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  1. I used to be able to type in my ZIP Code and find caches near my house. I am not sure what's changed, but I am having problems. I just typed in my ZIP Code and selected the first cache on the list, ostensibly .3 miles from the ZIP Code. I didn't recognize anything on the map. I checked the driving directions. Turned out the cache was 27 miles away. Maybe this is a known flaw, but it's new to me. Is there a work-around? Thanks, Nomad of Nomad and the Librarians
  2. My Garmin Vista died. I got a refurbished one. It lasted about 6 months. I need a new receiver. I am a Mac user and thought I would see if there was one that Macintosh computer users recommend. Thanks, Nomad of Nomad and the Librarians
  3. My team just found our first Cam-cache. We have a team bug that we take with us to log into and out of caches to get the mileage. This cam cache was more than 1000 miles from our home and we wanted to get the mileage on the bug, but when we logged the cache, we could find no way to drop our bug. I looked at the bug history of the cache and five other bugs have been logged there. What did we miss or do wrong? Thanks, Nomad of Nomad and the Librarians
  4. Big day for us. Five different coins:: TFTC Chris Gun JungleHair Parents of SAM Cache the Fever Synergy?!
  5. We must all be seeing different things. My personal coins icon looks the same. My USA Geocoins icon looks different. I don't remember what the old icon looks like, but I know I have not seen this one before. USA Geocoin icon: Square icon with an eagle facing 3/4 right. Pale-Reddish background Personal icon: Round, cent sign, color could be wood or pale gold. What does everyone else see?
  6. Sounds like a great idea to me. You might check St*ples or some other office supply store for laminating material. I use it all the wime at school. It comes in all sorts of sizes. Print your coin. Laminate the sheet. Cut it out. Send it off. Nomad
  7. Coins and bugs are travelers not loot. Any responsible cacher should be able to pick up a traveler and pass it along from any cache to any cache. The cacher is under no obligation to put swap bugs or replace bugs. There are a lot more caches than bugs and if only people with a traveler could take a traveler from a cache, no one would ever take any travelers. Lots of the bugs I pick up have an extra tag attached. The tags read something like, "This is a special item. Don't take it unless you are going to pass it along. It does not count as loot. ..." I take a traveler whenever I see one. I make sure to pass them along.
  8. I have two more to do, then I think I am done with all my orders. I have several more coins, but my family is taking a cross-country trip this summer, with geocaching as a significant part of it, so I can drop the rest in caches along the way. I will probably use some as FTF prizes if/when I make more caches. This has been a satisfying and educational experience. I may try it again some time. It's really cool that my coin is going to Europe and Australia and from Maine to Georgia to California and Oregon. I've never done retail before. PayPal and email sure made things easier. The Head Librarian refused to help, ("This is your project. Don't rope me into it!") but kept helping the whole time anyway. I started about 8 weeks ago. OakCoins helped me along the way. Several people from this forum offered counsel and advice which also made things easier. All in all a valuable and rewarding adventure in people, computers, caching and the marketplace.
  9. This is a followup. This coin was in the pipeline before the news rules went into effect. The Nomad Nickel arrived. The Head Librarians and I spent several hours checking and double checking to make sure we got the the packages correct. They will go in the mail Monday. There are 17 left if anyone who would like to order one. I do not know how to put a picture here. If you email me, I can email you a picture of the coin. (I know about the little button above, but my picture is on my computer, not on the net somewhere.) 1.5 inches Non-trackable Numbered $7.50 I cannot accept credit card payments. I am not set up for it.
  10. I sponsored a geocoin geocaching event today. I took my collection and talked about all the coins available, etc. We had lunch, talked caching, and traded bugs. Someone brought a geocoin he had found in a cache. It has been activated and it being used for its intended purpose! This is my first one! (I have seen the "official" geocoins as bugs before, but never any of the state or personal or other kinds of geocoins.) I am here to say that someone, somewhere has released a coin, and I have found it. Maybe it's not as rare as I feared. Nomad of Nomad and the Librarians
  11. I was going to do my Nomad Nickel the size of a nickel, but the set up was too much. The 1.5 inch was significantly cheaper, so I went that way.
  12. I never really thought of this before. It might be nice if any restrictions, etc. were spelled out when we paid for the numbers.
  13. It's not like the moderators have that much to do, anyway. This will keep them honest and out of trouble, as my mother used to say.
  14. rules change. "3. To answer several questions about non-trackable geocoins that are already in process, we recognize that the owners of these coins were relying on the ability to publicize their coins in this forum. So, if you have a non-trackable geocoin that has already been produced, it is OK to offer it for sale here. To help our moderators, please state in your post that your coin series was produced prior to the announcement of the new forum guidelines. Note that abuse of this allowance will not be tolerated." I started work on a geocoin in December. I have paid for it. My coins are due the first week of February. I was not going to post them for sale until I had them in hand, but because of the new rules, I am announcing them now. They are 1.5 inches. Shiny gold color. Obverse Nomad with a book bindle. The words "Nomad Nickel" are on the edge above his head. 2006 www.geocaching.com "It's all about the caches Reverse Bindle of books. "It's all about the books" Individual number www.bookcrossing.com Five Senses $7.50/coin (S&H included) No limit email me your name and address PayPal email address (No credit card purchases) I will send you an invoice when I receive your email and a coin/coins when they arrive. I've never done this before. I am feeling really rushed because of the new rules. I'll do the best I can.
  15. I am still completely in the dark as to why they would ban selling non-trackable coins. Makes no sense to me whatsoever. All they have done is alienate the people who spent a LOT of time and money on geocaching. Surely a significant amount of that money went to them. Greedy seems like an apt word to me. Censoring posts? Bullies flexing their muscles. I never liked bullies.
  16. Yes this is true and yes it is new. I wish I had knows this before I invested several hundred dollars in a personal, non-trackable coin that I intended to make available for sale on this forum.
  17. This is from Bullet 1 "This forum may be used for selling, trading or giving away of geocoins which are trackable on Geocaching.com. ... Non-trackable coins may be posted for trade by individual coin owners." It seems to say that we can only trade (as opposed to sell) non-trackable coins. Am I reading this correctly? Is this new?
  18. It's not a parody religion. Pastafarianism is real and just as valid as any other religion. I was touched by His Noodly Appendage months ago and have been spreading the word. I welcome his input in this forum. Nomad of Nomad and the Librarians
  19. I would like to buy one of these coins. I clicked on the link and now I am listed somewhere as seeking one of these coins. I just want to buy one. I'd like to use PayPal. Others seem to have done this, but I can't find the right buttons to press. Buying a coin used to be such an easy process. Can anyone help me? ----- I was able ti click enough hotspots that I think I finally ordered and paid for one of these coins, including $2.00 extra for S&H as many before me have noted. The PayPal account had my purchase listed as "Payment For Shopping Cart" I hope this means I paid for the contents of the shopping cart, which I hope was a JungleHair geocoin. Remember when buying a coin was simple?
  20. 3 each ordered. Now I have to tell the boss! Yikes! Nomad of Nomad and the Librarians
  21. I was, among other things, a mail handler in the Army. I learned that the USPS handles some 15,000,000,000 pieces of mail per year. If I send 1500 pieces of mail per year, roughly 4 per day every day, I make up 1 millionth of the total mail sent per year. (It's unlikely that I send that much mail.) The PO loses a high absolute amount of mail per year because they handle a huge amount of mail. In fact, they lose a miniscule percentage of mail. If they lose 1/100 of 1 percent, they lose 1.5 million pieces of mail per year. (My guess is it's less than that.) It they lose 0.001 percent, I would lose, on average 1 piece lost in every 10,000 mailings. That's about 1 piece every 6 years. Without meaning to should like General Patton or Cliff Claven, Americans have every right to be proud of the USPS. I have so much confidence that I rarely, in fact, almost never, buy insurance. The only time I do anything extra for mail is when I don't trust the person at the other end. Let's hear it for the USPS!
  22. I'll bite. What's a skirtlifter? (Assuming it's not some smutty European thang!)
  23. The initial investment makes the larger runs more difficult. I am only doing 100 because I can't afford to do more. I saved enough money to pay for the dies, S&H, and 100 coins. If I don't sell them, I haven't hurt myself or my family by laying out a huge amount of money for my hobby. I agree that the limited run, making the coins "rare," keeps the price high, but for me the limited run is an affordable gamble. A larger run would be an unacceptable, for me, investment.
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