version again.
  8. Thanks for reposting the link Lizzy!!! Not sure what happened before. I had an email discussion with eagle-2 and feel I have answered their questions. There are several people working on the Tennessee DeLorme Challenge right now and as I post this, I know of one cacher that is only one grid away!!
  9. What would you like to know?? Shoot me a PM and I'll be glad to answer your questions. Here is the link to the cache... which is waypoint GCZ313 http://www.geocaching.com/seek/cache_detai...7c-2f7299bc2edb BigDaddyD
  10. Looks like this would be a fun and challenging cache for sure!! We're moving our son back in to the U of M on Friday, may give some thought into catching up with you old friend......
  11. MySpace doesn't support dynamic images. But you can use this stats bar redirector to put your Stat Bar on MySpace. I need to update the instructions on that page a little. The "GUID" that it wants is the 32-character alphanumeric code associated with your account. It's in the statbar code you get from Groundspeak, or if you click on your own profile page, its all that stuff at the end of the URL. Lil Devil, you are da man!!!! Our geocaching forum host will not allow aspx files, but your redirect works GREAT!!!
  12. The Jackson Area Geocachers, JAG, is centrally located in the West Tennessee area with cachers throughout the state. We are mainly a "Meet and Eat" group that meets together on a regular basis, usually once per month. We do a little talking about caching, catching up with one another, maybe grab a few new caches nearby, and in-between times we meet up on the JAG Forums to keep up with one another and share experiences and ideas. No officers, no bylaws, no voting! Just a place where friends meet! If this sounds like something you would like to be a part of, visit the site and join us! Registered members have full access to a wealth of information and ideas. I hope to see you there!!!
  13. We have sold out, thanks for your quick response!!
  14. Thanks for all who have ordered thus far, as of 0600 Central time, I have 1 nickel and 10 gold coins remaining.
  15. To answer a couple of emails, if you had previously ordered a 2007 GOWT geocoin and were not able to pick up your coin at the event, you coins shipped yesterday, 3/5/07. There have been 10 coins sold already, only 20 to go!!! Thanks for your orders!!
  16. We have a very limited number of our 2007 GOWT Geocoins available for sale. This year, we only ordered a total of 250 geocoins. Of this number, 100 coins are in a "Members Only" edition with a polished gold finish and the remaining 150 coins are in a polished nickel finish. These coins are trackable on GC.com and have a unique icon which displays the "hiker dude" as shown on the coin. We have completed our members sale and have about 30 coins remaining to offer to the GC.com geocoin collectors on a first come first serve basis. If interested, please place your order via PayPal and remember your payment must clear before the coins will be shipped. Be sure to include your correct shipping address with your PayPal order. The coins are $10 each, regardless of metal finish, and this will include shipping anywhere in the US. You will need to include on your PayPal note the number of coins you are ordering and how many of each finish, (Gold/Nickel) you are ordering. Send your PayPal payment to dmays64@tds.net I will post a note here as soon as the coins are sold out. If you have any questions, just let me know!! Thanks for your time!! Happy Caching BigDaddyD
  17. Join us at Sparky's in Lexington, TN at 7pm on March 17th to discuss the foundation of the newest Geocaching Group in Tennessee!! Jackson Area Geocachers - A New Beginning! I do hope you will be able to attend this meeting as we will be talking about the specifics related to the foundation of a new geocaching group for cachers in the Jackson, TN area. We are forming a group for cachers who reside in or close to the "Golden Circle." This includes Madison county and the other counties that are close to it. It is a long way from Nashville to Memphis and this will offer an opportunity for those cachers who live between these to areas to find a caching group closer to home. This is not a "split" from any other group, just another opportunity for for like-minded cachers to gather together to have fun. Hope to see you there!!!
  18. We are looking forward to this one!! Couldn't make it last year because of work, but hopefully this year will be a different story. Team BigDaddyD plans to bring a team from GOWT land!!!
  19. Another vote for Max Cacher!! He's Tooo Cooool!!
  20. What if your sister is really hot? I've learned that analogy as, "It's like French kissing your grandmother." Kind of removes all doubt that it is wrong and gross. But is your grandmother really hot?
  21. SEKLRC, Hope everything is working out OK for you now. You were right, one of the administrators of the site must verify you are indeed a geocacher before you have access to the site. We were being hit with numerous spammers and hackers on a daily basis and had to take this action. That being said, it usually only takes a few hours before a new account is activated. BigDaddyD
  22. Don't forget about the Geocachers of West Tennessee I know we have a few members up your way. I live a little south of you in Decatur county myself, but if you post over on our forums I'm sure you would find some cachers to hook up with!! Welcome!!
  23. dittydaddy, If you plan it, we will come!!! We would like early November ourself but will be there whenever if at all possible!!
  24. I'd love to have it FatherPippy, do you deliver?????????? West Tennessee isn't really that far from Jacksonville!!!!! Sounds like a great idea. BigDaddyD
  25. Asktrin, Welcome to Geocaching in Tennessee!! There are several geocaching groups in the area, you can check out the Middle Tennessee Geocaching Club website and I'm sure you will find lots of cachers who live close to you who would be glad to hook up for a cache run. There are several events posted on the website as well, this would be a great way for you to meet some fellow cachers!! BigDaddyD
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